Friday, July 12, 2013

Bulawayo Policeman had S*X with a suspect in Police Holding Cells after promising to release her

Misheck Muchena a Bulawayo policeman has been slapped with a 15 year jail sentence for raping a suspect in police holding cells after promising release her and destroy her case docket.

Muchena, 24, pleaded not guilty but was convicted by Bulawayo magistrate Owen Tagu for the 2010 attack.

The court heard that the attack took place sometime in August 2010 after the woman had been arrested and detained over-night at Nkulumane Police Station in case involving malicious damage to property.

Prosecutor Admire Chikwayo said Muchena sneaked into the woman's holding cell and gave her two blankets which he had taken from male suspects also detained at the police station.

He then offered to release her and destroy the case docket but the woman said she had no money to pay him.
Muchena then left the cell but returned a few minutes later and forced himself on her once.

The court heard that he was to return again later during the night and rape the suspect twice but forgot his mobile in the room as he left.

The woman later reported the attack leading to Muchena's arrest.

Asked in court why his mobile was in the room, Muchena said the woman had asked to use it in order to phone her husband and ask him to visit her.

The woman however, denied ever requesting to use the phone.

The rapist cop will serve ten years after the magistrate suspended five saying he had considered the fact that Muchena had since lost his job because of the case.

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