Friday, August 16, 2013

Zimbabwe Opposition Party Leader Morgan Tsvangirai accepted defeat in the just ended Zimbabwe Elections and withdrew Poll Petition from the Court

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday withdrew his challenge of the July 31 election results, 24 hours before judges of the Constitutional Court were due to hear the case, thereby legally 'accepting defeat' and allowing President Mugabe's inoguration to take place.

Earlier in the day, the MDC-T's national executive met in Harare and admitted that its case was WEAK.

Tsvangirai and his party had earlier this week asked the Electoral Court to compel the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Registrar General to release certain data, to be used at Saturday's hearing.

But Justice Chinembiri Bhunu had reserved judgement indefinitely, it appears in the process delivering a blow to Tsvangirai's bid to build a case against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF's landslide win.

"The MDC is extremely worried that the delay in making a determination on the availability of the material will seriously undermine the presidential challenge, we therefore express reservations on the credibility of the court process in the absence of the crucial material," the party's national executive said in a statement.

"There will be no trial [at the Constitutional Court] and therefore no oral evidence will be adduced in this matter. This severely restricts the scope of the matter and any gains that we might have expected in terms of exposing the illegalities and irregularities that marred the credibility and legitimacy of this election."

Later Friday, the party's spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told reporters they had officially withdrawn the case, clearing the way for President Mugabe's inauguration which had been put on ice by the court case.

Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo, reacting to the withdrawal, said: "They are just coming to terms with their stupidity. They have wasted everyone's time."

Meanwhile, in a statement, the 3-time presidential election loser said as MDC they have decided to let Mugabe rule and see if he will manage.

"I was in Mutare meeting the Manicaland Provincial Council and the mood was defiant. The only solution to the current crisis is to have another election because real legitimacy of the election will come from the people of Zimbabwe. Legitimacy does not come from outside. I told the delegates that Mugabe can rig an election but he can't rig the economy. If Mugabe really won the election, he should deliver what he promised to the people.

"If he succeeds, I will shake his hands. The truth of the matter is he can rig an election but he can't rig the economy. They can't even celebrate. We won the election but they stole our vote. What Zanu PF doesn't know is that they have made us stronger, more positive and more robust."

On the other hand, the withdrawal partly supports claims that the MDC-T leader is currently having negotiations with Zanu PF senior leaders. President Mugabe's spokesperson, George Charamba, yesterday said Zanu PF would be willing to engage into talks with the outgoing Prime Minister, only after the pending court case has been finalised.

"We are still fighting in the courts and if there are any talks, it can only be after the pending case in which the MDC-T is seeking to reverse the election outcome," said Charamba.

Sources said Zanu PF has started making overtures to the MDC-T, with two senior ministers reaching out to their former counterparts in what insiders say is actually a two-way process behind the scenes amid a growing realisation by Mugabe and Tsvangirai that they need each other now more than ever before in recent years.


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