Monday, September 23, 2013

67-year -old man from Masvingo laced his daughter's orange juice with an intoxicating substance and had S*X with his own daughter

A 67-year-old man from Masvingo's Chief Charumbira area has been dragged to court on allegations of raping his daughter 13 years ago after giving her orange juice lace with an intoxicating substance.

The man (name withheld to protect the victim) but is of Sani Village was not asked to plead when he appeared before Masvingo magistrate Ms Lyn Manyika yesterday.

He was remanded in custody to 8 October for trial.

He was ordered to apply to the High Court for bail because of the gravity of his case.

The State led by Ms Shamiso Masokovere said the chances of him interfering with the State case were high considering that the key witnesses were his family members.

Ms Masokovere said that on 25 May 2000 at about 4pm,the man took orange juice and mixed it with an intoxicating substance.

He gave his unsuspecting daughter who was 14-years -old at the time.

She drank the juice and got intoxicated.

The court was told that after the girl who is now 27 years-old took the juice, she was unable to do anything for herself.

The man then took her to his bedroom where he raped her once.

The matter came to light sometime this month when the victim was getting married.
The woman told her husband that she was once s*xually abused by her biological father after which a report was made to the police leading to the father's arrest.

Source: NewsBite

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