Monday, September 30, 2013

Harare man was bashed after he was caught having Unprotected S*X (Nyoro) with a married woman whose husband was working in South Africa

The fruits of having an affair with a married woman (picture by Nehanda Radio Citizen Reporter)
The fruit(s) (on his head) of having an affair with a married woman
HARARE – Sleeping with a married woman while taking of advantage of the husband working in South Africa might sound like a clever thing to do. But not for this man in Belvedere, Harare who was caught on Saturday following a tip off.
Nehanda Radio understands this man in the picture is a senior official with the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) and has been having an affair with his subordinate, a married female ARDA worker known as Beauty.
But the state of his head, eyes and chest bears testimony to the thorough beating handed to him by the jilted husband who has since been arrested by police over the weekend and we understand he is being detained at Milton Park Police Station.
Our source who took the picture told us the small kid in the picture, whose face we have censored out, is actually believed to be the man’s child based on looks. More details on this case as we get them……
Source: Nehanda Radio

Friday, September 27, 2013

One-on-One Interview with the Budiriro Witches at Chikurubi Female Prison

Elnette Jinya and Christine Matiyenga
Elnette Jinya and Christine Matiyenga
THE two women who were caught stark naked at a house in Budiriro, Harare, have confessed to having been hired to masquerade as witches by a “prophet” seeking fame.
Our news crew this week visited the pair at Chikurubi Female Prison.
Christine Matiyenga (33), alias Chipo Chakaja and Elnette Jinya Mbeve (43), who initially claimed to be Maria Moyo, were arrested on the morning of September 10.
They were “caught” at the house of Alfreddie Mupfumbati, also known as Madzibaba Matewu of Ungano yeVapositori.
The story then was that Madzibaba Matewu’s spiritual powers had incapacitated the pair.
The women are facing charges under Section 98 (1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for allegedly engaging in a practice commonly associated with witchcraft.
Madzibaba Matewu has since appeared in court facing similar charges, but was granted US$200 bail.
Christine and Elnette vehemently denied being witches, saying they were part of a deal with the “prophet” and an accomplice who was only identified as Samaita.
Police are still to account for Samaita.
“It’s true we are from Landos in Chihota. The story of Gokwe Nembudziya was coined by the prophet and his colleague. They picked us in a (Nissan) Navara at around 11pm and took us to Budiriro where we agreed to put up an act as witches.
“We, however, left home unaware of the role we were expected to play in the set-up,” Christine said.
The two said the owl they had when they were “caught” was trapped in a grinding mill that belongs to Christine’s brother whom they identified as Tendayi Matiyenga.
They said Matiyenga was paid US$20 for the nocturnal bird which is commonly associated with witchcraft.
The two however, dismissed as lies reports that they were well-known prostitutes, saying they worked at Landos Business Centre in Chihota.
They got 200 Rand for airtime.
“The owl part involved Tindo (Tendai) and Samaita till we got to Harare,” Elnette said.
“They discussed the issue with Tindo so that he gets paid through Ecocash the next morning although they were not happy with the owl’s size.
“We approached Chekamwana but we were told that he had already sold the bigger owl he had. We travelled to Harare with Madzibaba Matewu and Samaita in their Nissan Navara. They also had an owl.”
The two said they only got to know they were to act as witches when they got to Harare.
“I initially declined because I am known in Budiriro where my brother stays, but relented after being promised money enough to buy a Navara.
“The two produced two winnowing baskets and the owl from their car before we got into their house,” Elnette said.
“We ground charcoal and smeared on each other’s bodies except for the mouth and eyes. The prophet and his colleague had asked us to strip off all our clothes but we refused. They took our spare clothes and cellphones. They gave us Madzibaba Matewu’s phone to use as a watch.
“We were told to come out of the house at 3:30 am and masquerade as witches,” she said.
The two were told that they would be seen by “clients” who visited the house for spiritual healing early in the morning.
The prophet reportedly told them that they would be whisked away from the scene as soon as they attracted a crowd.
They were to be driven straight to Chihota.
Everything went awry when they failed to wake up early.
They only woke up at 5.30am, way after another woman who had arrived much early for a place in the expected queue.
“A huge crowd gathered before the prophet and his colleague could arrive and we were taken to the police. They, however, were already at the police station.
“They volunteered to pray for us telling the police to leave the room whereupon they asked us to maintain our witchcraft claims.”
The two, however, insisted that they want their dues when they are released from after successfully carrying out their task.
“Please we do not practice witchcraft, it is for the love of the money that we are facing this predicament,” Christine added.
As the Holy Book says, the love of money is the root of all evil.
 Source: herald

Mutare Poacher is battling for life after being shot by a colleague who mistook him for a wild animal

A suspected poacher is battling for life at Parirenyatwa Hospital after being shot by a colleague who reportedly mistook him for a wild animal.
To access medical attention, the poachers misrepresented to the police that they had been attacked by armed robbers who intended to steal their vehicle, a claim which they, however, failed to sustain.
Witness Tichaona Makanza (27), who became the hunted, instead of being the hunter, was on Thursday remanded on his hospital bed.
Magistrate Ms Anita Tshuma remanded him to October 10.
Makanza is being charged with two counts of contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act and supplying false information to a public authority.
One of the accomplices is in custody at Mutare Remand Prison facing similar charges while others are still at large.
Appearing for the State Miss Sharon Mashavira alleges that on September 22, Makanza connived with Vitalis Tekesa and hatched a plan to hunt wild animals.
Armed with guns, the pair went to Claremont gamepark in Nyanga to hunt.
It is alleged the two had no authority or permit to hunt.
During the hunting expedition, the State says, Makanza was shot by his colleague who mistook him for a wild animal.
Makanza sustained serious injuries which called for immediate medical attention.
It is the State’s case that he was rushed to the hospital and the gang misrepresented to the hospital staff that he had been shot by armed robbers who attacked them intending to steal their vehicle.
While acting in connivance, they also made a false report to the police in Nyanga to cover up their offence, it is alleged.
However, police investigations unearthed the scam. Further investigations led to the recovery of the guns at Makanza’s house.
Source: herald

Father and Son in Mutare have caused havoc in the city by having S*X with different women in their neighbourhood

The suspect was identified as Wonder Chiweshe and his father – a security guard with Guard Alert – were force-marched from the compound as the marauding women bayed for their blood.

The suspect was identified as Wonder Chiweshe and his father – a security guard with Guard Alert – were force-marched from the compound as the marauding women bayed for their blood.

MUTARE – About 30 women based at a mine in Penhalonga ran amok and meted instant justice on a mine employee they believed possessed the abhorred supernatural powers in which he could have non-consensual s*x without them noticing (mubobobo).
The women were later aided by several other residents who forced management at Golden Kopje Mine to evict the man and his father from the compound saying they had stretched their patience to the limit and could not stomach the secretive s*xual exploit anymore.
The suspect was identified as Wonder Chiweshe and his father – a security guard with Guard Alert – were force-marched from the compound as the marauding women bayed for their blood. The matter was not reported to police.
Witnesses told Nehanda Radio that the Chiweshes were only saved by mine security guards who came to the rescue and escorted the pair off the mine compound. Their belongings were ferried in a hired truck following the melee.
“The women were agitated and wanted to beat Wonder and his father for using mubobobo on them. Two weeks ago, Wonder was caught in the mubobobo act and allegedly confessed. He said he does it with his father.
“After this act several women came forward and said they were seeing Wonder in their dreams having s*xual intercourse with him and they would wake up tired the next morning.
“On Tuesday morning more than 30 women besieged the Chiweshe residence, demanding the immediate eviction of Wonder and his father. They complained that their lives and marriages were in danger because of the mubobobo being perpetrated against them by the two.
“At first Wonder and his father refused to leave their lodgings, but the crowd grew bigger and they eventually left the area. Managers at the mine also intervened and made sure that transport was made available to ferry the family’s property off the compound,” said Mrs Makaza who witnessed the incident.
Last week, Kelvin Manditereza from Penhalonga wrote to The Weekender complaining about the mubobobo issue.
“Through your paper Editor, allow me to express how people in Redwing Mine village in Penhalonga including myself are feeling towards a known mubobobo man who stays in the same village. Today he entered in a neighbour’s house at around 1pm wrapped himself in a blanket, but naked. After two women in the house shouted, he escaped and residents tried to run after him, but to no avail.
“Last week at the bathrooms where ladies do their laundry, three women screamed when they saw the culprit displaying his private parts in public, but unfortunately one of them was already spoiled with semen on the back of her skirt. Asking the victim what had happened she just said she experienced a moment of dizziness. Editor this is witchcraft.
“On the other day at the late Mr Mwanza’s funeral last year in the same neighbourhood, he was caught red-handed in Oldwest in one of the tuck-shops. He was found busy ‘working’ on a school child around 15 years and his semen was seen flowing down the uniform skirt. Our daughters, wives and sisters in Penhalonga are now afraid of him. ZRP, please can you do something to this issue,” said Manditereza.
Efforts to get a comment from the mine management concerning Tuesday’s fracas were fruitless at the time of going to print. The director general of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association, Mr George Kandiero, said mubobobo was an act of witchcraft which needed traditional cleansing.
“Yes, the community acted correctly by chasing away those perpetrators from the neighbourhood, but the story does not end there because those people will perpetrate the same acts wherever they are heading to. So when such things happen you need to call Zinatha and get assistance to remove the mubobobo completely which in itself is an act of witchcraft,” he said.
Source: Nehanda Radio

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Satanism scare at a Primary School in Mudzi as female teacher drew blood from 12 grade One students from their fingers using a syringe and put it in a bottle

Container with blood
SCORES of parents and other villagers disrupted lessons at Musau Primary School in Mudzi district in Mashonaland East province yesterday, demanding to assault a female teacher who allegedly drew blood from 12 Grade One pupils for unknown purposes.The parents and villagers, who numbered more than 100, thronged the school around 10am demanding answers as to why the teacher had conducted such a heinous act.
They came from villages such as Mutinha, Nemusana, Chibedura, Maruza, Chamburuka and Chingana and held the demonstration.
Police officers from Mudzi visited the school yesterday where they recorded statements from the affected children who were later taken to Kotwa District Hospital for medical examination.
A senior police officer who preferred anonymity said the teacher was assisting them with investigations.
“The lady is helping us with the investigations and we will proceed with some action after we finish the investigations,” he said.
Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Bulisani Bhebhe confirmed receiving the report.
Efforts to locate the teacher who was said to be staying at Kotwa Growth Point were fruitless as no one knew of her whereabouts.
According to villagers, the teacher, who only came to the school last week allegedly drew blood from the 12 pupils from their fingers using a syringe and put it in a small bottle.
The matter came to light after one of the victims revealed the case to parents.
Musau school headmaster Mr Sipelile Mutemeri said they were awaiting police findings.
“There are allegations that the teacher drew blood from some pupils and police are carrying out investigations,” he said.
“As you are aware, I am not allowed to speak to the Press, I will refer you to my superior at the district education offices.”
Mudzi district education officer who only identified himself as Mr Chimbwanda said they were aware of the incident.
“I am not on the ground, I am still to be informed on the circumstances,” he said.
“But the children are still to be examined by a medical doctor to establish if the case is true or false.”
When The Herald visited the school which is about 25km from Kotwa Growth Point, a police officer was taking statements from the 12 pupils who looked visibly shocked by the incident.
The parents gathered inside the school yard intending to assault the teacher.
“We want justice to prevail,” demanded one  of the angry parents. “Police have to ascertain why she was drawing the blood and if she did not contaminate these children with a disease. We want answers.”
Another parent said they were not happy with how police were handling the case.
“We are not happy because we understand that this woman is free as we speak,” she said.
“She is at her house in Kotwa. We want police to arrest her and expeditiously deal with this matter while the evidence is still fresh.”
Other parents said they suspected that the teacher was drawing blood with the purpose of selling it.
“We strongly suspect that she was selling the blood, what else could she want it for?” asked another parent.
The parents had to be calmed down by the councillor for Mudzi’s Ward 17 Cde Kennedy Makarutse who assured them that the law would take its course.
“We have been informed by the headmaster about this unusual case that has occurred in our community, but my appeal is that let’s be responsible and be patient as police conduct their investigations,” he said.
Cde Makarutse informed the parents and other villagers that the children would be taken for medical examinations at Kotwa District Hospital.
The teacher is said to be denying the accusations.
Source: herald

Mwenezi man beat his son to death after accusing him of absconding from school

A Mwenezi man has been arrested for allegedly beating his nine-year-old son to death after accusing him of absconding school last weekend. Mike Chauke (28) of Alton Farm in Mwenezi repeatedly thrashed his son Respect Chauke, a Grade Three pupil, with amopane stick until he died.
Respect allegedly passed out several times during the beatings at the hands of his father.
Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero said they had since arrested Chauke and investigations were underway.
“We arrested a man in Mwenezi who beat his son to death with a mopane stick after accusing him of absconding from school,” Insp Zhanero told the Herald on Tuesday.
“The deceased fainted several times during the beatings, but his father continued beating him until he died.
“The suspect will appear in court soon facing charges of killing his child.”
On the fateful day Chauke allegedly arrived at his homestead at around 10pm and woke up Respect saying he wanted his son to accompany him to go and fetch some water nearby.
The pair took some containers and put them in a wheel barrow and after they had travelled for about 300 metres, Chauke started accusing the boy of repeatedly absconding from school.
Chauke then took a mopane stick and started beating his son all over the body until he fainted.
Undeterred by his son’s fainting Chauke allegedly continued to beat the boy all over the body inflicting severe body injuries in the process.
The pair returned home and retired to bed but the following morning Chauke again started beating Respect after the latter had complained that he could not walk as a result of the previous night’s thrashing.
Chauke continued to thrash Respect until he again fell unconscious.
He then realised that his son had been badly injured and allegedly tried to take him to a nearby clinic in a wheelbarrow.
However, Respect died a few minutes later before admission to the clinic.
The case was reported to the police leading to Chauke’s arrest.
Source: herald

Bulawayo woman divorced her husband but she got stuck to her new boyfriend for 2 days when having S*X

A Hope Fountain couple on the outskirts of Bulawayo who decided to dump their partners for each other reportedly got stuck to each other for two days after the woman's ex husband allegedly used 'runyoka' on her.

It is suspected that the bitter Owen Phiri uses supernatural powers to try and win back his estranged wife, Silibaziso Moyo, who had eloped with a neighbour, Samson Nyathi.

A villager who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that when Moyo and Nyathi moved together to the latter brother's homestead, Phiri got wind of their whereabouts and approached them.

"When Phiri got to the homestead where the two were staying, he first talked to Nyathi and warned him to stay away from his wife if he did not want to be in trouble. Nyathi took the threats lightly and started shouting at Phiri and even got the support of Moyo who ditched him in front of his rival," said a source.

The bitter Phiri reportedly told the lovebirds that their relationship was not even going to last a day before leaving. On the night in question after all the drama, the couple did not separate after playing the adults bedroom game.

"Nyathi and Moyo were stuck to each other for two days. On the following day after the drama, Nyathi's brother is the one who discovered that the two were practically 'one flesh'. At around 1pm, the brother decided to check on the two and after knocking, his brother ordered him to break the door as they could not open for him. He got the shock of his life after peeing through the window. The brother rushed to look for a traditional healer but he failed to separate the two," added the source.

The couple was reportedly left with no option but to confront Phiri and when he arrived at the homestead, he laughed at the two before warning them to end their relationship.

"Surprisingly, he never touched them, but after he had left they miraculously separated," said the source.

When contacted for comment, Phiri confirmed that his ex-wife got stuck to her new lover for two days, but said he was not responsible for the rare occurrence.

"I do not know what caused that, but they say after my departure they then separated and since that day my ex wife has moved to Bulawayo," he said.

Nyathi had no kind words for his rival.

"Phiri is evil and our relationship failed because of him. That was so cruel of him," he said. 
Source: B Metro

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cde Joseph Chinotimba said corruption in Zimbabwe begins with top government officials & all the members of parliament burst out laughing (Video)

Corruption in Zimbabwe begins with top government officials and parliamentarians, said Zanu-PF Member of Parliament for Buhera South, Joseph Chinotimba.

In his contribution to parliamentary debate today, Chinotimba said the majority of Zimbabweans continued to suffer economic hardships as a result of corruption at the highest levels of government.   

 He called on legislators and responsible arms of government to implement calls by President Robert Mugabe, to stamp out corruption from Zimbabwe in all its forms.

"There is no reason why Mugabe's resolutions should fail to see the light of the day," Chinotimba said.

The self-styled war veteran cum legislator urged government to allocate emergency funds to the Grain Marketing Board and Ministry of Agriculture to purchase relief food for starving people.

Speaking in Shona, Chinotimba said given the famine which was taking its toll on some people, the funds should be distributed without parliamentary intervention.

"Hyenas have invaded my constituency attacking villagers because of scarcity of food," said Chinotimba.Government was urged to expedite distribution of agriculture inputs 'since failure to do so before end of this month would spell disaster to the 2013-2014 farming season'.

He described food shortages in Buhera South as serious. Chinotimba urged parliamentarians to perform and deliver as expected 'not just coming to warm seats in the August House'.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Authority was challenged to spread its highway infrastructure upgrading activities to rural gravel roads.

Contributing to the debate, Member of Parliament for Bikita West, Karikoga Kereke, said the Constituency Development Fund should not be regarded as a token since it was the quickest and most significant intervention vehicle to development."

Parliament should therefore set rules and framework for a transparent administration of the funds," Kereke told the National Assembly.On farming, Kereke said the agriculture sector cannot be revived without direct government support.

He said promises made by President Mugabe to the agriculture sector should be implemented timeously, since Zimbabwe was already in the farming season with no inputs in sight.

Kereke said for Mugabe's proposed economic revival road map to be successful, corruption should be fought both at individual and institutional levels.

He called for collaborated effort between the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Unit and police, to eliminate corruption which has turned cancerous.

Several Zanu-PF legislators who contributed to the debate showered praises and congratulatory messages on President Mugabe following his landslide election victory.
They described the Mugabe and Zanu-PF harmonised election victories as triumph for SADC, Africa and all agents of democracy.

Today's parliamentary session was aimed at debating President Robert Mugabe's speech made at the opening of the house on September 17.  

Angry Bulawayo family dumps the body of their dead son at his murderers' house

IN a scary traditional ritual, a Njube family whose son was last week killed by a neighbour, on Tuesday took their late relative's body to the murderer's house in protest of the other family's reneging on meeting funeral costs.

Chipo Sibanda (48) was ruthlessly murdered by his friend, Themba Masuku on Thursday last week over yet unclear circumstances.

On the fateful day, Chipo who had been paid at United Refineries where he was working reportedly invited Masuku together with one Mbonisi Chunga for a beer drink but sadly, it cost his life.

Chipo's young brother, Zanele Sibanda said after the tragic incident, the two families met in the presence of police officers and they agreed that Masuku's family was to cover all funeral expenses.

The Masuku family was supposed to fork out a total of $2 145 to cover funeral expenses. Five hundred dollars of the required money was meant to cover transport costs for Chipo's relative from rural Mutoko to Bulawayo and back to Mutoko.

One thousand and eighty five dollars ($1 085) was specifically to pay for Nyaradzo Funeral services. The remainder was meant to buy food for mourners for three days.
However, it appears the Masuku family reneged on meeting what was expected of them but instead bought 50kg mealie meal, 14 litres of cooking oil, one Hugo's jam, three Lux bathing tablets, one sunlight liquid dish washer and one packet of tea bags.

Red cloth tied at the gate of Themba's residence by Chipo's family and dumped grocery

Pandemonium started on Monday evening when the Sibanda family stormed Masuku's house and tied a red cloth at their gate before dumping a few grocery items that they had bought for the funeral wake.

Conduct by the Masuku family did not show any remorse, according to Chipo's family.

"They were not even coming here to sleep with other mourners or let alone just coming to greet mourners," Chipo's sister said.

The conduct by Themba's family breached the limits of Sibanda family and they decided to do Chivanhu (traditional rituals).

After church service, an entourage of Sibanda family members grabbed the coffin and marched to Themba's house while singing vekwaMasuku makauraya.

Poll bearers carry Chipo's coffin to Themba's residence
Upon arrival at Themba's house, they broke down to song and dance for more than 30 minutes.

While the drama unfolded, Themba's relatives broke to tears and caged themselves in the house. Themba's mother came out of the house after a while and was forced to sit near Chipo's head.

Themba's mother watching
The Sibandas opened the coffin for Chipo to see his new home. They broke into the song 'Chipo chigarapano Ishe vanouya' (Chipo hlala lapha inkosi iyabuya) before one relative knelt down and performed Chivanhu chekwaMutoko (Mutoko traditional ritual).

Chipo's kneeling relative started clapping while telling him (Chipo) that they have brought him to his home where he should stay and fight for himself.

"Irwa navo udzoke kwaMutoko wapedza, hatizive chakaitika tinoziva uchagadzirisa zvakakanganisika" (Fight with them and only come back to Mutoko when you are done. We do not know what exactly happened but we trust that you will get to the bottom of this matter), he said.

Themba's mother cried uncontrollably at the face of the ensuing drama. Some residents could be heard sympathising with the hapless old woman who was enduring the agony of the joys of motherhood over an offense committed in her absence, without her knowledge and participation by her son - Themba.

Poll bearers carry Chipo's coffin out of Themba's residence

The procession attracted a swarm of residents who came to have a glimpse of Chivanhu chekwaMutoko unfolding.

After convincing Chipo to deal with his murderers, the Sibandas took back the body of their late relative to their house and thereafter left for burial at West Park cemetery.

Sibusisiwe Masuku, Themba's sister said they did not meet funeral expenses because they are not working and Themba who had committed the heinous offence was locked up at remand prison such that he cannot assist them in doing anything.

"We bought food but they brought back and dumped it here. They are demanding money but we do not have money. They want $2000 but we have only managed to gather $600 which we are going to give them," Sibusisiwe said.

Sibusisiwe said Chipo's murder was an unfortunate incident which they are not condoning as a family but they limited by resources to show material support and remorse to Chipo's family.

Meanwhile, Themba appeared before Western Commonage magistrate on Saturday 14 September and was remanded to 27 September.

He is facing murder charges.

It is said that after taking one too many, Chipo and Masuku fought over a yet un-established misunderstanding.

Chunga is reported to have stopped them but when Masuku was leaving the house, Chipo allegedly emerged with an axe.
The two wrestled for the axe and Masuku smashed the deceased's head onto a concrete slab.

A report was made to the police, leading to Masuku's arrest.

Source: B Metro

Mufakose man killed a prostitute after spending the whole night having S*X with the prostitute

A 28-year-old Harare man yesterday appeared in court for strangling to death a prostitute he had hired for the night under unclear circumstances. Freddy Jasam of number 20 Chiguyakuya Road in Mufakose appeared before magistrate Ms Anita Tshuma facing murdercharges.
He was not formally charged and was asked to apply for bail at the High Court. Jasam was remanded to October 2 for trial.
Prosecuting for the State Ms Sharon Mashavira alleges that on August 22 this year at 10pm the deceased left her place of residence with Jasam.
The two reportedly went to Samuriwo Shopping Centre in the suburb and returned 30 minutes later.
It is the State case that the two became intimate at the deceased’s house.
After enjoying quality time together they returned to Samuriwo Shopping Centre for beer drinking.
They were allegedly seen by vendors leaving the beerhall the same night. On August 23 in the afternoon Jasam was seen dumping the body of the deceased at the gate of the house where she stayed.
When Jasam saw that he had been seen, he reportedly started running away and Cuthbert Shoko gave chase but could not catch up with him.
It is alleged that Jasam fled to Botswana. On August 27 a post-mortem conducted indicated that the deceased died due to strangulation.
Jasam was arrested on September 21 in Mufakose upon his return from Botswana.
Source: herald

Former MDC-T secretary was sentenced to 2 months in jail for poking the eyes of President Mugabe

FORMER MDC-T organising secretary for Ward 8 in Chiredzi, Regis Kandawasvika, was last Friday convicted and sentenced to two months in jail for poking the eyes of President Robert Mugabe in his portrait picture with a pool cue at a beerhall in the town.
At the time of the sentencing, Kandawasvika had defected to Zanu PF after allegedly being promised that senior party members would assist him get off the hook.
Public prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that sometime in February this year, Kandawasvika went to Khomanani Beerhall where he took a pool cue and started poking Mugabe’s eyes on the portrait blaming him for his woes.
“I am suffering because of this old man’s rule. I have got five ‘O’ Levels, but I can’t get a job, but this is the year to get him,” Kandawasvika is alleged to have said.
He then went on to throw empty beer bottles at the portrait repeating the same words, leading to his arrest.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa said Kandawasvika had shown no respect for the President.
Source: NewsDay

Chivhu man chopped off the foot of his long-time friend because he was not visiting him regularly

IN A bizarre incident that left Chivhu villagers shell-shocked, a local man axed his long-time friend to death before chopping his body to pieces and taking away the deceased’s left foot after allegedly accusing the friend of failing to visit him.
The incident happened in the Masase area of Chivhu on August 8 last year.
The man, Kimpton Shereni, however, escaped the hangman’s noose last week when High Court Judge President, Justice George Chiweshe, sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder of Bren Mapiti.
The court heard that the incident happened after Mapiti had paid a visit to Shereni’s family.
Although the actual reasons for the attack remained a mystery throughout the trial, Shereni is said to have told his wife Tariro Mugari prior to the attack that Mapiti had angered him by not paying him regular visits.
The court heard that on the day in question, Mapiti visited Shereni’s homestead where upon arrival he found only the latter’s wife and children present.
When Shereni eventually arrived at 9:45pm, his wife advised him of Mapiti’s presence.
At that juncture Mapiti had already retired to bed in a separate hut together with Shereni’s children.
Immediately after getting the news of his friend’s presence, the court heard, Shereni got angry and rushed to the kitchen hut where he retrieved an axe and proceeded to where Mapiti was sleeping.
He got in and struck his friend several times on the head, chest, hands and legs before hacking off Mapiti’s foot.
The shocking drama occurred in full view of his family members who later fled the scene after they saw Shereni chopping off Mapiti’s foot.
When other villagers were alerted of the bizarre incident, they rushed to the scene where they found Mapiti lying dead in a pool of blood with Shereni nowhere in sight.
Shereni was later arrested, but Mapiti’s foot was not recovered.
Source: NewsDay

Monday, September 23, 2013

67-year -old man from Masvingo laced his daughter's orange juice with an intoxicating substance and had S*X with his own daughter

A 67-year-old man from Masvingo's Chief Charumbira area has been dragged to court on allegations of raping his daughter 13 years ago after giving her orange juice lace with an intoxicating substance.

The man (name withheld to protect the victim) but is of Sani Village was not asked to plead when he appeared before Masvingo magistrate Ms Lyn Manyika yesterday.

He was remanded in custody to 8 October for trial.

He was ordered to apply to the High Court for bail because of the gravity of his case.

The State led by Ms Shamiso Masokovere said the chances of him interfering with the State case were high considering that the key witnesses were his family members.

Ms Masokovere said that on 25 May 2000 at about 4pm,the man took orange juice and mixed it with an intoxicating substance.

He gave his unsuspecting daughter who was 14-years -old at the time.

She drank the juice and got intoxicated.

The court was told that after the girl who is now 27 years-old took the juice, she was unable to do anything for herself.

The man then took her to his bedroom where he raped her once.

The matter came to light sometime this month when the victim was getting married.
The woman told her husband that she was once s*xually abused by her biological father after which a report was made to the police leading to the father's arrest.

Source: NewsBite

Harare prophet who hired two women to pretend as witches & promised to give them a car is now in jail

Set-up ... Elnert Mbewe bares all outside 'prophet's' house
POLICE are holding a self-styled prophet after two women were found naked outside his house pretending to be witches who “crash-landed” while flying over a Harare suburb in WINNOWING BASKETS.
It was not clear on Monday what Alfred Mupfumbati, 30, would be charged with but police said he would appear in court “soon”.
Police were called to Mupfumbati’s house in Harare’s Budiriro 4 suburb shortly after 5AM on September 11 after reports of two naked women carrying winnowing baskets and behaving strangely.
Police arrested the two women who identified themselves as Chipo Chakadya and Maria Moyo. They were charged under the country’s witchcraft laws, but a magistrate ordered that they undergo a psychiatric examination while remanding them in custody to September 24.
But relatives and friends of the two women – who told police they were from Nembudziya in Gokwe – have revealed that they LIED to investigators about their identities and were in fact from Chihota in Mashonaland East.
Maria Moyo, 43, is in fact Elnert Ben Mbewe while Chipo Chakadya, 33, is in fact Christine Nyamupandu Matiyenga.
Police investigators say the two women – who were found with a live owl and an assortment of witchcraft-associated paraphernalia including severed baboon hands – are ready to testify that they had been hired by the “prophet” to carry out the hoax after being promised a car.
Mupfumbati, say police, wanted to cash-in from the publicity to portray himself as “powerful”. He had arranged for the two women to be driven to Harare where they were dropped outside his house at 4AM.
A police source said: “His plan was to see people flocking to his so-called shrine – so spiritually powerful witches couldn’t fly over it. It was all a grand set-up.”
Police and prosecutors will face uncomfortable questions over how they took the women’s story at face value – even going to the extent of presenting them in court as witches.
The two women could still be charged under indecency laws for parading in the nude in public and providing false information to the police over their identities.

Source: newzimbabwe

Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Mabvuku women who share the same husband fights over S*X

HARARE - A Mabvuku woman has dragged her husband’s wives to court for mocking her and withholding conjugal rights to him because he suffered a stroke.
Mario Gumeyo dragged her husband’s senior wives Magaya Emerita and Zvitatike Mapiro to court seeking a peace order for alleged verbal abuse.
“I was the last one to marry into the family in 1983 but never had a child,” she told the court.
“They are usually insulting me about my condition and claim that I am spending our husband’s money.
“I have been staying with our husband since 2002 when they abandoned him because he suffered a stroke.They refuse to have s*xual intercourse with him demanding money, though he gives us $70 every month.”
The disputes reportedly started after Mapiro and Magaya discovered that Gumeyo would quiz their husband about how good his s*xual encounters with the other two were.
“When Gumeyo married into our home I personally welcomed her as the first wife,” Mapiro told the court and added: “We started having problems because she is too forward, spends our husband’s money and enquires about his s*xual encounters whenever he sleeps with us.
“She is disrespectful and selfish. She has her own house but still collects and spends rentals from the house I built with my husband before she married.”
Magaya echoed similar sentiments and said her children were not going to school because the $70 she got per month was insufficient.
“I can’t sustain myself and the children with $70. Our husband has neglected us and now lives with Gumeyo. I no longer sleep with him because I can’t handle the embarrassment of having people discuss ‘how good I am in bed’,” Magaya told the court.
Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted a reciprocal order and advised the trio to live in peace.

Source: dailynews

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