Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bulawayo man unzipped his trousers in a supermarket, removed his manhood & ejaculated on the back of a woman

A 25-year-old man employed by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) was allegedly caught ejaculating on the back of a woman while they were in a queue in a supermarket waiting to buy food. 

Bulawayo magistrate Ms Marilyn Mutshina was told this during the appearance of Meluleki Moyo who is being charged with indecent assault.

The complainant in the case is a 43-year-old woman from Emganwini suburb. 

Moyo, of House Number 20 Gizzland, Morningside pleaded not guilty to the offence but was remanded in custody to Monday.

Moyo is stationed at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex while the woman is employed by a pharmacy in the CBD (Central Business District).

Allegations levelled against Moyo by Mr Dumisani Moyo for the State, are that on Tuesday at about 1.35pm, he was standing behind the complainant in a queue at TM Jason Moyo Street as they intended to buy food.

The court was told that Moyo allegedly unzipped his pair of trousers and removed his manhood.

He allegedly ejaculated on the back of the woman who allegedly felt some fluid flowing down her skirt and leg to her ankle. The court was told that when the woman checked she discovered that her back had been messed while some of the semen had dropped to the floor.

It is alleged that another woman, who is related to her, noticed that Moyo's zip was open while his manhood was protruding and screamed thereby alerting other customers who were in the queue.
Moyo's clothes were also reportedly messed with the semen.

He was apprehended by security guards in the supermarket and handed over to the police.

Source: Byo24News

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