Sunday, August 25, 2013

Urban Groove Artiste Jamal Nyika known for his hit song Kurwizi with Betty Makaya is HIV positive & his mother is appealing for help

Jamal Nyika Mataure
Ailing urban groove artiste, Jamal Nyika Mataure’s mother, Ruth, has revealed that the Kurwizi hit maker is HIV positive.
Ruth, who is providing home based care to her son Jamal, said although he has been on anti-retroviral treatment, he suffered from motor neuron disease from last year to date.
Motor neuron diseases are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons – the cells that control essential voluntary muscle activity suck as speaking, walking, breathing and swallowing. When there are disruptions in the signals between the lowest motor neurons and the muscle, the muscles do not work properly, the muscles gradually weaken and may begin wasting away and develop uncontrollable twitching.
“The disease is slowing him down. The medication is very expensive and is not locally available. he has been taking ARVs and his CD4 count was stable before the disease attacked him. Yes he is HIV positive, but he has been living well with the drugs (ARVs) before his health gradually deteriorated because of this disease (motor neurons).
“What is important for him now is physiotherapy. His body parts are weak, particularly muscles and jaws. Physiotherapy will help to improve posture and strengthen him. He has not been eating hard food since he cannot chew,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mutare-based musician, Brian Samaita, handed over US$50 to Ruth and pledged to assist her in whatever way he could.
“This is the time we as musicians should join hands and help this young man. He has a unique talent and I believe with God by his side, he will be back into the studio again. he is part of us and we should do everything we can to help him,” said Brian.
Ruth thanked the gesture made by Brian and also thanked everyone else for their support.
“I would like to thank everyone for the support. People are calling inquiring about him. May God bless you all. Thank you reporter for highlighting my son’s plight, God bless you,” she said.
Manicaland Association of Musicians interim chairman and singer and prophet and politician, Hosiah Chipanga, said Jamal’s illness was every musician’s responsibility.
“It’s sad. he needs us. It is quite unfortunate that most people, particularly musicians value each other when someone is (already) dead. We will do everything as musicians to help Jamal and family. It is always more important to prove your love and care when one is still alive. We believe he will be fine again,” said Prophet Chipanga.
Jamal, a talented singer, composer and keyboardist last worked on a comeback album which was produced by a Mozambican producer and carries tracks like Baba Menina and Mwana Wechikoro. He also did a compilation project which carries some of his works. Jamal’s famous album Ghetto, released in 2003 features the blockbuster Kurwizi which many mistakenly attributed to Betty Makaya.

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