Thursday, April 11, 2013

True Confession:I'm a Street-Kid having unprotected S*X with rich "Sugar Mummies" & they give me food and money !!!

"When you see me sleeping during the day it's just because I can't sleep during the night since I will be busy working",said Munya. "What kind of Job do you do during the night, are you are security guard ,"I asked him? "Maya mudhara, Chimahobho hachibhadhari", said Munya (meaning that he wasn't a security guard since most security guards don't get paid well).

If he wasn't a security guard then what kind of job does a 16 year-old boy can do at night, I asked myself. I was very curious and started questioning Munya but he was reluctant to open up. I didn't wanna bother him anymore and I told him to hurry up and finish washing my car since I had to go to Forbes Border and I paid him $3 for washing my car. The following day I met Munya at Moto Moto and he said "Ko Mudhara mungaitawo here mushonga we sick"  meaning that he was looking for syphilis pills.
I was so shocked that Munya at 16 he was already engaging in sexual activities and this time he didn't hesitate to tell me what was going on in his life.

"Remember yesterday I told you I work at night, my night job got me into this mess. Munya dipped his hands into his pockets and showed me a cellphone and said "Urikuona foni iyi Mudhara ikangorira chete paita basa" meaning that once his cellphone rings that means that he got a job to do.  I have about 2 "Sugar Mummies" and the ladies are very rich and they all drive expensive cars and they have beautiful houses in Murambi and Greenside. I only talk to them at night. They bought this cellphone for me so that they can easily locate me whenever they need my services.  If I see them during the day they will ignore me & act like they don't even know me. They usually call me at night and pick me up but they always tell me to take a shower as soon as we arrive at their house. I eat whatever I want because they always have food at their house. "Dambudziko racho nderekuti vana Moms vacho vanoda NYORO" (meaning that the only problem is that the Sugar Mummies demands unprotected S*X).

These 2 Sugar Mummies are best friends and at one time I had S*X with both of them at the same time.I was really enjoying this since they could give me food and money for my services but now I'm worried. "Siki inorwadza Mudhara, handizive pamwe vakatondipa Aids" (Meaning, Syphilis is very painful and he is worried that he may now be HIV Positive).

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