Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kwekwe woman was raped in the maize field as son watches

Kwekwe residents are having a difficult time to come to terms with what just happened in their usually quiet city after a woman was raped in the maize field as her three year old son watches. The woman was alone in her maize field with her son when the accused man Phenias Banda approached them.

The 24 year-old man acted as a Good Samaritan when he approached the woman, he acted as if he was willing to help and he looked very concerned why she was alone guarding her maize field from being devoured by baboons.
The man asked the woman about the whereabouts of her husband and the woman who never suspected anything bad from this man, openly told him that her husband was away.

Upon realising the opportunity that he was waiting for, the man did not waste any time and he proposed love but she turned him down. This did not go down well with Banda and he drew out a knife and he threatened to stab her if she didn't comply with his demands. Fear for her life and her son the woman had no option and Banda forced her to lie down and he raped her once as her 3 year-old son watches crying helplessly. The man threatened the woman with undisclosed consequences if she tells anyone about what had happened.
The woman told her husband about what happened and the couple reported the matter to the police leading to Banda's arrest.

Banda pleaded not guilty to rape and told the court that he was in love with the woman and she had consented to have s*xual intercourse with him. Banda was remanded in custody to April 10 and was advised to apply for bail to the High Court.

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