Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bulawayo Pastor was beaten like a dog when he was caught having s*x with a married woman

A Bulawayo pentecostal church pastor's life is hanging by the thread after he was detained and beaten up for days by a bitter man who had discovered that he was having an illicit affair with his wife.

The pastor identified as Pastor Nyathi of Healing Ministries will live to regret the day he chose to forget the commandment on adultery.

A reliable source close to the family said Isaac Dube picked up his wife's "private" phone in the car.

"Dube picked up a phone in his car and at first he assumed that one of the people he had given a lift could have dropped it, but got the shock of his life when he read messages.

"When he read the messages, he discovered one where there was his wife's name and they were all love messages."

Dube became angry when he realised that he was sharing his wife with another man.

He then hatched a plan to "track down" his rival which he did successfully with the assistance of a female friend who pretended to be Dube's wife.

"Dube managed to catch the mischievous pastor and he interrogated him until he confessed.

"He then took him to his house where he forced him to tell his wife about the illicit affair. When the pastor had confessed before his wife, he ordered him to say his last words to the woman as he was seeing her for the last time.

"They then left for Dube's home where the pastor was locked up for two days and was given a thorough beating," said the source.

When the woman at the centre of controversy realised that her husband had no mercy for Pastor Nyathi, she reportedly alerted a neighbour who assisted her to take the pastor to his home in the middle of the night.

"They left the man at his home and his family ferried him to a private doctor where he is being treated," said the source.

The pastor's wife refused to comment on the issue saying: "My husband is battling for his life and all you are interested in is spreading rumours, go back to your source."

Dube could neither confirm nor deny the incident saying the pastor was supposed to comment on the issue.

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