Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zimbabwe Ghetto Life: Sarudzai Achizunza Mazakwatira alongside Bhebhe in Mbare !!! Video @ Club Wedzera !!!

In the video we see Sarudzai known by many as Saru shaking her booty (kuzunza mazakwatira) and the man behind the camera "Mad Minox" cheering her up and telling her to keep on shaking them and trust me Saru knows how to shake what her "Mama Gave Her". I have watched this video a couple times and I seem to fall in love with her dance moves.

As I was watching these videos I asked myself why are these people always happy like this???
Their lifestyle is so simple, they are not very rich but they are very happy people.
My favorite guy is Bhebhe. Bhebhe is very funny and always happy. Not forgetting the big boss "Mr Wedzera himself", he is the short guy wearing a jacket dancing and knows how to entertain his customers.
I didn't know that beer is that cheap in Zimbabwe, you can buy a bottle of Castle Lager beer for $0.75 or 75 cents. You know when we talk about Ghetto life we always think of bad things like guns and violence but most of these people are always happy except one guy they call Boris. Boris claims that he bought a cellphone for $4 but the phone didn't have a battery so he had to buy the battery for $2. Boris was planning to sale the phone for $10 so that he can get a $4 profit. All hell broke loose when the guy who initially sold the phone to Boris came back with his wife demanding his phone back. The wife of the man claims that his husband had stolen the phone from her mother and this didn't go down well with Boris and he slapped this man a couple times. In Mbare they have a slogan that a deal can not be reversed once it has been done and they call it "No Reverse Dhiri" but Boris was very understanding and he returned the phone but the crying man is claiming that Boris took his money back but he didn't give him his phone back.
Boris Explaining what had happened

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