Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Mabvuku women who share the same husband fights over S*X

HARARE - A Mabvuku woman has dragged her husband’s wives to court for mocking her and withholding conjugal rights to him because he suffered a stroke.
Mario Gumeyo dragged her husband’s senior wives Magaya Emerita and Zvitatike Mapiro to court seeking a peace order for alleged verbal abuse.
“I was the last one to marry into the family in 1983 but never had a child,” she told the court.
“They are usually insulting me about my condition and claim that I am spending our husband’s money.
“I have been staying with our husband since 2002 when they abandoned him because he suffered a stroke.They refuse to have s*xual intercourse with him demanding money, though he gives us $70 every month.”
The disputes reportedly started after Mapiro and Magaya discovered that Gumeyo would quiz their husband about how good his s*xual encounters with the other two were.
“When Gumeyo married into our home I personally welcomed her as the first wife,” Mapiro told the court and added: “We started having problems because she is too forward, spends our husband’s money and enquires about his s*xual encounters whenever he sleeps with us.
“She is disrespectful and selfish. She has her own house but still collects and spends rentals from the house I built with my husband before she married.”
Magaya echoed similar sentiments and said her children were not going to school because the $70 she got per month was insufficient.
“I can’t sustain myself and the children with $70. Our husband has neglected us and now lives with Gumeyo. I no longer sleep with him because I can’t handle the embarrassment of having people discuss ‘how good I am in bed’,” Magaya told the court.
Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted a reciprocal order and advised the trio to live in peace.

Source: dailynews

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