Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zimbabwean man in Texas U.S.A kills wife after an argument and got arrested

Amon Tawanda Dzwairo
Zimbabwean couple based in Plano Texas U.S.A. got into a fight last night resulting in the death of the the wife. Unconfirmed sources said that the couple got into an argument and when the guy Amon Tawanda Dzwairo was about to leave the house to go out and clear his head his wife Judith Mudziwa nee Usaiwevhu pushed him and he tried to push her aside so that he can leave but unfortunately she fell down the stairs and broke her ribs. She also suffered head injuries resulting in her death. Other sources are saying that the couple had 2 children.

Some people are saying that Amon Tawanda Dzwairo beat his wife Judith to death after she confronted him for cheating. Amon beat his wife until she started bleeding profusely and upon realizing that his wife was badly hurt he pushed her down the stairs so as to cover up the assault and she died on Saturday morning at the hospital. Their neighbors called the police and Amon Tawanda Dzwairo was arrested. The statements are a little bit conflicting but the truth is Judith Usaiwevhu is dead and Amon Tawanda Dzwairo has been arrested and is in Collin County Detention Center Texas U.S.A. Amon has been charged with "Aggravated Assault- Causes Serious Body Injuries" which is a second degree Felony and his bond amount is $250,000.00.
He also has an Immigration Hold meaning that after he is done with his Felony Charges he will not be a free man but will be handed over to the Immigration Department for deportation.

Another Zimbabwean couple in October 2011in Bonney Lake Washington U.S.A got into an argument resulting in the wife Mary Mushapaidzi being killed by her husband Mthulisi Ndlovu who was sentenced to 20 years in jail.Ndlovu initially told the police that Mushapaidzi had gone for a run and never came back, but later admitted to beating her with pruning shears and strangling her during an argument over dirty dishes. When Ndlovu thought Mushapaidzi was dead, he stuffed her into a metal barrel in the garage and lit her body on fire. An autopsy report later determined Mushapaidzi may have been alive during this time. Mushapaidzi's kids, aged 8 and 2, were present during this killing. 

Amon Tawanda Dzwairo charges may be upgraded to Second degree murder or Manslaughter/ Culpable homicide after the doctors have confirmed the cause of Judith's death. Funeral arrangements are underway and mourners are gathering at Judith Mudziwa's mother Angeline Makoni house at # 12 Oxford Way, Allen, Texas 75002

Amon Tawanda Dzwario
Amon Tawanda Dzwairo -mugshot ID65207106
Arrest Date7/27/2013
OffenseDegreeFineAmtCosts AmountBondAmtScheduled Release DateHold ReasonIssuing AuthorityAttorney Name
22.02(A)(1) PC: AGG ASSAULT -CAUSES SERIOUS BSecond Degree Felony$0.00$0.00$250,000.00On ViewSO Collin CO
Immigration DetainerFelony Unassigned$0.00$0.00$0.00Other Agency 

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