Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Latest on DJ Munya murder case

DJ Munya (right) arrives at the court handcuffed with Matare

STAR FM DJ Munyaradzi Milimo, accused of killing a man he suspected of having an extra-marital affair with his wife, yesterday appeared in court alongside his two accomplices charged with murder.
DJ Munya (32), as Milimo is popularly known, is jointly charged with Taurai Janhi (34) and Mohammed Matare (31).
The three yesterday appeared before Mr Donald Ndirowei, who remanded them in custody to June 5. Mr Ndirowei advised them to apply for bail at the High Court due to the seriousness of the offence.
The lower court has no jurisdiction to deal with such matters. They are being represented by Mr Lucky Mawuwa, Mr Gerald Madzima and Mr Reason Muchirewesi respectively.
Appearing for the State, Miss Junior Mugebe alleged that some time in February this year, Milimo discovered that the now deceased, O’neil Tinashe Magorimbo, was having an affair with his wife. He demanded US$5 000 as compensation.
Magorimbo, it is alleged, managed to pay US$1 000 through Janhi and Matare and was left with a balance of US$4 000 which was to be paid in instalments.
The court heard that Magorimbo became evasive when Milimo demanded the outstanding balance.
Some time in May, Milimo allegedly ordered Janhi and Matare to “deal” with Magorimbo until he met the demands.
On May 13, Magorimbo, who was at home, informed his wife that his phone had a low battery before giving her an alternative number to use. It is alleged that the number he gave to his wife was also found in Janhi and Matare’s phone contacts upon their arrest.
It was also established that Janhi had made a call to that number on March 10. The State alleges that on the same day at around 7pm, Magorimbo went to West End Hospital in Harare where he requested the receptionist to call a taxi for him.
The taxi driver allegedly took him to 44 O’Connor Road in Cranborne. The following day, May 14 and at around 10am, the State says Magorimbo’s boss, Mr Henry Mandishona, received a text message from cellphone number 0739020657 demanding US$5 000 as ransom for Magorimbo’s release.
On the same day, Milimo allegedly went to Magorimbo’s house where he met his wife. He allegedly assured her that her husband would be back home the following day and ordered her not to make a police report.
It is further alleged that Magorimbo was later seen by his wife on May 18 at 7.15pm staggering before collapsing in the basement of their flat.
It is alleged he was naked and his hands were tied together with a shoe lace. He was rushed to West End Hospital where he was admitted in the intensive care unit. He was diagnosed of poisoning, the court heard.
Magorimbo died on May 19 and post-mortem results revealed that he succumbed to poisoning.

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