Sunday, June 23, 2013

Harare woman was caught red handed by her husband having S*X with her boyfriend after she left their one year old baby with their neighbour

A Kuwadzana married woman was last Thursday caought pants down by her husband after she was exposed by a neighbour she left taking care of her one-year-old baby.

Grammah Hufa (28), of House No. 1342, was caught red-handed having s*x with Wellington Mariga (33) at House No 455 in Kuwadzana 1 around midnight. Grammah failed to keep her time at Wellington's house after she left her one-year-old baby with her neighbour who was aware of the illicit affair. The neighbour who had no option but to lead Grammah's husband - Patrick Chesango (34) - to where Grammah was 'being given her things' by her boyfriend.

Patrick didn't take the law into his own hands as he quickly rushed to enrage the services of Kuwadzana police where an officer accompanied him to where Grammah was holed. The cheated man said he forgave Grammah when she said she was fooled into having s*x romps with Wellington.

"I do not know where Wellington met my wife and he tricked her (ndobva amubhaiza bhaiza) and she visited him at his house where I caught them after being accompanied by a police officer. I wanted to avoid noise and I decided to visit a police station to lead me to Wellington's house searching for my wife.

My wife left our child in the hands of a certain girl and she delayed coming back until midnight and she opened up that she was aware of where my wife was before leading me to Wellington's house. He had no excuse after I caught him with my wife in his bedroom. He accused my wife of lying that she was a widow. We have since resolved the issue after receiving counselling from the police officer and I AM LIVING WELL WITH MY WIFE NOW!" said the supposedly 'peaceful-minded' Patrick.

Grammah and Wellington refused to comment. However, the whole neighbourhood was awash with the story and they opened up to our news crew.

"She is so amazing, she leaves such a young child with that young girl as she visits her boyfriend from time to time," said one of the neighbours.

"We forced the girl to expose her after we felt pitty for her husband who was roaming around the house until late," she added.

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