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Live Updates: Zimbabwe 2013 Elections

bb Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting at Sowa Turnoff in Maramba Pfungwe Constituency Photo by Cynthia R Matonhodze
c3 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting at Sowa Turnoff in Maramba Pfungwe Constituency Photo by Cynthia R Matonhodze
17:38 – 1 hour 22 minutes left to the closing of polls.
17:37 - Stragglers strolling in to vote at Mt Darwin centre polling station. Just two in the queue.
c2 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting in Maramba Secondary in Mutawatawa Cynthia R Matonhodze.
17:35 – Presiding officers in Mt Darwin not releasing numbers of voters. Uzumba and Maramba-Pfungwe officers very co-operative
17:34  - 93 people have been turned away at Sakubva Beit Hall Mutare Central const since morning, although pple are stil coming in to vote in Sakubva there are no more queues.
c Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting at Nhakiwa in Uzumba Photo by Cynthia Matonhodze
17:33 – Mt Darwin. Queues have disappeared and officers are killing time enjoying last rays of the sun and cooking early supper.
17:32 –  Buhera West where police spokesperson Oliver Mandipaka is contesting had empty polling stations. “I am confident of winning this constituency and everything is going according to plan” said Mandipaka. However a number of empty polling stations claimed to have served above 500 voters by midday.
Mandipaka, also had a list of names which he was going round the constituency with.
17:30 - In Gutu polling stations were many as compared to the voters. At Gutu growth point over 150 people had voted in ward 9 while at ward 10 close to 200 people had voted.
The NewsDay crew were briefly detained by police after trying to take pictures of a local chief in ward 13. The chief monitored the voters with a list of names.
“We are very much scared because the chief seems to be marking voters from his area,” said one concerned voter.”
mujuru Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Vice President Joice Mujuru casts her vote at Chihoko Primary School in Dotito, Mt Darwin West constituency.
17:29 – Irregular distribution of polling stations in urban areas marred the crucial harmonised elections in Masvingo and Manicaland provinces, NewsDay reports.
Voting in Chivhu started on a low note with hundreds of voters complaining of a “go slow to frustrate us.”
Chivhu which has an estimated population of about 30 000 people had only three polling stations which resulted in long queues. When the NewsDay crew arrived at 9 in the morning only 154 people had voted.
“We have been here since 4am and it seems the official are on a go slow,” said one frustrated voter. “But we are not going nowhere until we cast our vote. The queue takes close to one hour for people to move 30 metres.” He said.
17:28 -Makoni Central, home to justice minister Patrick Chinamasa who is also contesting was littered with polling stations as compared to other constituencies. The crew visited 3 stations in one ward.
Chinamasa is being challenged by Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn’ s Simba Makoni who said he is ready to wrest the constituency.
“I am very happy with the situation on the ground. I have been all over the constituency and victory is certain,” said Makoni.

makoni Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Simba Makoni casting his vote in Makoni Central.

17:27 – In Chegutu Metropolitan under Chegutu West, polling srations are virtually empty and it is peaceful here.
16:58 – At Muchapondwa Business Center ward 14 Bindura Siuth Constuituency, there is very little activity now.So far, 464 people have voted successfully.
16:57 –  At Chinamora Hall in Goromonzi West constituency , people are complaining of slow pace. Polling officer says they are doing their best to move the queue.
600 people have voted since morning. Another 100 or so still in the queue.
16:47 – Gadzema near Chegutu people are going about their business. They say they have voted in the morning. It is all peaceful and there are signs of violence.
16:14 – Redcliff Impala polling station had 63 voters turned away while 379 cast their votes  with 3 being assisted voters.
police1 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Police voting together with other members of the public at Cnr Hiller and Churchhill, Mount Pleasant,Harare.
16:10 – At Murombedzi Business Centre, Mugabe’s heartland, people are playing Thomas Mapfumo music that damns Mugabes long stay in power.
16:00 - However, by afternoon, most polling stations in Zvimba were generally deserted. Polling officers could be seen chatting to each other with nothing to do while some police officers and JOMIC observers were basking in the sun.
Taps pic1 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting at Kuwadzana Primary School in Banket, Zvimba South. Photo by Tapiwa Zivira
15:57 – At Murombedzi Vocational Training Centre,  there are three polling stations, and at two of these, a total of 373 had cast their votes while 71 were turned away and 1 was assisted.
In the third polling station, the presiding officer Moses Kupakunashe said he was under instructions not to divulge voting statistics to the media.
15:54 - By 3pm, 222 had voted at Mboma and of these, 20 were assisted while 22 were turned away.
Tapspic21 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting queue at Mapinga Siding. Photo by Tapiwa Zivira.
15:5o - A generally high turnout at polling stations at Murombedzi GrowthPoint and Mboma Business Centre, Zvimba West.
15:38 –  TendaUpenyu Moses Presiding officer at Murombedzi VTC C polling station denies NewsDay crew statistics of the voting process.
election Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting in Mbare.
15:16 – In Mutasa South and at Mutare Junior Primary unlike other polling stations in Mutare there are no more  queues.
15:15 – Makarau says ZEC is  investigating cases where officers who did not cast special vote found  their names crossed out.
15:10 – At the ZEC press Conference –  ZEC says all those turned away because voter slips do not indicate wards have been advised to go back and vote.
Officials says mixed ballots will be sorted and placed into right boxes, they wont be regarded as spoilt.
15:09 – Redclif ward 3 council candidate MDC-T Clayton Masiyatsva denied to vote because his name did not appear on the voters roll.
15:03 – “A lot of the shenanigans took place before election. You hardly have any incidence of violence on the Election Day. Voter registration disfranchised people. A lot of cooking happened before July 31.” Biti
15:02 – “I have made it clear this election is illegal, unfree and unfair. Our participation is not condoning  what has happened.We got a High court order that ZEC supply a hard copy of the voters roll by 12 today and soft copy when they are ready.” Biti
 14:56 – At Harare High ,Stodart Hall there are no queues at all. People are just coming in and out.
14:55 -: Zec has failed to perform its duties – Biti
14:50 – Polling stations in Mkoba are virtually deserted.
14:49 – “ There are close to 200 000 people with 103 years and above and 2 million dead people on the voters roll. Zec was saying they guarantee us that people cannot vote twice. One ZEC official cynically said we can’t guard all the grave.” Biti.
14:48 – “In a normal election, you do not print more than 5% .They have printed two more. Yesterday we showed ZEC four pages of the same person with different ID numbers same date of birth.” Biti
14:47 – At the MDC-T press conference being held, Tendai Biti said they are getting reports that an extra 2 million ballots with the same serial numbers with those already being used have been printed. Biti says ZEC is full of arrogant people.
14:44 –  A group of aliens at Mai Musodzi Hall in Mbare told  NewsDay they constituted the bulk of people who were turned away. “We checked ourselves on the voters’ roll and they were there but suddenly today, we are not appearing on the roll,”they said.
14:43 – Disgruntled voters are sitting down at Nerutanga polling station in Oliver Mandipaka’s Buhera West.
14:42 – There are large numbers of assisted voters in Mramba Pfungwe. 159 out of 670 voters at Sowa TurnOff polling station have been assisted.
14:38 – Mbare Constituency election officer Valerio Mukova said they were concenrtating on serving voters to beat the 19oo hours deadline. He said some people had been turned away since their names did not appear on the voters’; roll and that they had been refereed to other wards.

14:37 – Mbare: At Shawasha polling station, there are  four tents set up. By 1400 hours, 2 000 people had voted. They refused top give out the numbers of those turned away.
14:23 – In HobHouse Chikanga Dangamvura constituency at Sacred Heart, voters are complaining over the slow pace of  of service. Some said they arrived as early as 7am but they are still in the long queue. About 500 people have been served so far.
13:45: In Chipinge South MDC-T candidate Meki Makuyana alleges that voting started around 9-10 because there was a mix up on his face and that of Zanu-Ndonga candidate Wilson Kumbula on the MP ballot paper. However ZEC Manicaland Provincial Officer Moffart Masabeya maintained voting started at 7 am though he acknowledged the mix up. He said it was sorted in time vote starting.
13:42: In marondera central MDC T parly candidate Ian Kay is alleging that jomic observers are being ordered to observe proceedings from some 300m away making it impossible for them to undertake their mandate. Further to this, at ward 1 in Dombotombo, each voter was taking an average 10 minites to be served which may result in many failing to vote.

 18 people had been assisted to vote at Chizungu school in Epworth. Several were turned away for coming to the wrong ward. 847 people had voted by 13:30 at Chizungu A and B.
We have gone a step further.
Submit your election reports to and also read a mapped experience of the election process as is it happens
crowdmap 1024x456 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
This is our AMH initiative to make it easy to track what is happening throughout the country and also contribute by way of email and tweets.
Listen to the voice of SADC Observer Ebrahim Ebrahim:
13:05 – MDC -T candidate Settlement Chikwinya alleges plot by ZEC to frustrate voters in long queues   by delaying voting.
Chief polling officer Headman Dube in Amaveni refuses to give out voting statistics, saying they are a secret
13:04 – 201 people have voted  at Msiteli Secondary School in Bulawayo by midday. There are no major incidences recorded.

khupe Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
DPM Thokozani Khupe voting at MCDonald Hall in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo.
13:03 – In Chikanga Dangamvura Constituency, there are winding queues in most polling stations. At Magada business Center besides the long queue, about 530 people have voted whilst 31 have been turned away.

vote2 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
A proud voter in Uzumba. Photo by Cynthia Matonhodze
vote Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
“I have cast my vote.” Photo by Cynthia Matonhodze in Uzumba.
12:27 –  President Mugabe and the First Family have just voted in Highfield.
12:17 – Koala Park workers stranded at Mbare Musika waiting for transport to get them to Bulawayo to vote. It is alleged that the transport was to be provided by Zanu PF.
12:16 – At least 1 275 people had voted at the 3 voting rooms at the school by noon.
12:15 –  a record crowd at Makomo School in Epworth. People are queued inside and outside the school’s precast wall. They are complaining of fatigue. Some women are seated, breastfeeding
Mbare3 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voting process in Mbare. Photo by Aaron Ufumeli.
12:06 – Zanu PF agent taking down names of those who voted.
12:05 – At Gapare in Uzumba, men voted first and women are still waiting to vote.
12:04 – (From Wonai Masvingise) Zimbabwe’s harmonised elections were generally peaceful in Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central provinces. At Mukwe Business Centre in Murehwa North voters were waiting an average of ten minutes in the queue because the process was fast and was running smoothly.
In Uzumba Constituency at Gapara and Nhakiwa the queues were longer as more than 200 people waited to cast their vote.
In an interview with Newsday Lincoln Nyamhandu, an MDC-T polling agent at Gapara polling station said this year’s election was a far cry from the bloodbath of 2008.
“It seems like a peaceful process this year as compared to 2008. So far these no intimidation and people are voting in peace. I am hoping after people vote the situation will remain peaceful,” Nyamhandu said.
At Nhakiwa the voting process was slower but polling agents from MDC-T and ZANU PF were sitting together enjoying conversation and sharing a smoke as they observed the voting process in an area which was infamous for political intolerance and violence in 2008.
11:49 – In Chinhoyi Constituency Ward 8 Vocational Training Center, 270 people had voyed  by 11 am with no incidences of violence. 11 people where turned away.
11:44 – At least 312 people had voted at an open space at Wedzera service stationin Hatfield, Harare. Two people where turned away fro presenting photocopies voting slips.

Mugabe Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
President Mugabe arrives in Highfield to cast his vote, accompanied by the First Lady.
11:40 - ALERT - President Mugabe arrives in Highfield to cast his vote.
Hooop Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voters at Hopley Fam, Harare South. Photo by Aaron Ufumeli.
11:28 – Polling station close to Gutu Clinic is empty yet they claim 200 people have already voted.
11:21 – Journalists  have been barred from taking photos of Thokozani Khupe.
11:20 – MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe waiting to cast her vote at MCDonald Hall in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo.
11:19 – Elias has been barred from taking photos
11:18 – Elias Mambo and Phylis Mbanje (Standard Reporters) are being questioned by the police over covering the voting process inside the polling station in Gutu.
11:17 – In Gutu Central, only 150 people have voted. There are long queues with people complaining, saying ZEC officials are being slow.
11:12 – There are no incidences of violence in in Zvimba South and East. People are voting smoothly.
Mbare2 Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voters in Mbare. Photo by Aaron Ufumeli.
11:11 – Chamisa says five buses carrying people who are coming  from South Africa to vote are stuck at the boarder.
11:09 – At Gapara in Uzumba, voting is taking place swiftly. Only one person was turned away for having an invalid ID.
11:07 – Three polling statgions at Kuwadzana Primary School in Banket, Zvimba South by 10 am, 439 people had  voted with a relatively high total of 76 turned awaymainly because their names did not appear on the voters’ roll.
11:02 – “We can start counting because we know the capacity of our chickens”, says Chamisa dismissing suggestions that MDC-T was counting their chickens before they hatched.
11:01 – Chamisa says Mugabe should be congratulated for accepting defeat . He says Mugabe’s concession that he will step down if he loses demonstrates that  he is aware of his impending fate.
11:00 – Addressing members of the press  after casting his vote, Tsvangirai says it was a very emotional moment for him seeing a large number of people who have come to cast their vote. He says he believes  everyone is going to vote by  end of day today regardless of  of the long queues, especially in Mt Pleasant.
 10:59 – Swift voting at Mukwe in Murewa.
10:44-  There is a massive turnout at Belgravia Sports Club.
10:41 – At Somphakathi School in Lower Gweru close to Ncube’s rural home, the process is  very slow.
10:40 – Welshman Ncube says he is skeptical on statements by President Mugabe when he said he would  surrender power if defeated today.
10:29 – “Mugabe has already stepped down by merely showing the intent to do so,” says Nelson Chamisa
 10:37 – Zanu PF Makokoba national assembly aspirant Tshinga Dube cast his vote at Fusi Primary School at 900 hours and he says he is happy with the process so far.
10:35 – Tsvangirai emerges, says this is a historic moment for everyone to complete the delayed runoff from 2008. ”I am winning resoundly, ” he says.
tambo Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
PM’ SpokesPerson Luke Tamborinyoka following proceedings outside the classroom where the PM is voting. Photo by Herbert Moyo
10:30 – Tsvangirai calls it a life and death vote.

tsvan Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Tsvangirai casting his vote at Mount Pleasant Hall , accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth Macheka. Photo by Hardlife Samuwi.
1024 - ALERT – Tsvangirai and family arrive at Mt pleasant Hall.
10:23 – Voting in Bulawayo CBD started on a low note. By 730 am, there were less than 20 people waiting to cast their votes in at Bulawayo PolyTech, city center branch.

Ncube Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
MDC leader Welshman Ncube casting his vote at Stanley Hall in Makokoba, Bulawayo.
10:22 - ALERT - MDC leader Welshman Ncube  just cast his vote at Stanley Hall in Makokoba, Bulawayo.
10:21 – Hordes of both foreign and local journalists  are at Mhofu Primary School where President Robert Mugabe is set to cast his vote.
10:15 -At Gwanda Zintec and Jahunda Primary, a few people could be seen casting their votes. Some potential voters were turned away mainly for trying to vote at the wrong wards.
10:13 – Presiding officer in Kwekwe turns away 5 voters for not appearing on the voters’ roll even after they produced their valid registration  slips.
10:12 – Hundreds of voters in Gwanda have braved the chilly weather  to cast their votes. Long  queues started forming at Jahunda  Hall and Spizkop Terminus at  8am.
Goromonzi Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
People casting their votes in Goromonzi. Photo by Hilary Maradzika.

10:10 –  Voting at Mapinga Siding, Zvimba East, Ward 20. By 9 am only 46 people had voted and of the 46, four had been assisted to vote.
14 had been turned away for reasons varying from wrong ward, some are aliens, some with IDs that have no pictures.
The queue is still quite long with about 140 people still waiting to vote here.
10:03 – Meanwhile, there are long queues in Mt Pleasant with Tsvangirai being expected to cast his vote soon.
10:01 – A group of 23 people has been denied the chance to vote in Mount Pleasant. They were told that their names did not appear on the  voters’ roll even though they had registration slips
09:51- Widespread reports of people with IDs and voting slips being turned away at Bulawayo polling stations and being told to go to gop to command centers.
09:50 – Some angry women  are demanding answers from ZEC officials who remain mum. “We have been here since 4am and less than 50 people have voted. They want to frustrate us but we are not going anywahere,” said one woman.
09:48 – People are growing impatient at Mt Pleasant High by the slow pace. There are claims that the first hour was dedicated sorely to Police voting.
Hopley Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Voters queuing at Hopley Farm, Harare South. Photo by Aaron Ufumeli
09:38 – Voting is going well in Lupane at the moment.
09:36 – ZimRights local observer says Chivhu has a population of 35 to 40 000 with only 3 polling stations and this will create unnecessary complications and frustrate  voters.
09:34 – Chivhu has 3 polling stations and it’s taking 2  and a hours to move 30 metres. About 400 frustrated voters saying they have been here since 4 am.
09:32 – ALERT: Gushots at Zaoga Church in Dzivarasekwa as the Police failed to control people who were jostling to vote.
09:30 – An old  woman at Borrowdale Primary School has been sent to Greystone  Park Primary School as her name did not appear on the voters’ roll, however she said she  would not be able to go to Greystone as it is far  and she does not have money for transport.

Mt pleasant Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Part of the long Mt Pleasant High School queue. There are more than a thousand people here.
Photo by Elias Mambo.
09:16 – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to cast his vote at Mt Mt Pleasant High School at  1000 hours.
Members of the press wishing to cover this are expected to be settled by 950 hours.
09:05 – Mutare South – 172 people had voted, 8 turned away.
08:51 – 125 people have voted at one polling station at Kurai Primary School in Kambuzuma. There is a high presence of JOMIC representatives at polling stations here.
08:46 – At Goromonzi DA’s office, voting started at 7 am and some voters had arrived as early as 5 am. Both the young and elderly were part of the aspiring voters.
“I have to do it today as history has to be made ” said one aspirant who identified himself as Noah Muchetu.
08:45 – More than 300 people are already queing at St Paul’s Musami High School.
08:37 – Hundreds ops polling stations in farms between Harare and Chivhu, there are no queues. Easy voting for farmers.
Mutumwa Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
Mutumwa Mawere in Belvedere queuing to cast his vote.
08:21 – A huge queue at Chitimbe Primary School in Uzumba. Voting started on a positive note here.
08:15 Police officers seen voting in some polling stations around Harare.
08:05 – There are winding queues at all polling stations visited in Mutare. Voting started at 0700 at Sakubva Beit Hall and by 07:50, 45 people had voted and only one turned away.
08:00 Harare Central and East, Zimbabweans braved the chilly weather to join queues which are moving relatively fast.
But also in Harare Central, , at David Livingstone Primary School, a man failed to vote because his name did not appear on the voters roll yet he has voted since 1980 and amazingly his children in the same residential area are on the same voters roll. He was told to check his name at the nearby Roosevelt Girls’ High School.
There is a bit of delay at Chitsere Primary in Mbare as people are queuing at the wrong polling station. People are blaming Zec for failing to put the ward number at the entrance. Huge queue at Marimba Shopping Centre in Belvedere.
07:27 Long queues all over Mbare, Harare; Voting has started slowly though. The same situation in Kuwadzana Extension, people showing all the patience at the slow pace.
6:50: A queue of about 100 people at Highfield District Office Western Triangle braved the chilly morning to wait for the opening of the polling station.
6:46: In Glenview at Glenview 2 Primary School more than 200 are waiting to vote. “We are already to shape a destiny and that is why early in the morning we mobilised each other to come and vote,” said a man who claims he has been here since 3 am.
6:40am: At Warren Park 4 Primary school gates are still closed because officials needed to control about 300 jostling people who all wanted to be in the front causing a bit of chaos.
ALERT: The hashtag to follow on Twitter is #zimdecides13
6:36: More people braving the chilly weather at the open space just outside Rufaro Stadium in Mbare.

mbuya Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
People waiting to cast their votes at Dungwiza Primary School, St Mary’s , Chitungwiza
6:34: In Kuwadzana close to 100 pple at Kuwadzana High 1..”Regai tivhoti makuseniseni nekuti kwanzi vanenge vorambidza vanhu masikati,” remarked an old lady waiting to vote
6:30: Lively banter. Smiles all around as people patiently wait to vote. The man in front of the queue says he arrived at 4am
6:25: People complaining here suggesting that voting was supposd to start at 6am because there is possibility that other people will fail to vote.
6:22: About 50 people are at Lewisam primary which is a few metres from the Zanu Pf chisipite base, more people still coming.

Mbare Live Updates: Zimbabwe elections 2013, 31 July
People who woke up early to cast their votes in Mbare. Photo by Aaron Ufumeli.

6:17am: At Mbare Nteball complex three tents have been pitched. About 15 people have been waiting for 2 hours to cast their vote in this crucial election.

Source: NewsDay

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