Friday, May 3, 2013

Nyanga woman pulls her father's balls over $30

A NYANGA man is lucky to be alive after his daughter teamed up with her mother to assault him over $30.

The daughter, Privilege Findi (33) did the unthinkable when she pulled her father's private parts as a way of fixing him for demanding $30 as a token of appreciation for the land he had allocated her and her husband to grow potatoes.
Privilege and her mother, Elemencia appeared before Headman Samhembere's court recently and he referred the matter to the police for further investigations.
Headman Samhembere confirmed the incident and said Privilege and her husband were allocated a piece of land by Mr Simon Findi (60) to grow potatoes at his family home in Mutimutema Village.
"After harvesting, Privilege and her husband decided to give her parents money as a token of appreciation. Privilege gave her mother $30 in the absence of her father. Elemencia did not tell her husband that she had been given money by Privilege.
"Days later, Simon told his wife that he was not happy that his son-in-law had failed to give them anything from the potato harvest. He argued that they (Privilege and her husband) should have given them something as a token of appreciation.
"This did not go down well with Elemencia who verbally assaulted her husband saying he did not deserve to get anything from their daughter because he had not contributed anything to the growing of the potatoes in question," said Headman Samhembere.
He said Elemencia later phoned her daughter informing her of her father's demands.
"Privilege was not amused by her father's demands and went to her parents' home. A misunderstanding ensued between the two parties, which degenerated into a fight. Privilege and Elemencia teamed up to attack Simon. Privilege later pulled her father's private parts," said Headman Samhembere.
Simon left the court in stitches when he said: "I nearly died and I had to use my legs to kick them like a donkey."
Headman Samhembere said he had no jurisdiction over the matter and referred it to the police

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