Monday, September 2, 2013

Binga man was forced to marry a goat after he was caught red-handed having S*X with the goat

A man from Siadindi area in Binga was reportedly forced to marry a goat after he was allegedly caught red-handed having s*x with the domestic animal, uMthunywa reported last week.

The incident reportedly took place on the 24th of last month in Siadindi area of Binga in Matabeleland region. Alfred Siamwamwata (34) was allegedly caught red-handed by the goat's owner, Mr Silas Muleya, as he was busy having a 'goat style' with the man's livestock. Muleya came to investigate what was taking place after he heard his goat bleating, supposedly because it had finally s*xually sampled a human anaconda.

A source who spoke to our news crew said the accused was caught playing the bedroom game with the goat around sunset and he was firmly holding the goat and pinning its back legs in the goats kraal.

"Muleya heard his goat bleating from the kraal and decided to find out what was taking place. He got the shock of his life when he saw Alfred s*xually feasting on the poor goat," said the source.

Muleya reportedly called two of his sons and thoroughly assaulted the alleged 'goat rapist'. The man tried to escape but Muleya and his two boys would not let him go just like that. It is said Muleya however, initially never bothered himself with reporting the matter to the authorities, but simply ordered the 'animal s*x offender' to marry his goat. He reportedly dragged the goat to Alfred's homestead and dumped it there as he argued that he could not look after somebody's "wife".

"He dragged it and dumped it at Alfred's homestead. He demanded four cows as lobola since Alfred had turned the goat into his wife," added the source.

Since then, there have been efforts for the two families to reach a common ground amicably. As the two families failed to agree, Muleya ended up taking the matter to the village head, Mr Levy Mudenda. The local traditional leader could not preside over the case as he said the crime was quite serious for him to handle.
Alfred, reportedly admitted to the Village Head that indeed he was caught in the kraal but he denied ever being caught having s*x with any goat.

"The matter came to my attention but I took up the matter to higher authorities as it is beyond my control. Alfred admitted that he was caught in the midst of Muleya's goats but he denied ever being caught having s*x with any animal. That is why he is refusing to pay any 'lobola'," said Village Head Mudenda. 

Source: uMthunywa

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