Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother says she is happy her son is dead because he was a robber

Mother says she is happy her son is dead
When Nozipho got the call that her 17-year-old son had died from stab wounds she says she felt no pain.

The teenager had lived as a gang member who had robbed, stolen and done battle on the streets.

"I am happy that my son is dead," she said.

"I cried no tears. I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders," said Nozipho Nyovane (41), the mother of three from Browns Farm in Philippi, South Africa.

"I knew my son’s days were numbered because of the way he lived. I pleaded with him to stop stealing and robbing people but he wouldn’t listen."
Her firstborn, Aphiwe Nyovane, was a Vura gang member for more than two years and was killed by the rival gang group amaVato on Saturday.
Aphiwe was found by passersby with and Nozipho said she was not surprised that her son had died violently.  

The unemployed mother said the people he stole from used to come to her house and beat her up for the sins of her son  
"Other people took my belongings, saying he had stolen from them," she said.  

"But that is a thing of the past. I will sleep better at night."  

Aphiwe had left the house earlier in the evening and said he was going to see his friends but before leaving the house he sang and danced with his youngest brother and told him he was going to be back soon but he never came back.

"Last year he had an operation because of the head wounds he sustained whilst fighting with other gangsters," said the mother.  That time he survived.  

Captain Frederick Van Wyk said a case of murder is being investigated.

"It is alleged the deceased and his friends were chased by other young boys.  His friends managed to flee but he was unfortunately caught and killed by the suspects," said Van Wyk. 
- Dailysun

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