Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Macheso to release new song next month mocking his former band members who left him to form their own band, saying they will regret leaving him since they don't have the talent to topple him from being the King of Sungura

Sungura musician Alick Macheso has penned a song attacking his former band members Obert Gomba, Jonas Kasamba and Noel Nyazanda who left him to form Extra Kwazvose. In the song “Ane Bhora Ndoanomakwa”, which will be on his album set to be released in September, Macheso has no kind words for his former employees.
In the song that he has been playing at most of his live gigs, Macheso makes it clear that his former band members have no resources or talent to topple him from the sungura helm, where he is currently enjoying fame and fortune.
In typical style, the sungura king describes himself as a sea that cannot be emptied using a cup. He went on to describe himself as a mountain that cannot be destroyed using a pick. Macheso says all eyes are on him because of his lyrical wizardry hence the name of the song “Ane Bhora Ndoanomakwa”.
In the song, he vows to keep his legacy alive and said the former band members will regret their decision to leave him.
Orchestra Mberikwazvo was left reeling when Gomba, Kasamba and Nyazanda teamed up with former Dendera Kings lead dancer Francis “Franco” Dhaka to form Extra Kwazvose.
Macheso initially struggled after their departure, but judging from his performance at Harare Gardens on Sunday where he sampled the new song, it seems he is finding his footing.
In a career filled with success, drama, suspense and difficulties, the musician has always produced songs that mirror his personal trials and tribulatuions. When his relationship and subsequent marriage to his second wife, Tafadzwa Mapako, was under the spotlight from both the media and some sections in the arts sector, Macheso composed a touching song to strengthen his lover.
The song “Tafadzwa”, named after his belle,  had unmistakable lyrics that gelled well with the situation his lover, now wife, was facing. In the song, Macheso encourages Tafadzwa not to lose hope in all what she does and to trust in the Lord, the giver of all blessings.
It is both a song of encouragement and prayer to God to bless Tafadzwa and grant her all her wishes and dreams.
When he felt that some musicians were copying his work, Macheso took a swipe at them in the song “Murondatsimba”.
When the chips were down, Macheso produced “Samasimba”.
The song has deep lyrics of a lost soul seeking supernatural powers to soldier on, in the face of spiritual weariness and fatigue.
In the song, Macheso admits that he sometimes feels tired because of hectic schedules and appeals to God for guidance, deliverance and salvation.
Source: Herald

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