Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Angry Bulawayo family dumps the body of their dead son at his murderers' house

IN a scary traditional ritual, a Njube family whose son was last week killed by a neighbour, on Tuesday took their late relative's body to the murderer's house in protest of the other family's reneging on meeting funeral costs.

Chipo Sibanda (48) was ruthlessly murdered by his friend, Themba Masuku on Thursday last week over yet unclear circumstances.

On the fateful day, Chipo who had been paid at United Refineries where he was working reportedly invited Masuku together with one Mbonisi Chunga for a beer drink but sadly, it cost his life.

Chipo's young brother, Zanele Sibanda said after the tragic incident, the two families met in the presence of police officers and they agreed that Masuku's family was to cover all funeral expenses.

The Masuku family was supposed to fork out a total of $2 145 to cover funeral expenses. Five hundred dollars of the required money was meant to cover transport costs for Chipo's relative from rural Mutoko to Bulawayo and back to Mutoko.

One thousand and eighty five dollars ($1 085) was specifically to pay for Nyaradzo Funeral services. The remainder was meant to buy food for mourners for three days.
However, it appears the Masuku family reneged on meeting what was expected of them but instead bought 50kg mealie meal, 14 litres of cooking oil, one Hugo's jam, three Lux bathing tablets, one sunlight liquid dish washer and one packet of tea bags.

Red cloth tied at the gate of Themba's residence by Chipo's family and dumped grocery

Pandemonium started on Monday evening when the Sibanda family stormed Masuku's house and tied a red cloth at their gate before dumping a few grocery items that they had bought for the funeral wake.

Conduct by the Masuku family did not show any remorse, according to Chipo's family.

"They were not even coming here to sleep with other mourners or let alone just coming to greet mourners," Chipo's sister said.

The conduct by Themba's family breached the limits of Sibanda family and they decided to do Chivanhu (traditional rituals).

After church service, an entourage of Sibanda family members grabbed the coffin and marched to Themba's house while singing vekwaMasuku makauraya.

Poll bearers carry Chipo's coffin to Themba's residence
Upon arrival at Themba's house, they broke down to song and dance for more than 30 minutes.

While the drama unfolded, Themba's relatives broke to tears and caged themselves in the house. Themba's mother came out of the house after a while and was forced to sit near Chipo's head.

Themba's mother watching
The Sibandas opened the coffin for Chipo to see his new home. They broke into the song 'Chipo chigarapano Ishe vanouya' (Chipo hlala lapha inkosi iyabuya) before one relative knelt down and performed Chivanhu chekwaMutoko (Mutoko traditional ritual).

Chipo's kneeling relative started clapping while telling him (Chipo) that they have brought him to his home where he should stay and fight for himself.

"Irwa navo udzoke kwaMutoko wapedza, hatizive chakaitika tinoziva uchagadzirisa zvakakanganisika" (Fight with them and only come back to Mutoko when you are done. We do not know what exactly happened but we trust that you will get to the bottom of this matter), he said.

Themba's mother cried uncontrollably at the face of the ensuing drama. Some residents could be heard sympathising with the hapless old woman who was enduring the agony of the joys of motherhood over an offense committed in her absence, without her knowledge and participation by her son - Themba.

Poll bearers carry Chipo's coffin out of Themba's residence

The procession attracted a swarm of residents who came to have a glimpse of Chivanhu chekwaMutoko unfolding.

After convincing Chipo to deal with his murderers, the Sibandas took back the body of their late relative to their house and thereafter left for burial at West Park cemetery.

Sibusisiwe Masuku, Themba's sister said they did not meet funeral expenses because they are not working and Themba who had committed the heinous offence was locked up at remand prison such that he cannot assist them in doing anything.

"We bought food but they brought back and dumped it here. They are demanding money but we do not have money. They want $2000 but we have only managed to gather $600 which we are going to give them," Sibusisiwe said.

Sibusisiwe said Chipo's murder was an unfortunate incident which they are not condoning as a family but they limited by resources to show material support and remorse to Chipo's family.

Meanwhile, Themba appeared before Western Commonage magistrate on Saturday 14 September and was remanded to 27 September.

He is facing murder charges.

It is said that after taking one too many, Chipo and Masuku fought over a yet un-established misunderstanding.

Chunga is reported to have stopped them but when Masuku was leaving the house, Chipo allegedly emerged with an axe.
The two wrestled for the axe and Masuku smashed the deceased's head onto a concrete slab.

A report was made to the police, leading to Masuku's arrest.

Source: B Metro

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