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Outgoing Prime Minister Tsvangirai's wife Elizabeth is accused of having an extramarital affair with her ex-boyfriend

Elizabeth Macheka
Outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's wife Elizabeth Macheka has allegedly rekindled a relationship with longtime boyfriend Mr Kennedy Ngirazi and the two have over the past few months been sending each other intimate messages where the PM's wife is referring to the married man as her "sweetie."

Elizabeth has even invited Mr Ngirazi to a rendezvous in Cape Town, South Africa. Mr Ngirazi has facilitated the purchase of a Mercedes Benz S500 and a Range Rover for the PM's wife from car dealers in SA. It is understood that Elizabeth and Mr Ngirazi have a young daughter who is in Grade 0 at a school in Harare. This is despite the fact that Mr Ngirazi is married to Mrs Denise Ngirazi and the couple has four children.

When contacted yesterday for a comment, Mr Ngirazi quickly gave an excuse that he was busy as soon as the writer of the story identified himself.

"Mungazondibatawo later here? Pane pandiri," he said.

When the reporter informed him that the conversation would not take long, he insisted that: "aiwa, call me later. Pane zvandiri kuita." Later his mobile phone was no longer reachable.

Mrs Tsvangirai was not reachable by the time of going to Press yesterday. The relationship between Mrs Tsvangirai and Mr Ngirazi has blossomed right under the nose of the unsuspecting and embattled MDC-T leader who is set to be rattled by these revelations as problems mount from the home-front.

Mr Tsvangirai has not yet recovered from the thorough beating by President Mugabe in the just-ended presidential elections where he got 33,94 percent against the veteran leader's 61,09 percent.

Several emails, copies of which were made available to us, show that Mrs Tsvangirai and Mr Ngirazi rekindled their questionable relationship at the beginning of the year and the two cannot let go of each other.

The emails start with the PM's wife sending Mr Ngirazi an email on January 21 2013 at 6:01pm saying: "Baba Tashinga — What you did on Friday reminds me exactly how you used to treat me, how you used to hurt me, how you used to break my heart. Still I would patiently wait for you, until that day I just decide to give up on stress, it's just a reminder."

Then on January 23 2013, things started to heat up when Mrs Tsvangirai sent another email from her Nokia Lumia 920 to Mr Ngirazi at 9:09am saying: "Why ndisingaitwewo good morning, good night. Ndakatsamwa. Asi you are still deciding? Or you haven't made up your mind. Asi mune confusion. Kasikai ku maker decision Mrehwa."

At 12:43pm on the same day, Mr Ngirazi replied the email from his Samsung mobile phone saying: "Good afternoon my love. You know very well you are always on my mind. Hapana chekumbo decider. My quietness does not mean I've forgotten about you but it's to keep you safe. You are too delicate to mess up. I love you always."

Mrs Tsvangirai then responded from her mobile phone at 3:58pm saying: "Subject: RE: mwa — I like the word delicate, wow it's mesmerising. Uri wangu sweetie."

The PM customarily married Elizabeth in May last year and the two then pushed for a wedding that was held at Raintree Lodge in Umwinsidale in Harare in September. However, this was just a sham wedding as the two could not get legally married as both the magistrates' court and the High Court had ruled that Mr Tsvangirai was still married to Ms Lorcadia Karimatsenga.

Mr Tsvangirai had ended his relationship with Lorcadia in 2011 saying the relationship had been "irretrievably damaged" to the point where marriage had become "inconceivable." The PM made the decision to dump Lorcadia a few days after paying lobola for her.

Before dumping Lorcadia and settling for Elizabeth, Mr Tsvangirai had broken the hearts of many women who include SA-based Nozipho Regina Shilubane, Aquillina Pamberi, Bulawayo businesswoman Loreta Nyathi, US-based Zimbabwean doctor Arikana Chihombori and his late wife's sister Leah Mhundwa.

It seems Mr Tsvangirai (61) has met his match in Elizabeth (36) who has decided to rekindle an improper relationship with her former boyfriend.

In an email dated January 12 2013, Elizabeth wrote to Mr Ngirazi inviting him to Cape Town. She wrote: "I'm so sorry to bother you. I think this guy is just buying time for reasons he knows better. He is a car dealer, there is no way he can say he doesn't sapco document. I'm very worried, are you free to travel to Cape Town today?

Mr Ngirazi replied saying: "I can what do you think?" Elizabeth then responded saying: "There is a BA ya2pm to Joburg connecting 5 to Cape Town. What do you think." Later in the day Mr Ngirazi replied saying: "I've gone to Cape Town with SAA. Will be in Cape Town at 19:15."

Also at the beginning of the year, emails from one Michael Honsa in South Africa and copied to a few people including Elizabeth and the personal assistant to the Prime Minister Ms Mary Mugweni show that the PM's wife bought a Mercedes Benz S500 and Mr Ngirazi assisted in making sure that the vehicle got proper documentation.

"I sold my personal Mercedes S500 — currently insured with you, to a lady from Zimbabwe. She paid for the car already, but it is still registered and licensed in my name.

"Now I promised her to deliver to Musina (on the Zim border. The car will go by train to Johannesburg, and then I arrange a driver to drive it to the border.)"

In another email, Michael Honsa wrote to one Willy Naude advising him that regarding the Merc, "I am dealing with Mary, she is the PA from Liz. Her number is +263 712323856 is very friendly."

Repeated efforts to get a comment from Ms Mugweni proved fruitless yesterday as her number was continuously not reachable.

In the last email, Michael Honsa gave details how the vehicle would be ferried to Musina and ended by saying: "Handover: Please send me the persons ID and name, who will take the car in Mussina and to whom we are authorised to hand it over to. He must be able to sign that he took delivery on your (Mrs Elizabeth T's) behalf."

At each and every stage, Mr Ngirazi would be kept abreast of the developments. In one of the emails, he wrote: "Is the sapco document or export papers done already?" to which Elizabeth responded, saying; "He said they are all ready, should I ask him to send the copies? What else should I ask?"

On January 22, Michael Honsa wrote an email showing that a Range Rover had been delivered again to the PM's wife and as in the first case, Mr Ngirazi was always updated on developments.

It is however not clear who paid for these two expensive luxury vehicles but the emails show that they were destined for the PM's wife.

The move by Mrs Tsvangirai has riled some women in the leadership of the MDC-T who claim to be aware of the relationship between their leader's wife and Mr Ngirazi but feel powerless to do anything about it.

"As women, we talk about such issues and for a while we have been wondering what to do about it. We understand Amai (Mrs Tsvangirai) has a child with this man and we don't have a problem with that because we are sure the PM is aware of this child. However, what is really worrying us now is that the two (Mrs Tsvangirai and Mr Ngirazi) are back together and this is likely to damage the image of our leader.

"Our struggle for democracy is still on and Mr Tsvangirai still has the responsibility to lead that struggle despite reports suggesting that he should be replaced. We wonder what this will do to him and this is all we can do because we are powerless. Such matters have to be handled delicately," said one of the women from the MDC-T national executive who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

She said the move to speak out was reached by a group of women in the MDC-T who were taken aback by reports that Mrs Tsvangirai had left the country a day after casting her vote in the just ended harmonised elections.

"You can imagine how shocked we were when we learnt that Amai (Mrs Tsvangirai) had left the country at a time when she was supposed to be with her husband. We understand she went to Dubai and South Africa and considering what had happened during the elections, we thought she would be there for her husband. Our leader needed a shoulder to lean on. We hear she came back last Monday evening aboard a South African Airways flight. We really don't understand why she could desert our leader at such a critical time," said the leader of the group.

Court records show that in the past, Mr Ngirazi's wife had to sought a peace order at the Magistrates Court against Mrs Tsvangirai and had to file adultery charges at the High Court. The matter is still pending at the High Court.

Mrs Tsvangirai is the daughter of former Zanu-PF mayor for Chitungwiza Cde Joseph Macheka and was once married to an airforce commander, Mabasa Guma who died in a car accident along the Harare-Bulawayo road about nine years ago. The PM's wife runs a boutique in the Avenues area.

The marriage of Elizabeth to Mr Tsvangirai was met with a lot of resistance and disapproval in the MDC-T as some of the women in the party are understood to have been preferring Lorcadia Karimatsenga to be their leader's wife. The fact that her father is a known Zanu-PF figure has not helped matters as some die-hard supporters in the MDC-T feel she is not the right wife for their leader.

Source: sundaymail

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