Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello in fresh controversy

Pokello in a hotel with new boyfriend Elikem
FORMER Big Brother Africa — The Chase housemate Pokello Nare has come under fire for calling herself “Delicious Delilah” during the grand finale of the reality show last Sunday. Pokello told the presenter of the show IK that people did not call her “Delicious Delilah for nothing”. It appears the comment did not go down well with some fans who took to social networks to vent their anger.
“So Pokello confessed she is a Delicious Delilah & man(y) love her! Ahhhh MaTailor..,” Dj Dollar bill said.
Another fan identified as Martin wrote: “Now we know she used Stunner to gain mileage.
“I feel pity for poor Stunner, being dumped on reality show the Jerry Springer way. That should says a lot about Pokello (sic),” Double R posted.
Primrose aka “The Princess” wrote on her Facebook page: “I have always loved Pokello, however, I still feel her statement was inappropriate and quite revealing.”
Some people likened Pokello to the biblical Delilah who was a traitor while others even suggested that she was responsible for the demise of Stunner’s career and warned her newly found love Elikem from Ghana to watch out.
Since the grand finale, pictures of Pokello and Elikem’s mother have been causing quite a stir on Facebook.
However, most people had forgiven Pokello for the mishap which led to the leakage of her X-rated tape with ex-boyfriend and rapper Stunner which went viral on the internet.
While little-known Pokello became a “celebrity” overnight, the same could not be said of Stunner, whose real name is Desmond Chideme. The rapper’s music career took a tumble and he lost a number of endorsements.
Recently, the “Godo” hitmaker admitted to being a playboy and that he ill-treated Pokello while they were still together.

Source: herald

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