Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Macheso Rebels Are Here to Stay, Amai Va Bonnie a new Hit already causing "havoc" in Zimbabwe

Sometimes in life you have to take risks to be successful & high risk takers are sometimes highly rewarded.  Leaving the King of Sungura Alick "Baba Shero" Macheso and forming their own band was not an easy decision for Jonas Kasamba, Noel Nyazanda, Obert Gomba and Franco "Slomo" Dhaka. 
What are you going to do if your boss doesn't care about you and all he cares about is his own personal gain???
Kusi Kufa ndekupi, "Varume maive kuma richo kwaMacheso asi ikozvino mave mumunda menyu, rambai muchirima kusvika makohwa"

After listening to Extra Kwazvose's new album "Ndizvo Zviripo" I can safely say these guys are here to stay. These guys are not new in the music industry. They have all the experience and talent they need and they know how to make things work.  Their first show in Chitungwiza last week when they played their new songs for the first time was met with mixed feelings since on Live Shows people enjoy listening to songs that they know and they can sing along and dance to.

Listen to Mai Va Bonnie and I Promise you will love it !!!!

Former Alick Macheso band members Jonas Kasamba, Noel Nyazanda, Obert Gomba and Franco "Slomo" Dhaka have formed their music outfit called Extra Kwazvose. . Extra Kwazvose is led by the four and has 12 other band members. Slomo, who left Macheso to join Suluman Chimbetu in January 2012, will be the lead vocalist. Slomo said the name Kwazvose means that the band was a mixed bag of talent.

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