Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beitbridge woman killed her husband because he was having S*X with other women

A woman from Beitbridge's Dulibadzimu suburb fatally stabbed his 34-year-old husband for engaging in an extra marital affair.

Matabelaland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident whereby a 23-year-old woman allegedly killed her husband.

The late husband has been identified as Sam Sithole.

Insp Ndebele said investigations revealed that Sithole and his wife, Doreen Taurai had a misunderstanding between Sunday evening and early Monday.

"Investigations so far reveal that the man had a domestic dispute with his wife whom he accused of cheating.

"The wife then armed herself with a kitchen knife which she used to stab her husband once on the left side of the chest," said Insp Ndebele.

"After stabbing her husband the woman fled from the house. Sithole then tried to chase after her but he fell and collapsed some 10 metres from the house."

The police spokesperson said Sithole was taken to Beitbridge District Hospital in a taxi by fellow tenants where he was pronounced dead on admission.

Insp Ndebele said Taurai was later apprehended by a mob and handed over to the police.

He said the kitchen knife was also recovered from Sithole's house.

"As police we are worried at the recurrence of such incidents and we want to urge members of the public to desist from resorting to violence whenever they have disputes.

"Instead they should seek counselling from third parties such as community leaders or the police community relations and liaison officers," said Insp Ndebele.

Source: Newsbite

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