Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diaspora destroyed my marriage

I was employed at Border Timbers in Mutare and I was living in Sakubva "Mazhambe" to be precise. I was married to my very beautiful wife Sarudzai and we had two kids aged 10 years and the last born was 2 months old when I made a big decision that I regret in my life. Life proved to be a bitter pill to swallow for me when I failed to pay rent and feed my family because my salary was too little to cover all our living expenses. When things started getting worse and I decided to search for greener pastures. Like what other guys from my hood were doing, I decided to follow suit. I went to South Africa to look for a job and I left my wife and kids behind. I had high hopes and I promised my wife that I was going to come back after 6 months and take them with me to South Africa. I could not take my wife and kids with me because of the limited funds that I had and I didn't know how long it was going to take me before I secure a job.

Four months went by before I got a job but fortunately enough I managed to get a job in the restaurant. I worked very hard and I saved all the money that I had hoping to go back home and take my family and bring them back with me to South Africa. One day I received a call from my uncle and he told me that I had to come back home because things didn't look good at my house. I was so much confused and I asked  him to explain further but he denied to tell me exactly what was going on at my house but insisted that I should come back home. I trusted my wife with all my heart so in my mind I knew my wife wasn't cheating on me. I thought maybe my 10 year old son was misbehaving or maybe my last born daughter was sick. Before my uncle called me I had not talked to my wife for almost a week now because her phone went straight to voice mail every time I tried to call her. With the trust that I had for my wife, I never suspected anything.

I was working in Durban but I know my Uncle  wasn't going to call me if it was a petty issue so I really had to go back home. I told my boss that I had an emergency back home so I had to go back home and come back after a week. Knowing how good I was at  my job my boss had no problem with me going to check on my family and come back after a week. I arrived in Mutare at Sakubva Bus Terminus around 10pm and I was excited that I was going to meet my wife and kids but at the same time I was wondering what was going on at my house. I could not wait to get home. As soon as I got off the bus I walked as fast as I could so that I could get home. I arrived home and I knocked on the door but no one responded. I opened the door since I had my own keys. I could not believe my eyes when I saw my 10 year old son and her little sister sleeping alone without their mother. I didn't wanna disturb my kids and wake them up so I let them sleep. I started to wonder where their mother had gone at night.

I switched off the light and I didn't sleep on our bed but I took a blanket and I covered myself lying next to our kids. It was around midnight when I heard my wife's voice talking outside and I was so much relieved but the happiness suddenly changed to bitterness. I felt so much betrayed by my own wife. She opened the door but didn't realise that I was inside. She had company, I mean she was with her new boyfriend. The guy kissed my wife in the dark room and said "ndokubata mangwana Saru" meaning that he was about to go and was going to see my wife tomorrow. I have never been that angry in my entire life, thank God I don't have a gun because I could have killed someone. My wife told this guy that she wanted to have S*X before he go "Shaz ndoda zvekukwirwa ini, wandisiya ndine nyota kuseni paya".

I could not take this any longer and I jumped out of the blankets and switched on the lights. The guy took to his heels and he disappeared in the darkness. I had never put my hands on my wife before until this day, I slapped her  so hard that she fell to the ground and I told her to pack her bags and leave my house. She started sobbing uncontrollably as she was walking out of the house.
If you to ask me if I still love my wife, the answer is "Yes". Will I be able to forgive her and accept her back in my life the answer is "No". As I'm writing this article, I'm now back in Durban and my sister is now living with my kids and my marriage is over. My only advice to those in Diaspora who left their loved ones back home in search for greener pastures just know that no-matter how much money you send back home  it will not satisfy your wife's s*xual needs.

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