Monday, July 15, 2013

Harare woman had S*X with different men when her kids were watching

A Harare man who was seeking access to his three children told the court that his agitated wife is in the habit of having s*xual orgies with different men in the presence of their three minor children.

Simon Sampson made an application to have access to his children at the Harare Civil Court against his wife Christine Elizabeth Sampson.
The court heard that the couple are married under Chapter 5.11 and divorce proceedings were under way at the High Court. Both parties were represented by their lawyers.
Simon told the court that his wife had s*xual orgies in the living room in the presence of their children.
“One of the children called me, asking me to immediately come and rescue them,” said Mr Sampson.
“I then proceeded to the house in the company of police officers who then took the children and placed them in my custody.”
Mr Sampson told the court that his estranged wife proceeded to obtain a custody order and took the children from him.
He said he was not allowed access to his children, a situation that prompted him to make the application.
Responding to the allegations, Mrs Samspon said she was concerned by his estranged husband’s state of mind hence the need for supervised access.
“This is evident by how he explicitly explains the alleged s*xual orgies in his affidavit,” she said.
“His allegations are baseless since there is no proof from police officers. This is mere speculation and there is no truth in what he is saying.”
Mrs Sampson said her husband did nothing to remove the children from the dangerous situation he was alleging.
“We had already agreed on everything (on divorce) at the High Court, the only outstanding issue is for maintenance,” she said.
“If he is contesting custody he should have done so at the High Court.”
Mrs Sampson emphasised that if access was to be granted, it should be done with supervision because her husband was in the habit of discussing his marital affairs with the children.
Magistrate Ms Tatenda Manhanzva set ruling for Friday.

Source: Herald

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