Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zimbabwe's swimming golden girl Kirsty Coventry fears that she may be HIV positive after being robbed in Harare

Kirsty Coventry wrote on her Facebook page about the robbery

After landing in Harare on Saturday night, 4 to 5 men smashed the back window of our vehicle in an attempt to steal our luggage.
My Sister and I were sitting behind my fiancé and her husband, who was driving. My sister grabbed my 2yr old niece and 5yr old nephew and I threw myself into the back of the vehicle to try hold onto our bags. Whilst wrestling with one of the men over our suitcases, I cut myself on the shattered glass. Unfortunately, so did one of the thieves.
My fiancé and brother-in-law were able to jump out and chase after these guys managing to catch one of them. The others got away with 1 bag. It was late at night and very scary, but thankfully we are all okay.
I'm now having to take antiretroviral medication. The ARVs may be unnecessary, but HIV is a serious problem in Africa and you can never be too careful. I understand how desperate these men must be to do this, but that does not make it right.
So many people are struggling in their daily lives and instead of stealing from each other and creating terror for others, we should be working together to create jobs and helping each other.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mutare Soldier was kidnapped and forced to have S*X with a woman for 4 days !!!

A 25-YEAR-OLD soldier was allegedly kidnapped and detained for four days by suspected female rapists, who are said to have sexually abused him several times before releasing him early this week.

Police in Mutare have confirmed the incident, saying they were hunting for the suspected culprits.

Manicaland assistant police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean told NewsDay yesterday that on April 19 around midnight at Birchenough Bridge business centre, the unsuspecting soldier boarded the women’s vehicle on his way to Mutare.

The suspects, two women and a male counterpart, were allegedly travelling in a Mercedes Benz vehicle. According to Clean, after an hour’s drive towards Mutare, the driver diverted from the route and when the complainant asked where they were going, he was threatened.

“After diverting from the route, the complainant asked where they were heading to and they told him they were going to get some food. The soldier requested to be dropped, but the driver produced a knife and threatened him with it. One of the female passengers blindfolded the complainant with a black cloth,” said Clean.

According to Clean, they then took the complainant to an unknown house where they undressed him and took away his phone and $35. The suspects ordered the man to be intimate with one of the women on several occasions.

They kept him from the 19th up to the 23rd of this month. During the early hours of Tuesday, they blindfolded him and took him to Mutare where they then dropped him in the Dangamvura Mountains.
According to Clean, the suspects stoned the complainant on his left foot where he sustained a serious injury before driving off at high speed.

The soldier made a report at Sakubva Police Station, prompting investigations. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zimbabwe Ghetto Life: Sarudzai Achizunza Mazakwatira alongside Bhebhe in Mbare !!! Video @ Club Wedzera !!!

In the video we see Sarudzai known by many as Saru shaking her booty (kuzunza mazakwatira) and the man behind the camera "Mad Minox" cheering her up and telling her to keep on shaking them and trust me Saru knows how to shake what her "Mama Gave Her". I have watched this video a couple times and I seem to fall in love with her dance moves.

As I was watching these videos I asked myself why are these people always happy like this???
Their lifestyle is so simple, they are not very rich but they are very happy people.
My favorite guy is Bhebhe. Bhebhe is very funny and always happy. Not forgetting the big boss "Mr Wedzera himself", he is the short guy wearing a jacket dancing and knows how to entertain his customers.
I didn't know that beer is that cheap in Zimbabwe, you can buy a bottle of Castle Lager beer for $0.75 or 75 cents. You know when we talk about Ghetto life we always think of bad things like guns and violence but most of these people are always happy except one guy they call Boris. Boris claims that he bought a cellphone for $4 but the phone didn't have a battery so he had to buy the battery for $2. Boris was planning to sale the phone for $10 so that he can get a $4 profit. All hell broke loose when the guy who initially sold the phone to Boris came back with his wife demanding his phone back. The wife of the man claims that his husband had stolen the phone from her mother and this didn't go down well with Boris and he slapped this man a couple times. In Mbare they have a slogan that a deal can not be reversed once it has been done and they call it "No Reverse Dhiri" but Boris was very understanding and he returned the phone but the crying man is claiming that Boris took his money back but he didn't give him his phone back.
Boris Explaining what had happened

Thursday, April 25, 2013

True Confession : I'm having S*X with my father and I wish my mother can just disappear !!!

I'm a 22 year college student and I'm very attracted to my father and I love him to death.
I started to have a crush on my father 4 years ago when I was 18 years old. To be honest with you I never thought this crush was going to be reality because at first I thought it was just a daughter and father love and nothing more.

One night I heard my mother moaning when she was busy "making babies" with my father. I tried so hard to control my feelings but I lost the battle. So as to relieve myself I rushed to the bathroom and I masturb*ted for a good 10 minutes and I went back to sleep but this did not help. The only way I could let this man I call father to bonk me was to seduce him and I planned it very well when my mother was not home.
At first he refused but at the end of the day he is a man and I know how to please a man. Finally we did it and it was the most exciting thing that I have ever done in my life and now I'm jealousy of my mother and I wish she can just disappear so that I can have him alone.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother says she is happy her son is dead because he was a robber

Mother says she is happy her son is dead
When Nozipho got the call that her 17-year-old son had died from stab wounds she says she felt no pain.

The teenager had lived as a gang member who had robbed, stolen and done battle on the streets.

"I am happy that my son is dead," she said.

"I cried no tears. I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders," said Nozipho Nyovane (41), the mother of three from Browns Farm in Philippi, South Africa.

"I knew my son’s days were numbered because of the way he lived. I pleaded with him to stop stealing and robbing people but he wouldn’t listen."
Her firstborn, Aphiwe Nyovane, was a Vura gang member for more than two years and was killed by the rival gang group amaVato on Saturday.
Aphiwe was found by passersby with and Nozipho said she was not surprised that her son had died violently.  

The unemployed mother said the people he stole from used to come to her house and beat her up for the sins of her son  
"Other people took my belongings, saying he had stolen from them," she said.  

"But that is a thing of the past. I will sleep better at night."  

Aphiwe had left the house earlier in the evening and said he was going to see his friends but before leaving the house he sang and danced with his youngest brother and told him he was going to be back soon but he never came back.

"Last year he had an operation because of the head wounds he sustained whilst fighting with other gangsters," said the mother.  That time he survived.  

Captain Frederick Van Wyk said a case of murder is being investigated.

"It is alleged the deceased and his friends were chased by other young boys.  His friends managed to flee but he was unfortunately caught and killed by the suspects," said Van Wyk. 
- Dailysun

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nasty Street Fight in Harare Zimbabwe

A man in a red shirt is seen a couple times beating the guy in grey shirt. The man wearing a grey shirt is seen in the video trying to make peace and telling the other guy in red shirt that he doesn't have the strength to fight and he wasn't willing to fight him back. All hell broke loose when the guy in red shirt kicked the other guy below the belt. The grey shirt guy could not take this beating anymore without fighting back and he knocked out the red shirt guy and he fainted and he dragged him to the busy road. I'm not sure if this guy survived because that's a busy road and he could have been run over by a car.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Video of Granny being beaten up after being accused of stealing a packet of underwear

A video has surfaced showing five clothing shop employees beating up a 49 year old woman after accusing her of stealing a packet of underwear. The 49 year old woman is seen in the video pleading with the men to stop beating her since they may kill her. All her cries fell in deaf ears since these men could not stop assaulting her, they even used a rubber hammer to beat her up. At that point I thought there were just about to kill her. This is just too cruel !!!!

Viewer Discretion is Advised !!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai offers US$4,5 Million to buy Luxurious Highlands Mansion

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai wants to purchase his luxurious Highlands mansion for US$4,5 million and also his official Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
The MDC leader is said to have approached Public Works Minister Mr Joel Gabuza Gabbuza offering to purchase the luxurious property priced at a whopping US$3 million. He was asked to make an official request in writing which he did two weeks ago.

The ministry advised the PM that he could only secure the house after paying the US$3 million as well as a further US$1,5 million which would settle a loan granted to him by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for the purposes of renovating the property.

Although Minister Gabbuza last night said he is yet to receive official communication on the proposed house purchase, sources have told The Sunday Mail that the Prime Minister submitted a formal request.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman, Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, could not be reached for comment last night, but several MDC-T officials who commented on the matter expressed shock that their boss had that kind of money to spend on a house, especially now when his party is facing serious financial challenges.

An MDC-T provincial executive member who spoke on condition of anonymity said most party officials were disappointed by their leader’s decision.

“The MDC-T is a party for change, but, definitely US$4,5 million is not small change.”
Another top party official said Mr Tsvangirai risked alienating himself from the party “which is in dire straits.”
“It is wrong timing to do such a thing. Why couldn’t he wait until after the elections? After all, everyone knows that the party’s finances are in a bad state.

The Highlands mansion courted some controversy for the Prime Minister after he was accused of securing two separate loans for the same property. He had allegedly received US$1,5 million from Treasury and another US$1,5 million from the Reserve Bank.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mutare "Garden Boy" murders employer and rapes her when she was already dead !!!

A Mutare woman was murdered by her gardener who went on to rape her corpse on Sunday.

Homicide detectives handling the case could not fathom how the suspect raped the dead body and they were later shocked when he revealed that he wanted "to taste how it feels to sleep with a white lady, even a dead one".
Phillip Chinhara (31) was on Monday arrested for allegedly butchering Maria Spanos (77) of 5 Miles Avenue, Yeovil in Mutare with a machete.
He faces three more possible charges of rape, unlawful entry and robbery.
Following his arrest, detectives recovered a 100kg safe which he had stolen from the house and hid in a stream near the suburb.
Police also recovered the murder weapon which will be produced in court as exhibit.
The deceased was found in a pool of blood lying on her bed.
She had a 15cm deep cut on her left cheek consistent with a machete attack while her lower part of the body was naked.
Some semen was also found at the scene.
Assistant Manicaland police spokesman, Sergeant Muzondiwa Clean, described the murder as callous and chilling.
"Investigations are still in progress, but we will get to the bottom of the whole case. On Monday at around 7am, Oneday Chitizho who is the late Spanos' other gardener woke up as usual and discovered that six roof tiles had been removed from the main house. He then went to his employer's bedroom window and knocked to wake her up in order to inform her of the removed tiles, but there was no response.
"It was at that time that Oneday discovered that the gate was open and the padlock key which was used to lock it was also missing. Oneday then went to inform George Spanos who is the deceased's son. George made a police report and detectives reacted swiftly and upon arrival they discovered that all windows and doors were locked. Police had to smash the window and cut the burglar bars to gain entry into the house.
"Spanos was lying in a pool of blood. Her body was covered with blankets and she had a deep cut on the left cheek and her lower part was completely naked," he said.
The police also discovered that a safe had been stolen.
During interrogation on Tuesday at Mutare Central Police Station, the murder suspect, Chinhara, chronicled how he planned to rob his employer, broke into the house, murdered Spanos and raped her as well as how he ferried the heavy 100kg safe by himself to the stream.
Chinhara is Oneday's son-in-law and he ended up staying at Spanos residence because he used to relief his father-in-law as a gardener each time he was off duty.
"Ms Spanos told me to come and stay at the house and I stayed with my father-in-law at the cottage. I heard rumours that Ms Spanos was about to erect a pre-cast wall around her house and I asked my father-in-law if it was true. He replied in the positive and I asked him if she had money and he said yes and he also told me that she also had diamonds," he said.
On Sunday, he allegedly wore his father-in-law's shoes and went into town, ostensibly planning his moves.
He came back at around 7pm, jumped the gate and got inside.
"I climbed to the roof and removed some tiles. I crawled in the ceiling looking for the trap hole. I found it and I jumped down into the house where Ms Spanos was. I opened the outside doors and went to the cottage where my father-in-law was sleeping and took some weapons, including the machete.
"I then headed back to the main house and I found out that the toilet lights had been switched on. I went straight into Ms Spanos bedroom and started searching for the keys to the safe. I think she heard the noise and she came out of the toilet with a pistol in her hand. She then shouted 'Who are You!". I turned around and saw that she was about to shoot me. At that point she did not identify me because I was wearing balaclavas. I then hit her with the machete and she fell down. While on the ground, she then recognised me and said 'Phillip why are you doing this to me?' I took the machete and stabbed her through the neck. It went through and came out on the other side of her throat.
"I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I removed her clothes and raped her, but her body was now cold. Since I did not ejaculate I then masturbated," he said.
Since he failed to locate the keys, Chinhara then dragged the safe out of the house, placed it into a wheelbarrow and ferried it to a nearby stream.
On his way out, he broke the keys to the gate and dodged police officers who were patrolling the area at night.
When asked why he killed Ms Spanos, he said he had to kill her since she had identified him.
"She knew it was me who was robbing her and I had to kill her," he said.
On why he raped a dead body, Chinhara said he wanted to taste what it feels like to bed a white lady.
After committing the crime he came back and slept with his father-in-law at the cottage as if everything was fine.
When his father-in-law discovered the missing tiles the following morning it was Chinhara who advised him to call George and also inform the police.
When detectives combed the scene they discovered that the shoe marks that were left in the ceiling matched with those of Oneday's shoes.
They quizzed him and he told them that his shoes had been borrowed by his son-in-law the previous day.
Chinhara was subsequently arrested and he confessed to the murder.
He led detectives to where he had hidden the safe and it was recovered

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Roommate's wife is tempting me and they are too loud while doing it !!!

I'm  human too & why on the earth my roommate's wife is putting me through this emotional stress.
Let me get straight to the point, I moved to South Africa 2 years ago from Bulawayo looking for a job and I met a guy who is also from Zimbabwe. We had been living as roommates since then and everything was ok before his wife came from Zimbabwe to visit him.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and I had no problem sleeping on the sofa and let them use the bedroom. Honestly speaking my roommate's wife is very beautiful and very friendly and I had no problem getting along with her. The problem started when it was time to sleep, she was moaning and making these crazy noise when they were having S*X and trust me even our neighbour woke up because it was that too loud.

So I went back to sleep after they were done. My roommate works morning shift so he always leaves the house early in the morning and he left when I was still sleeping. I wanted to pee so badly and I woke up to use the toilet and  after I was done she was standing behind me looking at me smiling and she said she never thought my "Anaconda" was that big. I quickly pulled up my pants and stormed out of that toilet.
She acted as if nothing had happened when her husband came back from work but she has always been teasing me saying "mapudzi anowira kusina hari, shuwa...murume rudziiko anotya mukadzi kudaro" (meaning,     that I'm not man enough, how can I be scared to have S*X with her). This is driving me crazy and I don't know what to do since she is not going back anytime soon.

Pastor from Gwanda had S*X with a married woman from his church resulting in her getting pregnant

A Gwanda man was left singing the blues when his wife allegedly moved in with their pastor whom they consulted whenever they had domestic disputes, a move which made the two end up sharing the forbidden fruit.

The heart broken man, Tapiwa Munashe, revealed that their marriage counsellor-cum pastor, Melusi Dube of Hope Ministries, took advantage of their marital problems to lure his wife Mercy Munashe into bed.

"We wedded sometime in 2011 and since then whenever we had serious problems with my wife, we consulted pastor Dube to help us solve our differences. My wife and Dube became very close that I felt unsettled and jealousy as they began spending more time together under the disguise that he was taking my wife through some counselling sessions," said Tapiwa.

He revealed that the surprising part was that only his wife went for counselling sessions and the worst part is that they had more problems than before.

"We had serious problems than before. My wife moved out of the main bedroom and started using the spare bedroom. We became used to our new style of living with the hope that one day things will be normal again. In January, my wife moved out of the house to stay with the pastor saying they wanted to have early prayers at around 3am when Satanists were still sleeping," said Tapiwa.

It was a matter of time before the secret came out and Tapiwa got the shock of his life when he discovered that his wife was pregnant.

"I last slept with my wife in 2012 and when I asked her about the pregnancy, she just cried and referred me to the pastor. Since then, I have not had the opportunity to see the pastor and I think he is avoiding me," said the bitter man.

When the woman was contacted for comment, the woman maintained that she is staying at the pastor's house so as to pray when Satanists will be asleep.

"I am staying at my pastor's house so that we can pray when Satanists are still sleeping. About the pregnancy, I told my husband to ask the pastor what happened."

Efforts to get a comment from the pastor were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable. B-metro

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas

There was a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco Texas that has left at least two people dead and over 100 injured. The danger is not over since there is another tank that didn't explode and officials fear that it may explode causing more damage and people are being evacuated.

(Watch Video-Viewer Discretion Advised)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Taxi Driver in Karoi was killed and fed to the lions

A 36-YEAR-OLD Karoi taxi driver was allegedly murdered and fed to the lions by carjackers who dumped his body in a lion-infested game park where it was devoured by the wild animals, which only left his blood-stained shredded clothes.

The incident that sent chills within the commuting public in Mashonaland West province occurred on March 11, 2011 in the Chirundu area where the victim, Alneshto Bayeta, was based. Tafadzwa Watson Mapfoche (21) and Thinkwell Zaranyika (22) allegedly confessed to police to killing Bayeta by throwing him down the steep slopes of the Marongora Heights after robbing him of his vehicle, a Nissan March.

Mapfoche and Zaranyika were arrested by police three weeks later and the vehicle was later recovered at a farm in Mhangura, but it had been stripped of some parts.

On the fateful day, Bayeta was pirating in Leonard Mhundwa's vehicle when the two men hired him from Karoi to ferry them to an unknown destination.

It is alleged when they got to the Marongora Heights in the Chirundu area, Mapfoche and Zaranyika forced Bayeta out of his vehicle, killed him and dumped his body in a lion-infested game park where it was later devoured by the beasts. Efforts to recover Bayeta's body by the police in conjunction with officials from National Parks proved fruitless.

They only managed to retrieve torn pieces of his pair of brown shoes, a navy blue pair of trousers, a white shirt, belt and underwear. The clothes were scattered in a manner consistent with a body devoured by wild animals. Mapfoche and Zaranyika appeared at the High Court in Harare last week before Justice Felistus Chatukuta facing a murder charge.

The matter was postponed to Friday this week for judgment. Prosecutor Charles Manhiri appeared for the State

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Zimbabwean man was stoned to death in South Africa

A 44-year-old Zimbabwean man from Beitbridge was found lying dead in a pool of blood at a bush in Musina, South Africa after he was allegedly stoned to death in a suspected xenophobic attack.

Lieutenant Mudau confirmed the incident, which is suspected to have occurred on Friday night at Matswale Extension 9 suburb in Musina. The body was found on Saturday at around 6am by a passerby who then alerted police. Lt Mudau said they have since opened investigations.

He identified the man as Cephas Mulaudzi, who was employed at a game reserve outside Musina.

"We have since launched investigations following the discovery of a body of a man whom we suspect was murdered and dumped in the bush near Matswale Extension 9 suburb. The body of the victim, who is a Zimbabwean, was discovered by a passerby who then alerted us. He had visible head and chest injuries an indication that he was stoned to death," said the police spokesperson.

Matswale has of late become home to Zimbabweans living in Musina. Lt Mudau said  no arrests were made, adding that investigations were going on.

"As police, we are also appealing to anyone who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact us," he said.

The body was taken to Nzhelele Government mortuary for a post-mortem. Several Zimbabweans living in South Africa have in the past fallen victim to xenophobic attacks at the hands of locals.

In June 2011, a Zimbabwean man, Mr Godfrey Sibanda, was cornered by a mob and stoned to death in Extension 75 of Seshego Township, northwest of Polokwane, while walking home from work. The fracas also resulted in scores of Zimbabweans fleeing their homes.

In May 2008, 62 people among them Zimbabweans were left dead and more than 100,000 displaced and property worth millions of rand looted or destroyed during xenophobic attacks on foreigners, which started in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg before spreading to other parts of the neighbouring country.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gangman Style man is back with a new hit song "Gentleman", with over 44 million views in just 24 hours !!!

PSY is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. After causing the whole world to go crazy with his hit song Gangman Style, PSY is back again with a new song "Gentleman". His new video was uploaded yesterday 13 April 2013 on YouTube and currently it has over 44 million views. I don't mean 44 thousand but 44 million in just over 24 hours. Isn't this unbelievable ????

I wasn't surprised by these many views in just almost 24 hours because his music is so unique and catchy.
You don't need to understand the language because the beat is so good and the dance moves are so funny and very interesting.

Do you know that his first hit song that made him the Global icon has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube ?? No any other YouTube video has ever reached that number, the second most viewed video on YouTube is Baby by Justin Bieber and it has almost 846 million views that's half Gangman Style views.

9 People died In an Accident and 35 critically injured near Chivhu

Nine people have died in an accident at the 11 kilometre peg along Chivhu-Gutu road near Sebakwe River early Saturday morning.
Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said eight people died on the spot, while the other one died on admission at Chivhu hospital.
He said the accident happened when a Bedford truck which was carrying some 56 Apostolic Church members side-swiped an oncoming lorry.

Chief Superintendent Nyathi said 10 people were seriously injured and have since been admitted at Chivhu hospital, while 35 sustained minor injuries.
In another other accident, four people died on the spot and two others were seriously injured after two vehicles were involved in a head on collision along the Harare - Bulawayo road, near Norton.

An eye witness Mr Washington Chizeme said the four died after one of the vehicles, a Toyota Mark II that was coming from Norton had a tyre burst resulting in the driver losing control and changing lanes and colliding with another car which was coming from Harare.
One of the survivors who was in the car coming from Harare, Magistrate John Masimba, said they were surprised to see a vehicle encroaching into their lane unexpectedly.

Mr Masimba revealed that no one died from the vehicle they were travelling in.
Norton Fire Brigade division officer Sidney Muvhurume, and police Inspector Ndebele both confirmed that more investigations into the cause of the accident are underway.

Police are withholding names of the deceased as they are yet to notify their next of kin. The injured are receiving treatment at the Norton District Hospital.
Carnage on Zimbabwe’s roads has become a cause for concern as people continue to lose their lives on a daily basis.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Off-duty Police Officer bashed a woman in presence of two uniformed Police Officers but they didn't arrest him

Why there is so much Police brutality in South Africa??
 In a shocking video that emerged yesterday shows an Off-duty Police officer hitting and kicking a defenseless woman in presence of two uniformed  police officers.

The two on-duty police officers did nothing to try and arrest their colleague who kept on beating, kicking and shoving the woman. All they did was to try and stop him from causing too much damage and after the man was done showing his muscles they let him go free without arresting him just because he is also a police officer. 

In February a Mozambican taxi driver was killed by South African Police officers just because he had parked at the wrong place. I mean killing a person like an animal, even animals don't deserve this kind of treatment. This is too barbaric and something needs to be done before it's too late.

Funniest Videos : The Best Hidden Camera Ever !!!

I watched this video and I could not stop laughing, it is just too funny. The cameras are hidden and the people don't even know that they are being filmed. Check it out but make sure you are not at work because you may get fired when you start laughing like crazy !!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

True Confession:I'm a Street-Kid having unprotected S*X with rich "Sugar Mummies" & they give me food and money !!!

"When you see me sleeping during the day it's just because I can't sleep during the night since I will be busy working",said Munya. "What kind of Job do you do during the night, are you are security guard ,"I asked him? "Maya mudhara, Chimahobho hachibhadhari", said Munya (meaning that he wasn't a security guard since most security guards don't get paid well).

If he wasn't a security guard then what kind of job does a 16 year-old boy can do at night, I asked myself. I was very curious and started questioning Munya but he was reluctant to open up. I didn't wanna bother him anymore and I told him to hurry up and finish washing my car since I had to go to Forbes Border and I paid him $3 for washing my car. The following day I met Munya at Moto Moto and he said "Ko Mudhara mungaitawo here mushonga we sick"  meaning that he was looking for syphilis pills.
I was so shocked that Munya at 16 he was already engaging in sexual activities and this time he didn't hesitate to tell me what was going on in his life.

"Remember yesterday I told you I work at night, my night job got me into this mess. Munya dipped his hands into his pockets and showed me a cellphone and said "Urikuona foni iyi Mudhara ikangorira chete paita basa" meaning that once his cellphone rings that means that he got a job to do.  I have about 2 "Sugar Mummies" and the ladies are very rich and they all drive expensive cars and they have beautiful houses in Murambi and Greenside. I only talk to them at night. They bought this cellphone for me so that they can easily locate me whenever they need my services.  If I see them during the day they will ignore me & act like they don't even know me. They usually call me at night and pick me up but they always tell me to take a shower as soon as we arrive at their house. I eat whatever I want because they always have food at their house. "Dambudziko racho nderekuti vana Moms vacho vanoda NYORO" (meaning that the only problem is that the Sugar Mummies demands unprotected S*X).

These 2 Sugar Mummies are best friends and at one time I had S*X with both of them at the same time.I was really enjoying this since they could give me food and money for my services but now I'm worried. "Siki inorwadza Mudhara, handizive pamwe vakatondipa Aids" (Meaning, Syphilis is very painful and he is worried that he may now be HIV Positive).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hurungwe man rapes his grandmother several times

A Hurungwe man was last week arraigned before a Karoi magistrate for allegedly raping his 65-year-old grandmother several times during the just ended Easter holiday.
Magistrate Mrs Nyaradzo Ringisayi advised Fidelis Chihaka from Nyahonde village under Chief Mujinga, Hurungwe to apply for bail at the High Court before she remanded him to
April 16.
The court heard that on March 31 this year, Chihaka who stayed with his maternal granny came home late from the beerhall before he knocked at the kitchen hut where the woman was sleeping.
It is alleged the grandmother who had refused to open the door on account of unavailability of matches only complied after Chihaka — who claimed to have some matches — indicated that he was hungry and wanted to prepare himself some food.
Upon opening the door, Chihaka went for his unsuspecting granny whom he raped four times after locking the door from inside.
As he raped the old woman, it is also alleged Chihaka would rest sitting on top of the old woman and pinning her hands to the ground to prevent her from breaking free.
Despite the granny repeatedly imploring him to release her so she could relieve herself outside the hut, Chihaka would have none of it and instead ordered her to urinate in one of the buckets in the hut until he raped her four times.
Chihaka was arrested the following day after his granny took the matter to the village head.
Chihaka had since 2011 been on the police wanted list for cases he committed in the Tengwe area that year.
The cases include escaping from Tengwe Police Charge office, unlawful entry, assault and theft of a bicycle at Tengwe police station.
Mr Webster Dimingo prosecuted.

Zimbabwe Pastor had S*X with 6 married women who are all his Church Members and they all became pregnant

A Pastor at a church in Matobo District, Matabeleland South, has been expelled after he impregnated six women who were members of his church.
Pastor Derek Ngulube, formerly of Faith Ministries, was shown the red card by the church's elders late last month bringing to an end his reign of terror. Pastor Ngulube is reported to have impregnated the six women, some of them married, within a period of one year.

The pastor confirmed the expulsion and apologised.

"I feel bad and I want to say I am very sorry for what I did. If I could be given another chance I wouldn't repeat the mistake. I also welcome the punishment that the church leaders gave me," he said.

His antics were brought to light after one of the pastors prophesied that there was an elder within the church who was in the habit of bedding married women. After a 'witch hunt', it was established that Pastor Ngulube was the elder who had been fingered in the prophecy.

A source said on being questioned, Pastor Ngulube opened up and said he was indeed the one fingered in the prophecy.

"He tried to clear his name but later came back to his senses and said he was the one in the prophecy," said the source.

It is reported that Pastor Ngulube also revealed that ALL the women he had bedded fell pregnant. On hearing the news, the church's elders are said to have come to a decision to expel him.

"What he did is just disgraceful and a person like him could not be allowed to be part of a religious institution because what he did goes against all that Christianity stands for," said the source.

The source added that the husbands of the women that Ngulube claimed to have impregnated were summoned by the church's elders and had the news broken to them.

"Some of them were threatening to beat up Pastor Ngulube but they were restrained by the church elders. Others took up the issue with the traditional leadership," said the source.

Meanwhile, another pastor at Brethren Christ Church, in the same district, was ordered to pay three beasts by Chief Masuku after he impregnated a married woman.

According to a source, Pastor Lameck Maphosa was allegedly dragged to the traditional court on 21 March this years where Chief Masuku ordered him to pay three cows as compensation for impregnating another man's wife.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The first Gay Wedding in Africa : Watch Video !!!

Two young men tied the knot in a rare South African gay wedding in KwaDukuza (Stanger) on Saturday. In what was described as the town’s first gay marriage, Tshepo Modisane and Thoba Sithole, both 27, walked down the aisle in front of 200 guests at the Stanger Siva Sungam community hall.

The wedding was a jubilant, exciting affair, attracting even uninvited members of the local community.
Thoba, a Joburg-based IT specialist, is from Shakaville, KwaDukuza and Tshepo an audit manager at PwC. They have known each other for years and dated on and off, before stabilising their relationship.

Now tht they are wedded, they will take on the double-barrelled surname of Sithole-Modisane. The couple appeared to enjoy the support from the community, family and friends.
The couple are reportedly planning to have children through a surrogate.

“Family is important to us and that is the number one reason why we want to have children,” said Thoba.
“We also want our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly by both parents who appreciate them.” 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Herdboy from Bikita abducted six pupils who were coming from school and raped them one after the other while ordering them to cheer him on.

AN 18-year-old herdboy from Bikita in Masvingo allegedly abducted six Grade One pupils who were coming from school and raped them one after the other while ordering them to cheer him on.
The incident, which was confirmed by Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero happened some time last week.
He said the suspect was still at large and police have since launched a manhunt for him.

“Yes I can confirm receiving the report and we are appealing to members of the public who may have information about Abraham Zunguza’s whereabouts. The suspect disappeared after he allegedly abducted six Grade One girls and raped them,” said Insp Zhanero.
Zunguza of Village 28 in Chief Ziki area is suspected to have skipped the border to neighbouring South Africa after the matter was reported to the village head.

Sources said on an unknown date but sometime last week at around 12 pm, Zunguza who was armed with a catapult, knife and in the company of dogs met a group of children coming from a primary school in Bikita. He tactically separated boys from girls by sweet-talking them to engage into a mini-running competition.
When they were a distance away, he allegedly ordered them to disappear as he would unleash his dogs on them.

The boys allegedly complied and they started to run, thereby leaving the six girls at his mercy.
Zunguza allegedly ordered some who were waiting for their turn to cheer him on and threatened to stab them with a knife if they dared report the matter to anyone.

After holding them captive for more than three hours, Zunguza left his victims and upon arriving home, they all told their parents what had happened.
The parents teamed up and approached the village head who called all the boys from Village 28 to an identification parade.

Unfortunately Zunga did not turn up and a police report was made but he was nowhere to be found.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mutare woman had unprotected s*x with a 21 year old man for a long time while her three friends watched

FEMALE rapists, on Easter Sunday pounced on a 21-year-old man from Chikanga high-density suburb in Mutare, and kidnapped him before raping him once in a maize field.

Police confirmed the incident which happened near Murahwa stream, towards a railway line in Chikanga.

Assistant Manicaland provincial police spokesman, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda, said the victim (name withheld) was coming from a beer binge when four people - three of them women - who were driving a white Toyota Ipsum (Registration unknown) approached him.

"The quartet grabbed him, pushed him into the car on the back seat. He was flanked by two women. They drove him towards a railway line near Zaoga Church in Chikanga. The quartet tripped him to the ground. Two women held his hands while the other one pulled her dress and sat on the victim's private parts," said Asst Insp Chananda.

She caressed him until his privates became erect. She had unprotected s*x for a lengthy period while the three others watched. After finishing the act, they searched him and took away $100 and a cellphone before vanishing.

"We are investigating the matter. The rapists are still at large and we are appealing to members of the public with information leading to the arrest of the culprits to contact their nearest police station," he said.

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