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Masvingo man beat up his own mother and fatally stabbed his 91-year-old grandmother over an airtime recharge card worth $1

A 32-year-old intoxicated man from Masvingo’s Runyararo suburb allegedly fatally stabbed his 91-year-old grandmother with a kitchen knife following a misunderstanding over an airtime recharge card worth a dollar with his mother.
Masvingo provincial police Inspector Peter Zhanero confirmed the incident which occurred on Wednesday at about 6pm.
However, he said he was yet to gather more details on the issue.
“I can confirm receiving the report of a murder case which took place in Runyararo West. I am however yet to get full details,” said Insp Zhanero.
The woman has been identified as Jeina Adita Mhlaleli of 15575 Phillip Chatikobo Street, Runyararo West.
Her body was taken to Masvingo General Hospital mortuary for a postmortem.
The source said the man behind the murder, Taurai Masache, has been arrested.
The source said on the fateful day at about 6pm, Masache who appeared drunk arrived home from a beer drink and immediately demanded an airtime recharge card from his unidentified mother.
“The mother who sells airtime recharge cards resisted and demanded that Masache should pay first,” said the source.
When the mother refused to give him the recharge card he later stole one worth a dollar.
“Masache is said to have kept quiet before he took the airtime recharge card. However, he ran out of luck when his mother discovered that he had stolen her airtime recharge card. This did not go down well with the mother who confronted her son,” said the source.
The move by her mother incensed Masache and he slapped her several times on the face.
“After the confrontation Masache slapped her mother leading to the wheelchair-bound Mhlaleli intervening. She told Masache that it was taboo for him to assault his biological mother but he seemed unfazed and charged at his grandmother accusing her of siding with her daughter,” said the source.
After seeing that her son was now uncontrollable, the mother went to her brother’s house in the neighbourhood where she reported the matter.
“When she returned, she found Mhlaleli lying unconscious in a pool of blood with several stab wounds on her forehead and face,” said the source.
Masache is said to have disappeared from the scene after committing the offence.
A report was made to the police by a relative after which a manhunt was launched leading to Masache’s arrest.
Masache was searched and reportedly found with some twist of mbanje in his pockets.
 Source: chronicle

Zimbabwean man in Texas U.S.A. who is HIV positive was sentenced to 120 years in prison after he had unprotected S*X with 18 women & infected 4 women with the deadly virus

Derick Nhekairo
A 36-year-old Midland man was sentenced to 120 years in prison Thursday for knowingly transmitting the HIV virus to four women.
Judge Rodney Satterwhite sentenced Derick Nhekairo to serve two consecutive 60-year sentences of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury, with the remaining two sentences of 60 years and 20 years to run concurrently with the 120 years.
Nhekairo also is required to pay $32,000 in fines for the four charges.
He was arrested July 6, 2012, on one of the aggravated assault charges, a second-degree felony. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charge Tuesday, but changed his plea to guilty in the four cases after testimony began, according to previous Reporter-Telegram records.
The trial resumed at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday in 441st District Court.
Prosecutor Lara Nodolf said she was able to support the evidence that Nhekairo’s penis and bodily fluid were used as deadly weapons in the four cases. She said he admitted to practicing unprotected s*x with 18 different women after contracting the virus in 2002.
Nodolf said it was important to prosecute Nhekairo because many people do not know that is a crime to knowingly transmit HIV to other s*xual partners.
“The victims of this type of crime are underrepresented and don’t always know their options,” She said. “If you report it, we can prosecute it.”
The first victim to come forward and report Nhekairo to the health department spoke with the Reporter-Telegram, saying she was very happy with the sentencing.
The victim said when she contracted HIV from Nhekairo, the illness rapidly progressed into AIDS due to a pre-existing blood disorder.
She said she experienced AIDS neuropathy, which left her unable to walk for nearly a year. The victim, now on medication for the virus, said she has since been diagnosed as “undetectable.” This means that she still is HIV positive but the disease’s chance of transmission is greatly decreased, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The victim said it’s important for any women who have had s*xual encounters with Nhekairo should come forward and get tested for HIV. She also recommended that men and women use safety measures each time they engage in s*xual activity.
Texas was one of 35 states to have prosecuted someone successfully for intentionally and recklessly infecting someone with the HIV virus, according to previous records.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Gutu man concealed his wife's death from his in-laws and they found out after 20 years that their daughter is dead

A man from Gutu in Masvingo has left his in-laws tongue tied when they discovered that he had concealed his wife’s death for about 20 years.
Vengai Manzanga, whose age was not given but of Manzanga Village under Chief Makore confessed about the death of his wife, Ruvete Hazizi to his in-laws when he appeared before Headman Manzanga at a village court on Wednesday.
He was found guilty by Headman Manzanga and ordered to posthumously pay lobola for his late wife.
The court was called by Headman Manzanga when the man’s in-laws approached him in connection with the whereabouts of Hazizi.
The village court was told that Manzanga started living with Hazizi in the late 80s.
She allegedly fell ill and died without her relative’s knowledge.
Manzanga took his wife to Masvingo General Hospital but her condition deteriorated and she was transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo. Manzanga did not even notify his in-laws about his wife’s illness.
The court was told that Manzanga did not follow his wife to Bulawayo but moved to Harare where he got a job as a security guard.
He lived in Harare for many  years without bothering to find out about his wife’s condition until she later died.
The woman died and was buried without the knowledge of her husband and parents.
The identity of people who organised her funeral remains a mystery.
The court was told that Manzanga would occasionally visit home and tell people who asked about the whereabouts of his wife that she was working in Bulawayo.
His in-laws became suspicious and tried to look for the daughter in Bulawayo and other areas but they failed to locate her.
When Manzanga’s in-laws visited Mpilo Central Hospital they were told that their daughter died 20 years ago.
They then reported the matter to the village court resulting in their son-in-law being brought before the village head.
When Manzanga met his late wife’s relatives sometime last year, he allegedly could not explain where Hazizi had gone after an unidentified relative asked about her whereabouts.
The couple was living in the same village with the in-laws.
When Manzanga was brought before the court, he shocked people who had gathered in the courtyard when he unashamedly revealed that Hazizi had died 20 years ago.
He said when his wife died they had long separated and that angered his in-laws.

Source: chronicle

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bulawayo woman had the shock of her life when she caught her husband red-handed having S*X with a mentally challenged woman

A WOMAN from Northvale suburb in Bulawayo had the shock of her life when she allegedly caught her husband red-handed being intimate with a mentally challenged woman in their neighbour’s yard.
This was heard by Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove when the man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, appeared before him on Wednesday.
The man was not asked to plead to the charge and was remanded in custody to September 11 for trial.
The court heard that on August 26, the man jumped over a precast wall into their neighbours’ house, where the mentally challenged woman stays.
He found the woman behind the cottages and got intimate with her.
It is the State case that during the process, the man’s wife peeped over the wall from their house and was shocked to find her husband and the mentally challenged woman intimate while standing. She then made a report to the police, leading to the arrest of her husband.
Meanwhile, in another related case, a man from Nkayi was not asked to plead to a charge of raping his niece when he appeared before the same magistrate. He was remanded in custody to September 11.
The court heard that the man, who also cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, met his niece aged 15 in the village and asked her to visit him at his home and the girl complied.
It is the State case that at 12.30pm the same day the girl went to her uncle’s home and on arrival he asked her to get into his bedroom and lie on a bed before he raped her.
The matter came to light when the man on the following night went to his victim’s home and was caught by the girl’s mother who questioned her on what they were doing.
The girl later told her mother that she had been abused once before.
The mother made a report to the police, leading to the man’s arrest.
Source: southerneye

41 people died in a bus crash after the driver fell asleep when he was driving

A bus which crashed near the town of Narok, west of Nairobi, on August 29, 2013, in a photo from the Red Cross
At least 41 people were killed Thursday in a bus crash west of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the Kenyan Red Cross said.
"It is a horrible scene. Bodies are strewn all over," traffic police official Samuel Kimaru said by telephone from the scene near the town of Narok.
The bus was travelling from Nairobi to Homa Bay on the banks of Lake Victoria when it flew off the road, rolled over and plunged down a hill.
"It is difficult to tell exactly what happened but all indications point to speeding and possibly overloading," he said. "It is quite disturbing."
Police also told the Standard newspaper that the driver may have fallen asleep.
Police and the Kenyan Red Cross said they had confirmed 41 deaths. At least 27 other passenger had suffered "multiple injuries".
A bus that crashed near the town of Narok, west of Nairobi, on August 29, 2013, in a photo from the Red Cross
The Red Cross said the accident occurred shortly after 2:00 am (2300 GMT Wednesday) some 160 kilometres (100 miles) west of the capital.
Pictures from the organisation showed the bus in the bushes at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by debris and with its roof ripped off.
Kimaru said police had "a difficult time recovering the bodies because this place is hilly and bushy".
"We've dozens others injured and we are not certain how many because they were taken to various hospitals... we have officers checking with the hospitals," Kimaru said
Kenyan roads are notoriously dangerous, with buses badly maintained and often overloaded so operators can maximise profits.
In February, 30 people died in a bus crash in the east of the country, and in July a school bus crash killed 20, most of them children.
Traffic regulations and fines were toughened late last year, although the local press continue to point at police corruption as a major problem

Source: AFP

Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello in fresh controversy

Pokello in a hotel with new boyfriend Elikem
FORMER Big Brother Africa — The Chase housemate Pokello Nare has come under fire for calling herself “Delicious Delilah” during the grand finale of the reality show last Sunday. Pokello told the presenter of the show IK that people did not call her “Delicious Delilah for nothing”. It appears the comment did not go down well with some fans who took to social networks to vent their anger.
“So Pokello confessed she is a Delicious Delilah & man(y) love her! Ahhhh MaTailor..,” Dj Dollar bill said.
Another fan identified as Martin wrote: “Now we know she used Stunner to gain mileage.
“I feel pity for poor Stunner, being dumped on reality show the Jerry Springer way. That should says a lot about Pokello (sic),” Double R posted.
Primrose aka “The Princess” wrote on her Facebook page: “I have always loved Pokello, however, I still feel her statement was inappropriate and quite revealing.”
Some people likened Pokello to the biblical Delilah who was a traitor while others even suggested that she was responsible for the demise of Stunner’s career and warned her newly found love Elikem from Ghana to watch out.
Since the grand finale, pictures of Pokello and Elikem’s mother have been causing quite a stir on Facebook.
However, most people had forgiven Pokello for the mishap which led to the leakage of her X-rated tape with ex-boyfriend and rapper Stunner which went viral on the internet.
While little-known Pokello became a “celebrity” overnight, the same could not be said of Stunner, whose real name is Desmond Chideme. The rapper’s music career took a tumble and he lost a number of endorsements.
Recently, the “Godo” hitmaker admitted to being a playboy and that he ill-treated Pokello while they were still together.

Source: herald

Bulawayo man kicked his wife out of the house after he had S*X with his own daughter for one year & fell madly in love with her

Talk of being forced out of marriage by your ONLY daughter who claims that her father is the ONLY man who makes her feel like a real woman.

Such is the story of Glenda Hleki, a woman from Northend in Bulawayo who was shown the exit by her husband Mucha Hleki after he allegedly fell in love with their daughter, Tinei.

The heartbroken woman discovered her husband and daughter's alleged affair when the man mistakenly sent a message to his wife that was directed to Tinei.

"My darling Tinei, I had a nice time with you and I cannot wait to see you again tonight," read the message.

Glenda was shocked and after reading the text message, she reportedly thought it was a typing error until the time she confronted her husband on the issue. Hleki, who was already madly in love with his daughter is said to have told his wife that he was having having an affair with their daughter.

"When Glenda asked her husband about what he was trying to say in the message, he never wasted her time. he told her to read the message again. Hleki then told his wife that he had fallen in love with their only daughter and she had to accept that fact," said the source.

Glenda, who thought her husband was joking, reportedly phoned her daughter telling her to rush home.

"When the woman asked Tinei about what was happening, she refused to talk about the issue in the absence of her father. In the evening, when everyone was at home, they discussed the matter and Tinei confessed that the relationship had been going on for a year. Without a shame, Tinei told her mother that her father was the only man who made her feel like a real woman," said the source.

Upon realising that he had caused a war in the house, Hleki allegedly ordered his wife to pack all her belongings if she did not like what was happening. He is said to have told his wife that he preferred spending the night with his daughter. Glenda reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home and leaving her husband and daughter to continue having great time without interference.

When Glenda was contacted for comment, she confirmed the incident and said she is still struggling to come to terms with the development.

"I still find it hard to believe that my own daughter is sleeping with mu husband, her father! I moved out of our home because what they are doing is taboo and I know the ancestors will punish them," she said.

Hleki and Tinei refused to comment on the issue saying they had no business to discuss with journalists. - B-Metro

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bulawayo man sentenced to 10 years in Jail for illegally reconnecting electricity to his house after Zesa disconnected power for not paying bills

A 40-year-old man from Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb was yesterday sentenced to 10 years in jail for illegally reconnecting power to his house after being disconnected for not paying bills.
Edward Mpala of M54 was convicted on his own plea of guilty to violating a section of the Electricity Act by regional magistrate Mr Mark Dzira yesterday.
Mr Dzira said there were no special circumstances in Mpala’s case and noted that many people had been electrocuted while trying to illegally restore power after being disconnected.
The magistrate said Zesa was also losing a lot of money because of people like Mpala hence the need to pass a deterrent sentence.
He sentenced him to an effective 10 years saying it was mandatory for anyone who contravenes Section 60A(1)(c) of the Electricity Act if there are no special extenuating circumstances.
In mitigation, Mpala had told the court that he reconnected power because he could not afford alternative sources of energy as he was not employed.
He said it was during winter and the situation was unbearable for his children who were going to school.
Mpala owed Zesa $1 298.50 and Zesa electricians disconnected power at his house by removing a circuit breaker on 1 July.
He bought a new circuit breaker and fitted it.
The offence was discovered by Zesa electricians on 9 July when they were inspecting disconnected houses and noticed that Mpala’s fridge was on.
A report was made to the police leading to his arrest.
Mr Goodluck Katenaire appeared for the State.
Source: chronicle

Zimbabwe NUST Lecturer who demanded and accepted $500 bribe from student for the student to pass his dissertation, has not been found guilty and acquitted despite all the overwhelming evidence to convict him

THE Nust lecturer, Dr Lerato Nare who was facing charges of demanding and accepting a $500 bribe from a student, has been found not guilty and acquitted. Dr Nare (48), of Number 7D Northlea Road in Woodville had pleaded not guilty to the charge before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Crispen Mberewere.
He was yesterday found not guilty and acquitted.
Dr Nare was arrested after one of his Masters Degree students accused him of demanding and accepting $500 bribe from him so that he could pass a dissertation.
Dr Nare’s lawyer Mr Byron Sengweni, of Dube-Tachiona and Tsvangirai Legal Practitioners applied for a discharge at the close of the State’s case.
In his ruling, Mr Mberewere said Dr Nare could not be put on his defence because the State had failed to answer pertinent questions meant to establish whether or not Dr Nare solicited for a bribe from Mr Joakim George Chakanyuka or that the informant gave him the money in question as help.
He said the court felt that since Mr Chakanyuka knew that Dr Nare was looking for money to pay for his child’s fees at a university in South Africa, he used the opportunity to blackmail him.
Mr Mberewere said Mr Chakanyuka brought to court an audio phone recording as evidence.
The court queried why he brought the audio recording after the State had led its evidence, adding that the informant’s evidence should be treated with caution.
The court also ruled that the recording was not audible and that its 11th hour production was suspicious because Mr Chakanyuka withheld it from authorities until he realised that his case was weak.
Dr Nare told the court that the money he received from Mr Chakanyuka was not a bribe but he had asked for it because he wanted to pay fees for his child who is at Venda University in South Africa.
He said he told Mr Chakanyuka that he urgently needed $500 and he gave him $100 promising to give him the remainder later.
Mr Chakanyuka, of 71083   Lobengula West, is employed as an administration manager at Foundation College and was a block release                student in the Faculty of Commerce at Nust.
Dr Nare was his research supervisor and was arrested near Kingdom Bank in the city centre after the university authorities set up a trap.
The State led by Mr Jeremiah Mutsindikwa had alleged that on four occasions this year, Mr Chakanyuka consulted Dr Nare concerning his research project proposal, which had been turned down for poor presentation.
The State had alleged that on 31 January, Dr Nare allegedly told Mr Chakanyuka that if he wanted his Masters Degree research project, he had to raise $500 so that it could  be prepared on his behalf for submission before the 11 February deadline.
The court was told that Dr Nare told Mr Chakanyuka that he had helped other students in a similar manner in South Africa.
Mr Chakanyuka then allegedly promised to raise the money on 3 February and told other students about the deal.
His colleagues allegedly advised him to alert university authorities, who assigned security guards at the university to investigate.
The court was told that the security guards informed the police and Mr Chakanyuka was given three $100 notes, whose serial numbers were recorded and a trap was set.
He was arrested soon after allegedly receiving the money from Mr Chakanyuka and the money was recovered.

Source: chronicle

Two armed robbers fired gunshots & stabbed a person at Gweru Clinic before they stole a cellphone valued at $80

POLICE in Gweru have launched a manhunt for two suspected robbers who pounced on a private clinic in Mkoba suburb and allegedly got away with a cellphone.
The incident confirmed by the police, occurred a week ago at Morelife Nursing Clinic.
Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the two men who were armed pounced on the receptionists at the clinic on August 17.
Inspector Mahoko said the two men who were driving an Ipsum vehicle, arrived at the clinic at night and one of the suspects produced a knife demanding cash from a receptionist.
The other suspect is alleged to have produced a pistol and fired once into the floor. One of the employees identified as Precious Moyo, is said to have heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene where she was stabbed on the shoulder before the suspects took away a cellphone valued at $80 and fled in their vehicle.
“We appeal to members of the public who might have information leading to the arrest of the suspects to come foward,” Mahoko said.

Bulawayo Police Camp employee offered a 15-year-old boy a place to sleep & later sodomised the boy in the middle of the night

A MAN from Mahatshula North in Bulawayo has been locked up in remand prison after he allegedly sodomised a 15-year-old boy while he was asleep.
The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the minor, was not asked to plead to aggravated indecent assault charge when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Abednico Ndebele yesterday.
Ndebele remanded him in custody to September 4 and advised him to apply to the High Court for bail.
The court heard that sometime in June at 9pm, the man, employed as a driver at Fairbridge Police Camp, went for a beer drink.
On his return he entered the kitchen where the boy staying at the same house, was sleeping. He allegedly woke the minor up and asked him to bring mealie meal to his room. The man later offered the boy a place to sleep.
He got into the same blankets with the boy and in the middle of the night he allegedly sodomised him.
Source: southerneye

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Man in the wife sharing deal with another man has been fired from his job and his wife also dumped him

Mr Sylvester Mwendwa, one of the two husbands who had agreed to share a woman in tears on August 26, 2013 after being thrown out of the ‘marriage’ agreement by the wife.
A man who agreed to sign a contract with another to share a woman has been fired.
The butcher, Mr Sylvester Mwendwa, 26, who over the weekend openly declared his love for the widow said that his boss fired him after he heard the story.
But Mr Mwendwa was not shy to reiterate his love for the woman saying: “I love her for real and I was ready to do anything for her even if it meant sharing her with another man,” even as he claimed that his life was in danger after receiving threatening messages.
After their relationship with Joyce Wambui and another man went public, Mr Mwendwa has now gone into hiding, fearing for his life.
“I cannot go back home because I do not feel safe, I know Wambui is hurt, but you can never joke with a woman; she is cable of doing anything” he said on Monday in an interview with the Daily Nation.
He said his love for Wambui was so deep that he could go to the extent of sharing the love with another man by signing an agreement.
“I have been living with this woman for more than four years as man and wife according to African traditions. The only thing that I had not done is pay bride price, but I have fulfilled all her needs,” he said.
Mr Mwendwa further revealed that he had been taking care of Wambui’s twins for years in addition to renting a one-room house for her. The children, he said, call him father.
Speaking in the coastal town of Bamburi, he said he did what he did for love and he is not sorry.
About having children he said: “I had not planned to have children with her due to financial strains and I also considered that she had young children.”
“I adopted the children when they were one-year-old. Having twins, I could not let her go through it again so we waited for them to grow up before we could think of having our own” he said.
When asked how special Wambui was, Mr Mwendwa could not hide his grin, saying: “It’s not because she is a superwoman, but because she is a hard-worker and very beautiful.
“But she has hurt me deeply even after agreeing to share her,” he said, referring to Wambui’s decision to kick him out.
Even after learning that she used to bring in another man — Kimani — when he was away, Mr Mwendwa said he was willing to continue loving Wambui.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Epworth woman sneaked out of her bedroom at 4am to have S*X with her neighbour leaving her husband & their 7 months old baby sleeping

A cheating mother who sneaked out of her bedroom to have s*x with a neighbour at 4am was caught red handed by her husband. Linda Mbada, 22, left her bedroom at 4am and visited her s*x partner and neighbour Caleb Jasi leaving her husband Antony Nyerukai sleeping.
The cheater , Caleb, was thoroughly beaten yesterday in Epworth by a mob. According to Nyerukai, Linda left the bedroom without her panties after they had just had s*x and lied to him that she wanted to do some laundry. Caleb told H-Metro that he accommodated Linda with his wife’s consent but their relationships does not go beyond the friend zone.
The alleged cheat Caleb was thoroughly beaten and Nyerukai forcefully marched Linda to his bedroom where he locked the door from outside. Linda escaped through the window leaving her three children, including a 7 months old baby whose cry alerted people of her absence. she sought refuge at Mai Patty’s house. “Baba Patty and his wife gave space to Linda while they left the infant crying in the house and from that hour 4am until now 1pm she has not fed,” one of the residents informedreporters.
“They left to attend a church service leaving Linda locked in their bedroom which implies they support her cheating acts. “We want to question them about that as residents,” added one of the residents.
The despondent husband, Nyerukai told H-Metro that he was irked by Linda’s insatiable s*xual appetite as they had had s*x before she lied that she was taking his trousers for washing. ” I am still to believe what led my wife to have s*x with my neighbour after we had had s*x before she left the room to wash my trousers,” said Nyerukai.
” Atobuda asina kupfeka bhurugwa akamonera mucheka and i fell asleep only to be awakened by the baby’s cries, after which i then went to look for her outside. I wanted to inquire from my neighbour only to hear my wife achitochemerera and I forced the door open and found my wife akabata gotsi and they were busy having s*x half naked.
Ndarwadziwa mumwe wangu and I dragged her to my house and locked the door from outside as i wanted to deal with Caleb first over his evil act. Linda broke the window and left the house during the scuffle with Caleb as people attacked them”. I phoned her relatives but I have already taken her belongings to caleb’s house and seized Caleb’s generator and DVD player which he used to lure my wife with as she went there to watch videos, ” said Nyerukai.
Caleb denied being caught bonking his friend’s wife claiming she had come to collect plates for cleaning after she agreed with his wife Mai Mavis who stays in her rural home.”Nyerukai believed rumours from from our neighbours leading them to attack me after he found his wife sitting on my bed as she wanted to collect plates for cleaning., ” said Caleb. ” We are friends and my wife left responsibility to her to cook for me and we never had s*x as what Nyerukai wants people to believe. ” He demanded US$2000 and i had nowhere to get it before he seized my generator and DVD player over that payment. There is no way i could give him that money because he is not her parent and i did not rape his wife. ” He is supposed to meet my medication bills after he led residents in assaulting me all over my body..
Linda could not give her side of the story as her aunt barred her from talking to the press. when reporters left the scene, Nyerukai was meeting his in-laws to discuss the way forward after residents forced Mai Patty to release Linda for “talks”. Linda used to visit Caleb’s house to watch videos and movies even during the absence of Caleb’s wofe -Mai Mavis-raising suspicion to neighbours. Nyerukai was still holding on to the generator and DVD player which he suspected are the cause of Linda’s illicit affair with Caleb.
Source: H-Metro

Six year old girl shot & killed her best friend

Pretoria - A 6-year-old girl in South Africa shot and killed her best friend in a freak accident while playing with her grandfather's firearm, Beeld reported on Monday.

According to Beeld the children were at the Lejwe La Metsi private game reserve near Bela-Bela on Saturday when the tragedy occurred.

Sibongile Moima, also 6, was shot in the face and died at the scene. Her friend, who was not named because of her age, apparently found the .38 Special revolver in a wardrobe in her grandparents' home.

Her grandfather had apparently taken the weapon out of his gun safe on Friday after an attempted robbery, and forgot to put it back in the safe.

He was apparently so traumatised after the incident that he tried to hang himself on Sunday. He is due to appear in the Bela Bela Magistrate's Court on Monday on a charge of negligent handling of a firearm.
"We do not know how to handle this. We are dismayed," the grandmother of the girl who fired the shot said.

"My granddaughter asked me if I would speak to her again after what happened," she added. 

Source: News24

Bulawayo man beaten to death by police officers after he bought a stolen TV

A 53-YEAR-old Pumula man died last week while under police custody for allegedly buying a stolen television set.
Sifelani Dube’s death has angered his family and the Pumula community who claim he was tortured.
Sifelani was detained at Pumula Police Station and his family says he was tortured by the police trying to extract information from him about the alleged theft of the television set. Apparently, he had bought the set.
Sifelani, a popular figure in the suburb, was buried during a moving ceremony at West Park Cemetery on Saturday.
Yesterday family members were still gathered at the deceased’s residence in Old Pumula where they described his arrest on August 16 and the alleged torture.
“Three police officers, two in uniform and the other in plainclothes, came to the house in a silver BMW vehicle on Friday around 12pm. They demanded to see Sifelani who was indoors at the time,” Sifelani’s brother Thabani Ndlovu told Southern Eye.
“We did not know why the police wanted to see him, but we directed them to a room in the house where Sifelani was.
“Sifelani emerged from the room handcuffed.
“I asked the police what the problem was and they said that they wanted Sifelani to help them identify a criminal they were looking for.”
Ndlovu said Sifelani asked for permission to relieve himself, a request which was granted, but the police details did not release the handcuffs.
“After Sifelani was done, he struggled to fix his pair of trousers which were down his legs as he was still in handcuffs,” he said. “This did not go down well with the police who insulted him and attacked him.”
He said one police officer, identified as Mudzingwa, then used a thick dry tree branch to viciously strike Sifelani all over the body in full view of relatives and passers-by.
“Mudzingwa beat Sifelani using the branch until he fell to the ground after which he plucked another branch and continued to beat him instructing him to get up,” Ndlovu said.
Another man who said he was the deceased’s brother, but only identified himself as Dube, said police called him last Tuesday morning informing him that his brother was not feeling well and had to be rushed to the hospital.
“When I saw him at Mpilo Hospital under police guard, he was oxygenated and the nurses told me that he could only manage to take liquid foods,” Dube added.
He said he was later informed on the same day that his brother had died.
“I am still shocked about his death up to now,” Dube said. “He was a healthy, strong man who had never been hospitalised. I believe he finally succumbed to the injuries he got from the beatings.”
Residents said the police officer identified as Mudzingwa was known for his “brutality when dealing with suspects”.
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said he had not received a report about Sifelani’s death and expressed skepticism about the family’s account of what had transpired.
“I am not aware of that and have not received a report, but I will try to find out,” he said.
“But anyway I doubt if the police brutality thing is true. Do you think it is possible?” he questioned.
Source: southerneye

Two men agreed to share One woman and signed a contract after they realised that they have both been having an affair with the woman for more than four years

Mr Steven Mwendwa one of the two husbands who have agreed to marry one Kenyan woman 
Two Kenyan men on Sunday agreed to share a woman in a written contract in which they vowed never to fight over her.
The pair from Kisauni in the coastal Mombasa County, made the deal after realising they have both been having an affair with the woman for more than four years.
Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman said he came to know of the two during a fight.
"I heard people fighting and went to check, but I was surprised to see two men fighting over a woman who is said to be a widow and a mother of twins. I tried solving the issue but they refused, each insisting he could not live without the woman,” said Mr Abdulrahman.
When asked to make a choice, the woman also declined, saying she could not live without either of the men. This made the men agree to take turns to live with her.
Mr Sylvester Mwendwa, one of the ‘husbands’, said they decided to share the woman with Mr Elijah Kimani.
Mr Mwendwa claimed he went to the woman’s parents and was given permission to live with her and pay bride price when he was ready.
Whereas polygamy — one man having more than one wife — is legal in Kenya and widely practised by various communities, polyandry — one woman having more than one husband — is almost unheard of.
Lawyers said the two men would have to prove that it has been part of their custom to practise polyandry, otherwise the union would not stand.
Not expressly forbidden
Ms Judy Thongori, a family lawyer told the Nation that polyandry is more abnormal than illegal since the laws that govern marriage in Kenya do not clearly forbid it.
"The laws we have do not talk about it but for such a union to be recognised in Kenya, it has to be either under the statutory law or as customary marriage. The question we should ask now is whether these people come from communities that have been practising polyandry," she said.
Law Society of Kenya chairman Eric Mutua added: “When you look at the Constitution, it says that the family is the fundamental unit of the society. It says a person, not persons, has a right to marry a person of the opposite sex based on free consent.
"If they are able to show that polyandry has been their custom, that is fine but we don’t know any Africa community that does that," Mr Mutua said.
The Kenyan constitution adds that marriage can be recognised if it follows a set of traditions, religious practices, personal or family law, as long as those practices do not violate the law.
According to Mr Abdulrahman, the other ‘husband’ was also allowed to live with her and pay the bride price when ready.
"I talked to both of them and they claim they love her equally and cannot live without her. I asked the woman to choose but she refused, saying ‘I cannot lose either of them, I love them both'", said Mr Abdulrahman.
Sought anonymity
The woman asked for anonymity while efforts to get comment from the other man were futile.
Mr Abdulrahman added that they approached his office with an agreement stating shifts in the house, respect for one another, and that if she gives birth they will both raise the child.
"We discussed everything and they agreed that even if the woman gives birth they will raise the child as their own since they have been taking care of the woman’s children together and paying her rent equally," he said.
He said the three are aged between 25 and 31.
Locals, however, have not taken the news kindly, saying the three should be taken to court.
"We have never heard of something like this in Kenya, it is uncouth, untraditional unbiblical and against the holy books, including the Koran. Why on earth would a woman be shared by two men? They should be taken to court and punished,” said Mr Tumaini Juma, a Kisauni resident.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Urban Groove Artiste Jamal Nyika known for his hit song Kurwizi with Betty Makaya is HIV positive & his mother is appealing for help

Jamal Nyika Mataure
Ailing urban groove artiste, Jamal Nyika Mataure’s mother, Ruth, has revealed that the Kurwizi hit maker is HIV positive.
Ruth, who is providing home based care to her son Jamal, said although he has been on anti-retroviral treatment, he suffered from motor neuron disease from last year to date.
Motor neuron diseases are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons – the cells that control essential voluntary muscle activity suck as speaking, walking, breathing and swallowing. When there are disruptions in the signals between the lowest motor neurons and the muscle, the muscles do not work properly, the muscles gradually weaken and may begin wasting away and develop uncontrollable twitching.
“The disease is slowing him down. The medication is very expensive and is not locally available. he has been taking ARVs and his CD4 count was stable before the disease attacked him. Yes he is HIV positive, but he has been living well with the drugs (ARVs) before his health gradually deteriorated because of this disease (motor neurons).
“What is important for him now is physiotherapy. His body parts are weak, particularly muscles and jaws. Physiotherapy will help to improve posture and strengthen him. He has not been eating hard food since he cannot chew,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mutare-based musician, Brian Samaita, handed over US$50 to Ruth and pledged to assist her in whatever way he could.
“This is the time we as musicians should join hands and help this young man. He has a unique talent and I believe with God by his side, he will be back into the studio again. he is part of us and we should do everything we can to help him,” said Brian.
Ruth thanked the gesture made by Brian and also thanked everyone else for their support.
“I would like to thank everyone for the support. People are calling inquiring about him. May God bless you all. Thank you reporter for highlighting my son’s plight, God bless you,” she said.
Manicaland Association of Musicians interim chairman and singer and prophet and politician, Hosiah Chipanga, said Jamal’s illness was every musician’s responsibility.
“It’s sad. he needs us. It is quite unfortunate that most people, particularly musicians value each other when someone is (already) dead. We will do everything as musicians to help Jamal and family. It is always more important to prove your love and care when one is still alive. We believe he will be fine again,” said Prophet Chipanga.
Jamal, a talented singer, composer and keyboardist last worked on a comeback album which was produced by a Mozambican producer and carries tracks like Baba Menina and Mwana Wechikoro. He also did a compilation project which carries some of his works. Jamal’s famous album Ghetto, released in 2003 features the blockbuster Kurwizi which many mistakenly attributed to Betty Makaya.

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