Friday, March 29, 2013

Chiredzi couple asked a 13 year old boy to film them having S*X in the sugarcane field

Residents of Chiredzi town were left shocked when a 25 year-old man and his 17 year old girlfriend asked a 13 year-old boy to film them having s*x in the sugarcane field. The couple promised the 13 year-old boy money for his services and the little boy could not resist the opportunity for a quick buck.

The pair asked a 13 year-old boy to film their rendezvous in a sugarcane field.

Maxwell Magwenzi and his girlfriend from Chiredzi, Zimbabwe pleaded not guilty when they appeared before Chiredzi resident magistrate Mr Honest Musiyiwa last week. 

They were given an option to pay a US$40 fine.

For the State, Mr Liberty Hove said on 12 February at around 2pm in Section 2, Triangle, the juvenile and Magwenzi had intercourse in the sugarcane field while a 13-year-old boy was watching and taking a video using a cellphone.

The court heard that the boy was asked by Magwenzi to record their orgy after which he would be paid an unspecified amount of money. 

When Mangezi failed to honour the agreement to pay, the boy circulated the s*x video around the school and attracted the school head's attention.

The unnamed school head reported the case to the police leading to Mangwezi and the girl's arrest.
The couple were each sentenced to 10 days in prison after being found guilty of public indecency.


  1. ttrue dat i olso watched di video nd dont hide di name of di gal anonzi Sharai a student at mufakose high xul


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