Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dead woman from Inyathi came back home after being buried wearing tattered clothes

There was drama in Inyathi District last month when a dead elderly woman returned home to her funeral wake - in tattered clothes with her body smeared with ashes - started singing a strange song.

It is reported that Gogo Ngwenya was buried a day before the incident and as tradition would have it some mourners stayed behind to console the surviving relatives.

At about 2pm while the mourners were having a discussion, one of them is said to have "spotted" Gogo Ngwenya standing by the gate.

He told others and they all looked the same direction and there was the woman standing motionless.

After a few moments, it is said that the "dead" woman then walked into the yard heading towards the mourners.

On seeing the resurrected Gogo Ngwenya, the mourners are said to have run for their dear lives in different directions.

Gogo Ngwenya reportedly went on to sit with the mourners and started singing a song that no one could comprehend.
After a while she is said to have stood up and walked towards the gate before disappearing.

A source said the matter was taken up with the districts traditional leadership but it was said to be "too" complicated.

It has since come to attention that Gogo Ngwenya is a relative to Ayanda Ngwenya a suspected witch who recently hit the headlines after a Sangoma fled from her.

Ngwenya confirmed that she was indeed related to Gogo Ngwenya and witnessed the fiasco.

"She is my grandmother and I was there when she came back from death."

The woman claimed that the way she was dressed when the Sangoma ran away from her resembled the way her granny was dressed when she returned from "death".

"I don't know what she did to me. Maybe her spirit is the one that made me do that," said Ngwenya.

She also said she was set to go for an exorcism session soon. "I have no choice because this thing is haunting me."

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