Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chipinge man had s*x with his 15 year old neighbour when the teenager's mother was drunk at the man's house

FAILURE to control his s*x drive landed a 22-year-old Chipinge man in trouble after he was hauled before a local magistrate for allegedly raping a neighbour. Peter Gama of Nyamadze Village in Chief Mapungwana's area is alleged to have raped his 15-year-old neighbour on May 15.
It is alleged that on the day in question Gama and the complainant's mother were drinking beer at his (Gama)'s   homestead at around 7pm.
"Aware that the complainant was on her own, Gama left the intoxicated mother at his homestead and went to his neighbour's place where he lied to the teenager that she was being called by her mother who was at a nearby bush.
The two went outside and Gama changed his statement. He proposed love to the teenager and his advances were turned down. A determined Gama pushed the teenager to the ground and raped her once. He threatened to kill her if she revealed the matter to anyone before fleeing into the darkness," said prosecutor, Mr Thembalami Dhliwayo.
He said the teenager told her mother who had arrived from Gama's place what had happened

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