Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bikita Man kills wife after he finds her feeding another man in the bush

A man from Bikita could not believe his eyes when he saw his wife busy feeding another man he suspected to be her lover. Zvenyika Bhasera of Mundzingwa village under Chief Mazungunye allegedly struck his wife, Vongai Muonde (36) with an iron bar on the head after finding her busy feeding another man in a secluded bushy area.
Bhasera (42), who was allegedly watching the drama from a nearby hide-out was allegedly incensed after he saw his wife taking food to her alleged lover at their usual love nest in the village prompting him to pounce on the love birds.
Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero yesterday said Bhasera had since been arrested and was being charged with murder.
He said his wife’s body was taken to Silveira Mission Hospital for a post-mortem.
On the day in question, Bhasera went into a bushy area near his home and hid close to an area he suspected to be a love nest for his wife and a fellow villager.
After some time he allegedly saw his wife carrying some food which she had cooked and taking it to a bushy area.
Bhasera then allegedly saw his wife and the suspected lover briefly chatting before his wife started feeding her lover.
In a fit of rage, Bhasera armed himself with an iron bar and charged towards the couple who were having a nice time.
He allegedly struck his wife thrice on the head with an iron bar resulting in her falling unconscious. The woman’s alleged lover fled from the scene.
Bhasera’s wife was taken to Negovanhu clinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival. 

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