Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Harare man leaves his wife and he is now staying with a well known prostitute

Harare man elopes and co-habits with popular prostitute
A Harare  man lives to regret the day he decided to dump his wife and move in with a well known prostitute in the area.
Fortunate Mudzenegere could not lose his man to another woman without a fight and she bashed his husband several times until he decided to seek the courts for peace and protection order. 
The husband only known as Llyod has caused too much shame to his wife and kids since he has become the talk of the town because his new found love is a well known hooker who sleeps with any man who comes her way.

"We are not staying together and he is now demanding the kids from me but I will not give him because he has moved away to stay with a woman who is known by everyone in our neighbourhood that she is a prostitute," said Fortunate.

Lloyd, responding to the claims, said all he wanted was peace and protection.

"The reason I came to this court is because I want peace, I want protection from this woman's violent behaviour. She comes to my parents' house where I am staying and insults me and beats me up. I even have scars on my body to prove my claim. I want to have custody of the kids because she is a cross border trader and she is always in Angola so she leaves the children alone," he said.

Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti, who presided over the case, granted the protection order which instructs Fortunate to keep her peace towards Lloyd. However, regarding their kids, Fortunate was awarded the custody.

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