Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm having s*x with my uncle's daughter

I never expected or never thought about this happening to me. I'm having s*x with my uncle's daughter and I don't know how to stop. I'm 42 years old and my cousin is 19 years old and since the day she let me taste her soup I'm always in her blankets like a rabbit. We have s*x at least 4 times everyday and we are so much into each other that I feel like marrying her.

Some of you may be wondering how this is happening so often without our family members intervening to stop this. I live in Philadelphia U.S.A  and I do delivery work. I only go to work when the dispatch guys tells me to go pick up packages and drop them at certain locations, so most of the times when I'm waiting for the dispatch to send me orders I will be at my apartment that I share with my uncle's daughter.
I moved from Zimbabwe in 1994 and I have been living here in Philly since then. My uncle called sometime last year in December and he told me that her daughter had completed her A-levels in Zimbabwe and she wanted to come and study in America. Being loyal to my family I helped her secure a place at a Community College in Philadelphia. I was living in a one bedroom apartment before she came and I have plans to move into a two bedroom apartment when my lease expires sometime next month.

Since I'm still living in one bedroom apartment I let her sleep in the bedroom and I was sleeping on the sofa. One day I came back from work early and I found her busy masturbating on the sofa using a vibrator and she was watching a s*x video on the tv. She was so shocked because she was not expecting me to be back home this early. She apologised and she said she was very sorry and this wasn't going to happen again.
"Welcome to America ", those were my exact words handing her clothes so that she could get dressed.
After realising that I looked like I wasn't bothered by that she started to open up more. She told me straight up how she missed being bonked. She told me that she miss s*x like crazy and she was finding it very difficult to make friends at school and finding a guy maybe she could hang out with.

I'm human and I tried as hard as I could to control myself but this little girl had already turned me on and she saw that I was now having problems to talk and I was breathing heavily and my sausage was just about to explode in my trousers and she saw that too. "Don't be shy, I have done this before so you have nothing to worry about", she told me touching my sausage. I looked straight into her eyes and I didn't say a word but she didn't hesitate and she removed my trousers.  Yes, I admit we did it for a good 30 minutes and it was awesome. Since that day we are now sharing the same bed and living as husband and wife. She doesn't care anymore and she walks in the house without wearing clothes and we do it like 4 or more times every single day.

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