Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mutumwa Mawere failed to raise bail after being arrested on allegations of fraud and tax evasion & is still in South African police custody

Mutumwa Mawere
Self-exiled Zimbabwean-born businessman Mutumwa Mawere remains in South African police custody after he failed to raise the R500 000 bail he was granted by the Randburg Magistrates’ Court in Johannesburg. Mawere was arrested on allegations of fraud and tax evasion in that country. Mawere was picked up by Bryanston police on Monday under an arrest warrant believed to have been issued in May 2011 following an application made by an Indian businessman identified only as Mariemuthu.
It is understood that Mariemuthu is an ex-business partner of Mawere.
Sources in South Africa indicated yesterday that Mawere was still in custody after his family failed to secure the R500 000 for bail.
Mutumwa Mawere’s empire seems to be crumbling after the South African Revenue Services established     that he was involved in gross tax evasion following its lengthy investigations.
The business tycoon was granted R500 000 bail by a Randburg Magistrates’ Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday.
Efforts to get a comment from South African police yesterday were fruitless while Mawere’s mobile phone continually went on voice mail.
Mawere, who is resident in South Africa, recently reclaimed his Zimbabwean citizenship after he went into self-imposed exile in that country around 2004.


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