Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Men queue to have s*x with a visibly pregnant prostitute near Victoria Falls

The road from Botswana to Victoria Falls
A visibly pregnant prostitute is the toast of the red-light district at Cross Dete business centre along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway as men looking for a nice time, especially long-distance haulage truck drivers, jostle to pay for s*x with her.

A Monday night surveillance of the s*x worker by our news crew saw her being approached at different times by five men - three of them being truck drivers, who hired her for s*x - the grandest pleasure game discovered by Biblical Adam and Eve!

According to locals, the woman has more clients on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights - the busiest days at Cross Dete.

Attempts to interview the pregnant 'multiple penis tester' who declined to be named, were fruitless as she said she was 'too busy', supposedly busy with getting her cookie "watered". However, after being offered US$5 for a five-minute interview the Public S*xual Relations Engineer finally agreed to talk.

We have since established that the pregnant s*x worker is in fact madly in love with someone else. This was after the woman who refused to be identified argued that her dear boyfriend would dump her if ever he gets to know her 'line of trade' (selling her resource).

"My boyfriend works in Hwange but these days we are not in good books because he was not sending me money for preparation for HIS baby. He says he does not earn much but I don't believe he can't afford to send me at least US$50 a month," she said.

The thigh vendor said she was into s*x work even before she fell pregnant but wanted to stop when she found out she had fallen pregnant. However, she claimed that since her boyfriend couldn't look after her pregnancy, she was forced to continue selling her 'money making tool'.

"I am not proud of what I am doing because I am putting my baby's health at risk but I have no choice. I thought I could stop when my pregnancy started showing because I feared that men would not want to hire me. But to my surprise men want me more than when I was not pregnant. I have always insisted on condoms and I always go for HIV tests so I know that I am negative. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that my baby is safe," she claimed.

The s*x specialist said she is using s*x to get money which she will use to pay for maternity bills.

"I have US$200 at home and I am not going to put it to waste. I am hoping that my boyfriend will have a change of heart but if he doesn't I will be forced to file for maintenance after I have given birth to his child," said the five-month pregnant prostitute.

In separate interviews, the men who were observed talking to the pregnant hooker admitted that they paid her for s*x and said they did so because they were curious to see what a pregnant prostitute had to offer.

A Zambian truck driver, who called himself Mr Phiri, said he found s*x with the pregnant woman satisfying as she was surprisingly energetic and flexible too.

"I was somehow afraid to sleep with her because she is pregnant but my curiosity got the better of me. I heard people saying s*x with a pregnant woman is better but I had never experienced that because my wife had a low libido when she was pregnant. I am happy to say it is true that s*x with a pregnant woman can be good, it was good," said the seemingly satisfied man who was grateful for what he was offered.

Another prostitute who identified herself as Portia said the pregnant s*x worker was making more money than anyone else such that some men had to literally queue for their turn to come.

"I usually make about US$50 a night but these days I make half because clients even my regular ones want to have a taste of a pregnant prostitute. She is my sister so I cannot get angry with her. There is no rivalry whatsoever between us. In fact all of us (prostitutes) are happy for her because her boyfriend works in Hwange and does not send her money for preparation for his baby. Here we assist each other, we are sisters," said Portia, a proud graduate of the world's oldest profession.

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