Monday, August 19, 2013

Harare man who was working in Zambia returned home at night and found his wife having S*X with another man and he killed his wife's boyfriend

A Harare man who had been working in Zambia and returned home to find his wife living with another man yesterday reportedly fatally stabbed the boyfriend and grazed his wife with the same knife.Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tedius Chibanda confirmed the incident and said a manhunt was on for the man whom he identified as Elias Munjoma.
“We received a report following a man who was fatally stabbed by Munjoma after he was caught with his wife Dudzai Takakina in a bedroom,” he said. “Munjoma also stabbed Takakina before disappearing from the scene.
“We have launched a manhunt for Munjoma, who is still at large.”
It is alleged that on August 18, Munjoma, who had been working in Zambia for several years, returned home at around 9pm only to discover that Takakina and his family had relocated to an unknown place.
Munjoma was given the new address of where Takakina had relocated to by his former neighbours in Hatcliffe. Upon arrival at the address in Hatcliffe, Munjoma found Takakina and the man whom she was now living with in the bedroom and a fight ensued.
Munjoma drew a knife and stabbed the man once on the left rib.
The man managed to flee from the scene through the bedroom window with Munjoma chasing him, but he could not catch up with him.
The man collapsed and died before he could reach his destination after Munjoma left him. Munjoma then returned and attacked Takakina, whom he stabbed once on the left buttock before fleeing from the scene.
Police attended the scene and the man's body was taken to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for post-mortem while Takakina was rushed to the same hospital for treatment.
Insp Chibanda appealed to members of the public to desist from using violence as a way of solving disputes and urged them to seek amicable ways to avoid loss of life.

Source: herald

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