Saturday, August 24, 2013

Karoi man spent the whole night caressing his neighbour's wife after he managed to imitate her husband's voice who was away on a trip & sneaked into a room where she was sleeping

Karoi Magistrates’ Court was last week left in stitches after a 25-year-old man who spent an entire night caressing a neighbour’s wife after sneaking into her blankets while pretending to be her husband blamed his
actions on alcohol.
Richard Chikona of Chiedza suburb in Karoi drew bouts of laughter after he failed to give a satisfactory explanation as to why he pretended to be the woman’s husband. He pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful entry and indecent assault.

Karoi magistrate Mr Obedience Matare convicted him on both counts and ordered him to perform 560 hours of community work at the Criminal Investigation Department (Karoi) beginning last Tuesday.

“I was not in my normal senses. I was drunk, Your Worship”, said Chikona.
The court heard that during the early hours of August 17 this year, Chikona sneaked into a room where his neighbour’s wife (name withheld) was sleeping with a child.

He then took advantage of the darkness in the room to greet her while imitating the voice of her husband who was away on a trip.
The woman woke up convinced her husband had returned.

After a while Chikona removed his clothes and burrowed into the blankets.
The two caressed each other until around 5am when Chikona woke up saying he wanted to travel to Chinhoyi.
The woman became suspicious since her husband had never told her of such plans. She later realised the man she had spent the night with was not her husband after feeling Chikona’s forehead.

The woman promptly jumped out of bed and called neighbours who apprehended Chikona.
For the first offence, Mr Matare slapped Chikona with a 14-month jail sentence of which five months were conditionally suspended for five years while the remainder was also suspended on condition he performed 315 hours of community service.

For the indecent assault charge, Chikona was sentenced to a 12-month jail term before the magistrate conditionally set aside six months for five years.

The remainder was suspended on condition he completes 245 hours of community service after completing the first sentence.
Mr Webster Dimingo prosecuted.

Source: sundaymail

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