Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chinhoyi man had S*X with his wife 3 times a day everyday & when she tries to leave him the S*X hungry man can't let her go

A CHINHOYI man has been ordered to refund his wife $550 or spend 12 months in prison after he threw his wife’s clothes and belongings into a fire to stop her from leaving him over his insatiable demands for s*x. Walter Kapinda (28) of Pondoro Farm in Chinhoyi appeared before Chinhoyi magistrate Ms Patience Chirimo facing a charge of domestic violence after he grabbed his wife’s suitcase and threw it into the fire while declaring that she was going nowhere.
Kapinda denied the charge but was convicted due to overwhelming evidence.
He induced bouts of laughter when he told the court that he did not intentionally throw the bag into the fire but put it down without realising that there was fire underneath.
After a while, he went further, and said he saw the bag catching fire and ironically rushed to take his wife’s clothes which were on the washing line and threw them on top in a bid to stop the fire.
Kapinda was accused by his wife Itai Chikope (42) of demanding s*x on average three times a day even when he was aware that she was not feeling well. Chikope told the court that she wanted to leave Kapinda to seek medical attention while staying with her parents.
This did not go down well with him.
Ms Chirimo dismissed his claims as frivolous before convicting and sentencing him to 12 months in prison, which were however suspended on condition that he pays $550 to his wife for the destroyed items.
The State led by Trustmore Mukarati lined up two witnesses who buttressed Chikope’s allegations of abuse and domestic violence.
Source: herald

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