Monday, May 27, 2013

A Gokwe man was caught by his wife having s*x with his stepmother

A Gokwe man was recently caught by his wife having s*x with his stepmother.

Keledious Majaji (24) of Majaji Village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe South was allegedly caught by his wife, Elaine Masukume (22), having s*xual intercourse with his stepmother, Plaxedious Tshuma (30).

Chief Nemangwe confirmed the incident which he said happened on the 12th of May at Tshuma's place. The chief said a traditional court was called to settle the dispute.

"Masukume went to Tshuma's residence looking for her husband. Tshuma is her husband's stepmother. Masukume was surprised to find her husband naked in his stepmother's bed. She then told people that Majaji had slept with his own step mother which led to a heated argument between the two. The argument then drew the attention of neighbours who gathered in no time," said the chief.

He added that Majaji then declared to his wife that he was going to cohabit with his stepmother so as to lend credence to her allegations.

Chief Nemangwe said a traditional court was then set up to settle the dispute. He said during the court session, both Majaji and her stepmother denied the allegations that they engaged in s*xual activities.

"They, however, confirmed that Majaji spent the night at his stepmother's place but denied having s*x with her. The court then separately questioned Majaji and her stepmother on what had happened on the night in question and they gave different statements," said Chief Nemangwe.

The Chief added that Majaji said he had slept on the couch while his stepmother claimed that he had slept on the floor.

"The court saw that there was something fishy about their statements. The court ruled in favour of Masukume. Mujaji and and his stepmother were fined two beasts and a goat for their immoral behaviour," said Chief Nemangwe.

There was drama at Macheso show as one of his band members who had deserted him over poor pay made a surprise appearance on the stage

THERE was drama at New Life Nightclub in Budiriro on Friday when sungura ace Alick Macheso fumed over the surprise appearance of lead guitarist Donald Gogo on stage.
Gogo is one of the band members who deserted the musician on Thursday following a salary dispute.
The visibly angry Macheso pointed at Gogo and instructed him to leave the stage. Gogo seemed to ignore the order and the fracas lasted for about five minutes until promoters intervened.
Other band members that quit Orchestra Mberikwazvo are drummer Obert Gomba and dancer-cum-vocalist Jonasi Kasamba. However, lead guitarist Noel Nyazanda also made a surprise decision to leave the band on Friday just before the New Life show. Sources said Macheso only learnt of Nyazanda’s decision when the band’s driver could not locate the guitarist as he picked up band members for the show.
The absence Kasamba, Gomba and Nyazanda dampened Macheso’s act.
Selemani Mpochi, aka MaJuicy, tried to fill in Kasamba’s shoes while backing vocalist Watson Fundula took Gomba’s position, but they failed to reach the high bar set by the former band members.
The musician had to depend on yesteryear hits for the better part of the show. In an apparent signal that all is not well in his camp, Macheso sought divine intervention through a new song in which he pleads with God to keep him strong in hard times.
Fans who spoke to NewsDay blasted Macheso for failing to keep his band intact when his camp is facing various challenges.
“He is now taking us for granted. Look at what they are doing on stage. We were used to a certain way of performance, but things have changed and we are not happy,” said a disgruntled fan.
Another fan who identified herself as Mercy said Macheso should pay his band members adequately.
The musician’s band manager William Tsandukwa was adamant that they pay their band members well despite strong complaints from the defectors.

Alick Macheso gets about $15000 per week for 3 shows and pays his band members $50 each & his band members recorded their own album

The empire that Ambassador Alick Macheso took a long time to build is shaken to the core amid reports that a massive exodus of key band members looms.

Shocking revelations availed last week revealed that the alleged 'rebels' SECRETLY recorded an album due for release anytime soon. This development, according to insiders, was fuelled by a cocktail of grievances, chief among them being poor remuneration.

The alleged 'rebels' reportedly engaged a key Orchestra Dendera Kings band member (name supplied) and former Khiama Boys instrumentalist on their debut album. However, Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson and Macheso's most trusted lieutenant William Tsandukwa professed ignorance over the impending mass exodus.

But reliable sources insist that a massive exodus looms and both Macheso and Tsandukwa are in fact in panic mode.

"The boys (band members) are really unhappy with the treatment they got from Tsandukwa in particular. Imagine, the band members claim that they are being paid US$120 per week which translates to US$480 per month. To make matters worse this week (last week) they got a paltry US$50 instead of the US$120.

"I was with Obert (Gomba) this other day and he was really bitter. he said they were living in squalor while their boss is rolling in sleek cars. Jonas Kasamba (chanter) and Donald Gogo (lead guitarist) are also leaving the group and I don't see them staying behind," said the source.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Orchestra Mberikwazvo's weekly gross income hovers around US$15,000 accrued from their average three shows a week where they charge not less than US$5,000.

The alleged rebels were said to be pushing for a pay rise against the background that the band's finances are 'healthy'. However the alleged 'rebels' could not be reached at the time of going to press but another mole said Macheso was now in panic mode.

"He told us early this week that he was worried as he was about to lose the entire band save for the two band instrumentalists. As it stands, there us nothing we can do to help him. He knows what to do in order to keep his band intact," said the mole.

Contacted for comment, Orchestra Mberikwazvo spokesperson Tsandukwa professed ignorance over the impending departure of key band members.

"I am hearing about this imminent departure of my guys from you. As for the issue of remuneration, why is it each time they leave they later come back? If they were getting peanuts, they would not have returned after deserting the group. For instance, Joe Kasamba was with Lubumbashi Stars and left the group to join us citing the same things," he said.

Interestingly, Tsandukwa claimed that he was not after Macheso's money as widely believed in some quarters.

"I have heard people saying that I am the one benefiting from Macheso's earnings but that is totally wrong. I work for myself. In fact CHIBHENDI ICHI CHiNOTONDIPEDZERA NGUVA YANGU. As we speak I have 130 beasts at my farm and I was recently injured at my farm when I fell from a motor bike working for my family," he claimed.

This is not the first time that Alick Macheso has been deserted in his 15-year career as a solo artiste after leaving Khiama Boys. At the turn of the century, he was deserted by key band members Thomas Chauke, Rodgers Fatiya and Samuel Mugege but still soldiered on. A few years back, Donald Gogo left the group hoping to assemble his own outfit but it later folded and he rejoined Macheso.

Fiery rhythm guitarist Innocent Mijuntu also left the group but unconfirmed reports say he us willing to rejoin Orchestra Mberikwazvo. Not to be outdone is Zakaria Zakaria who recently left the group and assembled his own group.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Macheso sent his daughter to study in China and is failing to pay his band members & 3 members have decided to leave him

Popular sungura musician Alick Macheso has been deserted by three long-serving key  members of his band, Jonas Kasamba, Obert Gomba and Donald Gogo, over a longstanding salary dispute.
Macheso has been enjoying a rise in his profile which saw him being appointed Zimbabwe Red Cross humanitarian ambassador.
The trio has been a vital cog in Macheso’s engineroom and it is yet to be seen if he can still shine without them. At Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex, where only three out of the 10 band members turned up for rehearsals yesterday afternoon, Macheso downplayed the matter and said: “Don’t ask me about these guys. I don’t even know from which bar Kasamba is drinking today. Ini ndichangoramba ndichikuya mimhanzi,’’ he said, banging the door behind him.
Kasamba is a chanter, while Gomba is drummer with Gogo being the lead/rhythmist.
Although there are fears that the band might collapse, the sungura maestro is not new to such mishap. Just last year, popular dancer Franco “Slomo” Dhaka, backing vocalist Elton Muropa and guitarist Noel Nyazanda left Macheso to join Suluman Chimbetu’s Orchestra Dendera Kings.
Nyazanda, however, later changed his decision and rejoined Macheso.  According to one band member who spoke on condition of anonymity, problems started a few months back when allowances and appearance fees were inexplicably chopped by more than half.
“We were shocked to have our salaries cut almost by 50 percent. We tried to talk to the management about our grievances but it was all in vain.
“Quite honestly, things are not going on well within the group and the only thing we could do was to leave the group,” he said.
Another band member acknowledged that all was not well within the group but was evasive when pressed if he was with the Orchestra Mberikwazvo.
“I am currently out of town attending to personal issues but what I can assure you is that things are not well within the group. Morale is at its lowest and there seems to be no room for reconciliation,” he said, hanging up the phone.
Inside sources said the band members’ grievances emanate from the fact that Macheso sent his daughter to study overseas while band members are living in poverty. Macheso’s daughter, Sharon, is believed to have gone to China to further her studies.
Band manager William Tsandukwa said although he had heard about the desertion, he was yet to ascertain the actual details.
“Ndangonzwa nerumour kuti pane vanhu vafunga zvavafunga asi ini handisati ndabata chokwadi. Kana iri nyaya yemari kana kwenyu kuHerald, haifi yakakwana,” he said.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Latest on DJ Munya murder case

DJ Munya (right) arrives at the court handcuffed with Matare

STAR FM DJ Munyaradzi Milimo, accused of killing a man he suspected of having an extra-marital affair with his wife, yesterday appeared in court alongside his two accomplices charged with murder.
DJ Munya (32), as Milimo is popularly known, is jointly charged with Taurai Janhi (34) and Mohammed Matare (31).
The three yesterday appeared before Mr Donald Ndirowei, who remanded them in custody to June 5. Mr Ndirowei advised them to apply for bail at the High Court due to the seriousness of the offence.
The lower court has no jurisdiction to deal with such matters. They are being represented by Mr Lucky Mawuwa, Mr Gerald Madzima and Mr Reason Muchirewesi respectively.
Appearing for the State, Miss Junior Mugebe alleged that some time in February this year, Milimo discovered that the now deceased, O’neil Tinashe Magorimbo, was having an affair with his wife. He demanded US$5 000 as compensation.
Magorimbo, it is alleged, managed to pay US$1 000 through Janhi and Matare and was left with a balance of US$4 000 which was to be paid in instalments.
The court heard that Magorimbo became evasive when Milimo demanded the outstanding balance.
Some time in May, Milimo allegedly ordered Janhi and Matare to “deal” with Magorimbo until he met the demands.
On May 13, Magorimbo, who was at home, informed his wife that his phone had a low battery before giving her an alternative number to use. It is alleged that the number he gave to his wife was also found in Janhi and Matare’s phone contacts upon their arrest.
It was also established that Janhi had made a call to that number on March 10. The State alleges that on the same day at around 7pm, Magorimbo went to West End Hospital in Harare where he requested the receptionist to call a taxi for him.
The taxi driver allegedly took him to 44 O’Connor Road in Cranborne. The following day, May 14 and at around 10am, the State says Magorimbo’s boss, Mr Henry Mandishona, received a text message from cellphone number 0739020657 demanding US$5 000 as ransom for Magorimbo’s release.
On the same day, Milimo allegedly went to Magorimbo’s house where he met his wife. He allegedly assured her that her husband would be back home the following day and ordered her not to make a police report.
It is further alleged that Magorimbo was later seen by his wife on May 18 at 7.15pm staggering before collapsing in the basement of their flat.
It is alleged he was naked and his hands were tied together with a shoe lace. He was rushed to West End Hospital where he was admitted in the intensive care unit. He was diagnosed of poisoning, the court heard.
Magorimbo died on May 19 and post-mortem results revealed that he succumbed to poisoning.

Zimbabwe miracle baby that was born after a 3 day pregnancy has died

A BABY claimed to have been born after a “three-day pregnancy” following a “miracle” performed by charismatic preacher, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has died, it was reported on Tuesday.
The baby boy, who was born on November 18 last year and had been named Emmanuel after the United Family International Church leader, is believed to have died on Sunday.
The H-Metro newspaper reports that the baby died due to “dehydration” at Harare Hospital and was buried at Warren Hills cemetery on Monday “under tight security”.
The newspaper says its reporters followed the burial from a distance after being barred from attending by security guards hired by the church.
“Only a handful of the baby’s relatives were allowed at the burial,” the report said.
The grave of the little boy was left unmarked.
The baby’s mother, who was once interviewed on Radio Zimbabwe to confirm the “miracle baby” claims – which Makandiwa never denied – was only referred to as ‘Mrs Moffat’.
The child’s father was only identified as ‘Prince’ or ‘Baba Minana’ by H-Metro.
The family is thought to have moved from their home in Chitungwiza after Makandiwa reportedly bought them a fully-furnished five-bedroom house in Kuwadzana.
Makandiwa, along with a new breed of charismatic preachers, have attracted thousands of followers to their churches after claiming to perform science-defying “miracles”.
His followers say he has performed several miracles including one called “miracle money” in which congregants suddenly find money in their pockets. He has also released videos claiming to show his followers losing weight after being prayed for and recently, he was said to have helped balding men grow their hair back.
But the miracle baby claims caused a sensation. Makandiwa told a Sunday service, while praying for women who had complications during pregnancy, that “there will be a miracle pregnancy and deliverance within a space of hours or days and not weeks”.
Baby Emmanuel’s mother told Radio Zimbabwe’s Matilda Moyo that she attended that particular service on November 18, and had last had sex with her husband three days earlier.
On their way home, she experienced labour pains.
She said: “My belly miraculously ballooned. It instantly grew to the size of a pregnant woman and both of us got surprised.
“I was in a kombi (commuter bus) and we asked the kombi driver to increase speed and rush us to Chitungwiza Hospital.
"After narrating my signs and symptoms to a nurse at the hospital, she instructed me to go straight to the labour room. This shocked both my husband and I.

“I later gave birth to a miracle bouncing baby boy whom we named Emmanuel.”
She said she had not planned to have another child because they already had two children, but she was happy to give birth to a third.
"I think the prophet's faith is the one that brought this miracle," she said.

Kadoma farm employee was kidnapped by four women who took turns to have s*x with him

A 23-year-old farm employee was kidnapped by four unknown women who locked him up in a room and sexually molested him for two days.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara yesterday said on the fateful day last week at around 8:30pm, the complainant (name withheld) of Manyuchi Farm, Kadoma, was walking home along the Kadoma-Patchway Road on his way from Coronation Farm when he came across a blue Toyota Hilux twin cab parked by the roadside.

It had four female occupants, all wearing black suits.

The women reportedly called him to the car and he obliged.

When he got to the vehicle, all the four women produced what appeared to be pistols, bundled him into the vehicle's back seat and threatened to kill him if he resisted.

One of the women drove the car towards Kadoma and proceeded to an unknown place where complainant was put in a room with six beds.

He was given sadza and chicken to eat before the assailants took turns to have sex with him.

The ordeal went on for two days with the women returning at night with food before taking turns to molest him.

On the third day, on May 14 at around 3pm, the women took the complainant out of the locked room and blindfolded him before driving him to the Harare-Bulawayo Highway near Ngezi township where they gave him two pairs of jeans, a Samsung cellphone and $30.

The man, who was complaining of stomach pains and general body weakness, reported the matter to the police the next day.

Police in the province have raised concern over the recurrence of aggravated indecent attacks on men by suspected ritualists who force them to be intimate before collecting their semen.

Last week, a 17-year-old boy was molested by a four-member gang of women along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway.

The teenager was offered a lift at Waverly bus stop in Kadoma intending to go to Martin Spur Secondary School.

The vehicle, a brown Mercedes Benz, had four occupants - one white male driver, two white females sharing the front passenger seat and a black woman seated at the back.

Before crossing the railway line between Kadoma and Martin Spur, one of the women produced a knife and threatened to stab the boy before the two white women forced themselves on the teenager and had sex with him.

The complainant fell unconscious following the attack and on approaching Martin Spur, he was pushed out of the car before the vehicle sped off.

The teenager later realised his Nokia cellphone and $15 had been stolen and he reported the matter to the police.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zimbabwe's most popular DJ Munya arrested for killing his wife's boyfriend

DJ Munya

STAR FM DJ Munyaradzi Mlimo — popularly known as DJ Munya — has been arrested on allegations of kidnapping and killing a man he suspected of engaging in an extra-marital affair with his wife.
The DJ reportedly forced the man to drink poison.
The radio personality was arrested last Thursday in Harare following the disappearance of the man, who was only identified as Magorimbo.
DJ Munya was yesterday still assisting the police with investigations.
The matter is being handled by detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department’s Homicide section.
Although the details were still sketchy by last night, sources close to the investigations said some time this month, DJ Munya suspected that his wife — who works at PSMAS — was having an affair with Magorimbo, a workmate.
Sometime last week he reportedly confronted Magorimbo at his workplace.
“A few days later Magorimbo went missing and a report was made to the police. Magorimbo went missing for two days, leading to the arrest of DJ Munya on allegations of kidnapping,” said the source.
On Saturday Magorimbo was dumped near his flat in the city while he was unconscious and was taken to St Anne’s Hospital for treatment.
Magorimbo died yesterday morning and it is believed that he was forced to drink an undisclosed pesticide.
His body is still at the hospital’’s mortuary awaiting post mortem.
National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said he could not comment as he was out of town.

Bulawayo Pastor was beaten like a dog when he was caught having s*x with a married woman

A Bulawayo pentecostal church pastor's life is hanging by the thread after he was detained and beaten up for days by a bitter man who had discovered that he was having an illicit affair with his wife.

The pastor identified as Pastor Nyathi of Healing Ministries will live to regret the day he chose to forget the commandment on adultery.

A reliable source close to the family said Isaac Dube picked up his wife's "private" phone in the car.

"Dube picked up a phone in his car and at first he assumed that one of the people he had given a lift could have dropped it, but got the shock of his life when he read messages.

"When he read the messages, he discovered one where there was his wife's name and they were all love messages."

Dube became angry when he realised that he was sharing his wife with another man.

He then hatched a plan to "track down" his rival which he did successfully with the assistance of a female friend who pretended to be Dube's wife.

"Dube managed to catch the mischievous pastor and he interrogated him until he confessed.

"He then took him to his house where he forced him to tell his wife about the illicit affair. When the pastor had confessed before his wife, he ordered him to say his last words to the woman as he was seeing her for the last time.

"They then left for Dube's home where the pastor was locked up for two days and was given a thorough beating," said the source.

When the woman at the centre of controversy realised that her husband had no mercy for Pastor Nyathi, she reportedly alerted a neighbour who assisted her to take the pastor to his home in the middle of the night.

"They left the man at his home and his family ferried him to a private doctor where he is being treated," said the source.

The pastor's wife refused to comment on the issue saying: "My husband is battling for his life and all you are interested in is spreading rumours, go back to your source."

Dube could neither confirm nor deny the incident saying the pastor was supposed to comment on the issue.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gwanda woman claims that she was impregnated by a Goblin when her husband was busy working in South Africa

A WOMAN from Bezha in Gwanda surprised all and sundry when she told her South Africa based husband that she had been impregnated by a goblin.

The woman, Sihle Mpala, reportedly fell pregnant during her husband's absence and when she was quizzed on the pregnancy, she claimed that goblins were responsible.

Michael Mthunzi revealed that he left his wife at his home two years ago and when he was away he got a phone call informing him to report home immediately.

"I received a phone call from my brother and we did not discuss much on the phone, he just told me that I should come home as soon as possible.

"I just thought that maybe someone at home had died therefore I arranged and came home," said Mthunzi.

He revealed that when he got home, no one broke the news and his wife was absent.
"You know I was eager to know why I was wanted home with such urgency and when I realised that there was no funeral, I concluded that it was about my cattle.

"I then waited patiently for my wife, but when she got home I got shocked as I realised that she was pregnant.

"When I asked her what was happening, she told me that I should not beat her as she never cheated on me, but suspects that she was impregnated by a goblin," revealed Mthunzi. He said his wife tried to convince him by telling him stories of goblins which were troubling villagers.

"In a bid to make me buy her story, she told me that there was a time when some men in the village woke up sleeping outside their bedroom huts. She made it appear as if goblins slept with their wives," he said.

On the fateful day, Mthunzi became speechless and he just moved out of their bedroom hut to sleep in the kitchen.

He then confronted his family members on the matter, but they dismissed his wife's claims saying she was trying to cover up for her actions.

"I told my wife that the best thing was to seek assistance from a traditional healer and find out the truth.

"Surprisingly, on the following day, we discovered that she had packed her belongings and that was a sign that she was telling lies," he said.

Mthunzi's brother also confirmed the incident saying they were still trying to find the whereabouts of Mpala as she did not go to her parents.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tsitsi Mutseta is being ravaged by a terrible disease in U.S.A. Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Help us bring her mother and uncle to her whom she has not seen for 15 years !

My name is Thelma Mubaiwa and I am 20 years old. HelpTsiti is a campaign that is designed to help bring family from Zimbabwe here to the United States to take care of my aunt. The letter below is a letter that I have been circulating around trying to bring awereness to something very close to my heart as well as my family and Friends. 
To whom it may concern:
We are slowly losing one of the most amazing and influential people our lives to a terrible disease, Breast Cancer. Tsitsi (Tee) Mutseta, My aunt, My hero, My role model, My everything. This woman is not only the best friend and sister to my mother, this woman is my mother too. She grew up in a small village in Zimbabwe where the HIV/AIDS epidemic has taken most her village. After graduating high school, she was an unfortunate victim of human trafficking. Taken from her home and brought to America where she worked as slave for three years. After escaping from where she was held, one would think she would have given up on people and life. Instead my aunt went to San Diego State University to become a nurse. She vowed that she was going overcome her misfortunes and she was going to do so by going to college. This would result in giving her the ability to be able to take care of the family she left back in 
Zimbabwe. While in America she has lost her father and all 4 of her siblings. Leaving her with the responsibility of being mother to 9 children. In 2005, she started a nonprofit organization named Compassion for African Villages. She has been financially and emotionally supporting: 350 children, 200 are orphans, and 8 school teachers. Although the school they attend in Zimbabwe is in disrepair, the children love going. She has been providing the children with uniforms, school supplies and has been paying the 8 teacher’s salaries.

In April 2007 my mother took my sisters and I to visit my aunt in the nursing group home she worked in at the time. Walking in we were greeted with the smiles and hugs from the older people she took care of. A welcome reflected with love reciprocated from the compassion and care they received from her. My aunt was sitting behind a table with a lot of what I would call schoolwork in front of her. She looked at us and smiled but her smile did not reach her eyes the way it normally would. I immediately knew something was wrong. We sat down and my aunt told us she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Unrestrained, one by one the tears fell from all of our faces...
Tee was in currently in the middle of attending San Diego University to become a nurse. Slowly but surely this disease attempted to rip her dreams from her very hands. But determined and strong willed as she is, she did not give up and shortly after her diagnosis she graduated from San Diego State University. The cancer forced her to stop working as the chemotherapy and cancer began taking its toll. By the grace of God and family and friends who love and cherish her she has been able to keep her apartment and live what some might consider comfortably.
While battling this disease, Tsitsi makes beautiful hats and scarfs by crotchet knitting that she sells at Kobey’s Swap meet to raise money for her organization and herself. On top of this she also has several gardens throughout San Diego, the produce from the garden she then sells at several farmers markets. Although the medicine helps ease some of the pain from the cancer, Tee finds a different kind of solace in the gardens. Being in her garden places her back in Zimbabwe, in the land and home she grew up in. The garden has become a form of therapy for Tee and even when the medicine is not easing the pain, the garden does a very great job. Recently due to the nature of her cancer she has been unable to function fully in the garden and do what she loves best.
This cancer has now taken a hold of her entire body and she is very very sick. Because she cannot go home and see her remaining family, we would like to bring them here to her in America. We are trying to raise enough money to bring her mother and uncle so they can be there to take care of her. We are asking that you open your hearts and help us reach this goal to help a woman who has spent her entire life helping others. Just as the name of her nonprofit organization let us show compassion for Tsitsi and help to bring her family here. Thank you so much in advance to those who will donate and if you cannot donate even just a prayer would help. Help us make this story viral. Share with a friend, who will share with another friend and sooner than later more than enough people will know. Compassion is contagious, let’s spread it all over!
Thelma Mubaiwa, family, and friends.
After being refused an emergency visa for 7 years to come to the United States and take care of her sick daughter the visa was approved  5/6/13. We are now on a mission to raise money for her mother and uncle to come as well. The cost for the earliest tickets from Zimbabwe here for two people will be roughly $6,036 for round-trip tickets give or take a couple hundred dollars.Our goal is to have them here as soon as possible. The remainder of the money will be used as an insurance just in case the ticket prices rise. Also we will need to pay for baggage as well and the food they will eat on the way here.
We understand we are requesting a lot but anything will help. if you cannot donate PLEASE share this story, share this website and help us to get this story viral. We are asking for help to the one person who has helped everyone her entire life. It is now our turn to return the same compassion to her. 

Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'Bring Tsitsi her famil' happen!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Father rapes daughter as son watches and the mom told the daughter not to worry since it's part of life

A 36-year-old man who raped his 14-year-old daughter while his son watched and whose step mother later told the child "don't worry it happens in life" has been jailed.

The man, whom we cannot name to protect the identity of the child, infected her with a sexually transmitted infection. He will spend the next 20 years in jail.

The New Marlborough man raped his minor daughter twice, first while her brother watched and the second with his second wife's knowledge.

He would also go on to threaten his children's lives if they disclosed to anyone.

Facts are that sometime in February, the minor was sleeping with her brother on the floor while her father was on the bed with his wife.

The father then moved from the bed and raped the girl once.

Prosecutors said on the day she was raped, the girl was not feeling well and could not feel anything but her brother saw their father in her blankets.

The court heard that the following morning, her step mother told the girl not to worry about the rape, saying "it happens in life" and that is when she discovered that she had been raped.

It was further proved in March, after her father separated from her step mother, the father came home and started fondling her. He forced her to remove her clothes.

He also assaulted the girl's brother, forcing him to sleep before raping her.

After the act, he threatened the two children with death if they revealed the matter to anyone.

The court heard that the matter came to light after the minor's aunt noticed her having difficulties in walking, with revelations that she had been infected with warts.

An anonymous call was made to Marlborough Police Station of a possible abuse of the minor.

A medical affidavit reportedly showed that the girl had been raped.

Men queue to have s*x with a visibly pregnant prostitute near Victoria Falls

The road from Botswana to Victoria Falls
A visibly pregnant prostitute is the toast of the red-light district at Cross Dete business centre along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway as men looking for a nice time, especially long-distance haulage truck drivers, jostle to pay for s*x with her.

A Monday night surveillance of the s*x worker by our news crew saw her being approached at different times by five men - three of them being truck drivers, who hired her for s*x - the grandest pleasure game discovered by Biblical Adam and Eve!

According to locals, the woman has more clients on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights - the busiest days at Cross Dete.

Attempts to interview the pregnant 'multiple penis tester' who declined to be named, were fruitless as she said she was 'too busy', supposedly busy with getting her cookie "watered". However, after being offered US$5 for a five-minute interview the Public S*xual Relations Engineer finally agreed to talk.

We have since established that the pregnant s*x worker is in fact madly in love with someone else. This was after the woman who refused to be identified argued that her dear boyfriend would dump her if ever he gets to know her 'line of trade' (selling her resource).

"My boyfriend works in Hwange but these days we are not in good books because he was not sending me money for preparation for HIS baby. He says he does not earn much but I don't believe he can't afford to send me at least US$50 a month," she said.

The thigh vendor said she was into s*x work even before she fell pregnant but wanted to stop when she found out she had fallen pregnant. However, she claimed that since her boyfriend couldn't look after her pregnancy, she was forced to continue selling her 'money making tool'.

"I am not proud of what I am doing because I am putting my baby's health at risk but I have no choice. I thought I could stop when my pregnancy started showing because I feared that men would not want to hire me. But to my surprise men want me more than when I was not pregnant. I have always insisted on condoms and I always go for HIV tests so I know that I am negative. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that my baby is safe," she claimed.

The s*x specialist said she is using s*x to get money which she will use to pay for maternity bills.

"I have US$200 at home and I am not going to put it to waste. I am hoping that my boyfriend will have a change of heart but if he doesn't I will be forced to file for maintenance after I have given birth to his child," said the five-month pregnant prostitute.

In separate interviews, the men who were observed talking to the pregnant hooker admitted that they paid her for s*x and said they did so because they were curious to see what a pregnant prostitute had to offer.

A Zambian truck driver, who called himself Mr Phiri, said he found s*x with the pregnant woman satisfying as she was surprisingly energetic and flexible too.

"I was somehow afraid to sleep with her because she is pregnant but my curiosity got the better of me. I heard people saying s*x with a pregnant woman is better but I had never experienced that because my wife had a low libido when she was pregnant. I am happy to say it is true that s*x with a pregnant woman can be good, it was good," said the seemingly satisfied man who was grateful for what he was offered.

Another prostitute who identified herself as Portia said the pregnant s*x worker was making more money than anyone else such that some men had to literally queue for their turn to come.

"I usually make about US$50 a night but these days I make half because clients even my regular ones want to have a taste of a pregnant prostitute. She is my sister so I cannot get angry with her. There is no rivalry whatsoever between us. In fact all of us (prostitutes) are happy for her because her boyfriend works in Hwange and does not send her money for preparation for his baby. Here we assist each other, we are sisters," said Portia, a proud graduate of the world's oldest profession.

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