Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hwindi drove a minibus at Copacabana rank and ran over seven people

There was drama at Copacabana rank in Harare yesterday when an unlicensed Kombi conductor  ran over seven people  killing one of them instantly after he failed to control the vehicle. Upon realising what he had done, the conductor 
fled from the scene  All the injured people were rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital but one of them could not survive and died on the spot.
Police spokesman Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.
Supt Nyathi said Thomas Madera of 5 Bradfield Road in Waterfalls, who works for one W Chitate took advantage of the driver’s absence when he drove the improperly parked vehicle at the rank.
Police identified the deceased as Ms Memory Muduma (39).
“We received information that an accident occurred at Copacabana rank where one conductor identified as Thomas Madera ran into people with a commuter omnibus. It is alleged the driver had gone away but had left the keys in the ignition since he had not properly parked the vehicle.
“He started the vehicle and failed to control the vehicle which ran into seven people. The conductor ran away soon after the accident. One woman, identified as Ms Memory Muduma died as a result of the accident while six others are admitted to Parirenyatwa Hospital,” Supt Nyathi said.
He urged people with information about Madera’s whereabouts to inform the police.
“It is clear the conductor did not have a driver’s licence and we appeal to members of the public to assist with information which can lead to Madera’s arrest. He stays in Waterfalls, Harare and is employed by W Chitate of 7721 Samora Machel, Belvedere West in Harare.
“Police are still investigating the case and any information availed would be greatly appreciated,” said Supt Nyathi.
He said anyone with information about Madera’s whereabouts should contact Chief Inspector Musvuti on 0773 108 961.

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