Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harare married couple did not have S*X for the past eight years

A HARARE man told the Civil Court yesterday that he had resorted to beating up his wife out of frustration after she denied him s*x for the past eight years.
Godfrey Hampa said he had been married to Dorcas Hampa since 1978, but the couple had had no s*x over the past eight years.
The couple appeared before magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva after Dorcas filed for a protection order which was eventually granted.
“She has been my wife since 1978, but for the past eight years we have not be acting like a couple. There is no peace at home. We have not been on talking terms. I smoke in the house because of stress,” Hampa said.
“She provoked me recently when I was going to church that is when I slapped her. That is the only time I beat her because it has become unbearable to live with her, and I told her that I am going to file for divorce.”
However, his wife disputed claims that she had denied him conjugal rights and insisted that Hampa had physically assaulted her on several occasions.
“The respondent (Godfrey) is just denying that he assaults me, but there are people who can testify. There is no privacy in my home anymore, everybody knows what is going on in my house,” said Dorcas.
“Imagine all the women we fellowship with know everything that is happening in my house. He is a choirmaster and everyone in the choir knows everything about my marital problems.”


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