Monday, May 27, 2013

Alick Macheso gets about $15000 per week for 3 shows and pays his band members $50 each & his band members recorded their own album

The empire that Ambassador Alick Macheso took a long time to build is shaken to the core amid reports that a massive exodus of key band members looms.

Shocking revelations availed last week revealed that the alleged 'rebels' SECRETLY recorded an album due for release anytime soon. This development, according to insiders, was fuelled by a cocktail of grievances, chief among them being poor remuneration.

The alleged 'rebels' reportedly engaged a key Orchestra Dendera Kings band member (name supplied) and former Khiama Boys instrumentalist on their debut album. However, Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson and Macheso's most trusted lieutenant William Tsandukwa professed ignorance over the impending mass exodus.

But reliable sources insist that a massive exodus looms and both Macheso and Tsandukwa are in fact in panic mode.

"The boys (band members) are really unhappy with the treatment they got from Tsandukwa in particular. Imagine, the band members claim that they are being paid US$120 per week which translates to US$480 per month. To make matters worse this week (last week) they got a paltry US$50 instead of the US$120.

"I was with Obert (Gomba) this other day and he was really bitter. he said they were living in squalor while their boss is rolling in sleek cars. Jonas Kasamba (chanter) and Donald Gogo (lead guitarist) are also leaving the group and I don't see them staying behind," said the source.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Orchestra Mberikwazvo's weekly gross income hovers around US$15,000 accrued from their average three shows a week where they charge not less than US$5,000.

The alleged rebels were said to be pushing for a pay rise against the background that the band's finances are 'healthy'. However the alleged 'rebels' could not be reached at the time of going to press but another mole said Macheso was now in panic mode.

"He told us early this week that he was worried as he was about to lose the entire band save for the two band instrumentalists. As it stands, there us nothing we can do to help him. He knows what to do in order to keep his band intact," said the mole.

Contacted for comment, Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson Tsandukwa professed ignorance over the impending departure of key band members.

"I am hearing about this imminent departure of my guys from you. As for the issue of remuneration, why is it each time they leave they later come back? If they were getting peanuts, they would not have returned after deserting the group. For instance, Joe Kasamba was with Lubumbashi Stars and left the group to join us citing the same things," he said.

Interestingly, Tsandukwa claimed that he was not after Macheso's money as widely believed in some quarters.

"I have heard people saying that I am the one benefiting from Macheso's earnings but that is totally wrong. I work for myself. In fact CHIBHENDI ICHI CHiNOTONDIPEDZERA NGUVA YANGU. As we speak I have 130 beasts at my farm and I was recently injured at my farm when I fell from a motor bike working for my family," he claimed.

This is not the first time that Alick Macheso has been deserted in his 15-year career as a solo artiste after leaving Khiama Boys. At the turn of the century, he was deserted by key band members Thomas Chauke, Rodgers Fatiya and Samuel Mugege but still soldiered on. A few years back, Donald Gogo left the group hoping to assemble his own outfit but it later folded and he rejoined Macheso.

Fiery rhythm guitarist Innocent Mijuntu also left the group but unconfirmed reports say he us willing to rejoin Orchestra Mberikwazvo. Not to be outdone is Zakaria Zakaria who recently left the group and assembled his own group.

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