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Munotidako by Jacob Moyana

CHIREDZI - Songs in Zimbabwe are known to be banned for their unpalatable political messages but this is not so for the innocent 'Munotidako' hit that plays on the dirty human mind and has caused a sensation amongst Zimbabweans across the World.
Munotidako by Jacob Moyana is probably the most played song in private and social networks today but the least understood.
Jacob Moyana the man behind the hit song Munotidako

This is because the song sends the human mind barking up the wrong tree. Because of that it has received a total blackout on all Zim radio stations.
Music lovers think the song is obscene as it discusses women's buttocks and yet far from it.
Its merely played on the ambiguity of shona words.
Our Mirror reporter, Courage Bandera recently interviewed Moyana, the Beitbridge based musician who composed the song.
Moyana sings;
"KuChipinge munotidako;
"kwaMutare munotidako;
"kuChiredzi munotidako;
Tagara munotidako;Makatichaira foni kuti munotidako;
tichatogara tichitouyako;
kana muchitidako;
Literally translated, the song means
"if you say big buttocks in Beitbridge,
"If you say big buttocks in Mutare,
"If you say big buttocks in Chiredzi
"If you say big buttocks everywhere then we shall come there".
Moyana takes advantage of the double meaning of the words Munotidako in Shona to create controversy.
The other meaning of the word munotidako is "if you want us there".
So Moyana is just saying in the song
"if you want us in Mutare
"if you want us in Chiredzi,
"if you want us in Beitbridge,
"If you want us everywhere then we shall come
"If you have always wanted us there, then we shall always come there".
However few of Moyana's fans have noticed the second meaning and this has ensured that the song is not played anywhere in public. The song has since its release never received airplay on any of the country's radio stations.
But in the viral version of the song that has sent people crazy on the net, a woman with huge buttocks is seen suggestively playing to the song.

Moyana enjoys the controversy because it is actually making him more and more popular. His musical band is the most sought after in the southern region particularly in Chiredzi and Beitbridge.
And he continues to capitalise on this controversial approach with another hit song coming soon this time called 'Pamhatakatarisa". The meaning of the song can be obscene but Moyana is quick to explain.
"This means repeat your act while we look. Pamha in shona means repeat and takatarisa means while we look," said Moyana bursting into a hilarious laughter.
Many people came to realise the innocent meaning of the songs after a small explanation. However, many also content that it is probably the most fooling composition that they have ever listened to. At first it is dismissed as an extremely obscene song with sexually suggestive language but a simple explanation reveals the innocent but mischievous mind of the singer.
Born in Chipinge in 1980 Moyana is a family man and father of three.
Moyana started playing the guitar in 1991 in Chipinge Days Hill Village. In 1994 Jacob Moyana went to Harare where he stayed with his uncle and started working in the tuck shops. He then worked as a conductor for 5 years in Harare. Moyana once worked as a lead guitarist at Fabio Chivhanda's Traditional band.
Moyana said that he knows how to play traditional music better than Museve. Moyana then joined ghetto express which started in Mbare and they participated and won the 2002 Chibuku road to Fame. Moyana was taught to play marketable music by Elson Chauke who is the lead guitarist.
In 2002 he recorded Chiwepu Chembodza with Joseph Chavhakaira.
Moyana did not stop there, in 2004 he recorded Mariyako Chete with Ghetto Express. They did not stop there in 2006 recorded Tarisiro with Ghetto express. He also recorded for the Idya Banana Joseph Garakara. In 2008 due to economic hardships Moyana left Harare for Beitbridge where he started to work as a conduct but because of his passion for music he started mobilizing resources for him to pursue his music career. He then recorded Toita Zviripo with Grama Records but the Album failed to yield him anything and he attributed the failure to poor marketing.
Some of his collegues went back to Harare as they failed to cope with the situation in Beitbridge. Moyana then formed his band the Black Hunters so that he will not have conflicts with his other colleges about using the Ghetto Hunters trade mark.
The Ghetto hunter's later joined his Black hunters and recorded a six track album Kana Muchitidako Tichauyako. The six tracks are the title track Tichauyako popularly known as Kana Muchitidako, Ndineiko, Rudo, Kutenderana, Tangazvako and Kwamagogo. The Black Hunters have 11 members, Jacob Moyana Rhythm, Erison Chauke Lead, Alfig Charandura drums, Mucharei Mazungunye Bass and the technical team.
Moyana told The Mirror that music fans in Zimbabwe are not attracted by music with serious messages so he produced Munotidako so that he will attract more audiences. He further said that he have got more than nine complete albums. Next year he is expecting to release his second album titled Pamhatakatarisa (repeat while we look) which he said is already recorded. Moyana recorded his own music because he did not have money to go to well established recording companies. He pleaded with the business community and music promoters to help upcoming musicians.
Moyana also urged those who want to join the music industry not to aim for money, he added that one should lose what he love to be successful in the music industry.
In his last words he said "Kana muchitidako tichauyako asi zvekushandisa ndizvo zvinotinetsa saka vanokwanisa tibatsirei kuti tiuyeko."

Masvingo Mirror

Harare man bashed his wife severely after catching her red-handed enjoying S*X with her boyfriend in their matrimonial bedroom

A Harare man bashed his wife severely after catching her red-handed enjoying s*x with another man in their matrimonial bedroom.
Learnmore Matore (38) of House No. 2011 Glen Norah A did not welcome his wife conduct and he turned violent leaving the wife with some visible bruises. Learnmore turned his ‘cheating’ wife Polite Chikanda (37) into a punching bag, as punishment for ‘sampling’ other men’s s*xual bananas.
The cheated man was however, dragged before Mbare magistrate Anita Tshuma charged with physical abuse. He came clean and pleaded guilty to the charge before being ordered to pay a fine of US$50 with an option os spending 20 days in prison.
The cheating Polite told the court that she was sleeping with another man since she was no longer interested in her husband. State counsel Fanuel Madanire proved it that on 7 December, at around 8pm, Polite was in her bedroom where she was enjoying s*x with a boyfriend who was identified as Frank Mutumwe.
The State had it that the unsuspecting Learnmore entered the room where he found his own wive gently screaming and groaning in s*xual pleasure. The 38-year-old man could not stomach seeing another man’s ‘black mamba’ feasting on his wife’s ‘honey jar’. He is said to have turned violent and thoroughly bashed his naked wife as the boyfriend watched in horror.
The State alleges that the woman sustained visible injuries after being given a beating of her life by her angry husband. A medical affidavit was produced in court as evidence
Source: iharare

Bulawayo man divorcing wife for burning his food

A Bulawayo man, 35, from Nkulumane 5 high density suburb has set tongues wagging in his community after he decided to chuck out his wife of three months from their matrimonial home because he was fed up with her bad cooking.

Mr Philani Maphosa who married Miss Delight Ndlovu, 26, through a customary arrangement in September this year told Sunday News that he wanted out of the marriage because his wife had failed him in the kitchen.

The wife's family denied this reporter an opportunity to interviewtheir daughter but confirmed that Miss Ndlovu had been sent home. They also refused to shed more light on the unprecedented development as they were afraid that they might jeopardise last ditch attempts to save the marriage.

Mr Maphosa revealed that he ran out of patience with his wife's penchant of turning food into ashes after she had embarrassed him in front of his relatives by serving them burnt food in the early days of December.

"A good wife is measured by what she does in the kitchen and how she takes care of her husband. My wife has failed to measure up hence my decision to part ways with her.  You may think it's bizarre and take me for a mad man but what may seem trivial to you is important to me," said Mr Maphosa.

The old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach has proved true for Miss Ndlovu as her husband explained that his wife's incompetence in matters of the stomach was the cause of the breakdown of their traditional marriage.

He said: "It is not African for a wife to fail to cook. It's a shame, a disgrace that belittles not her but her husband. I am very particular when it comes to the food that I eat; I believe that it is very offensive for my wife to fail to serve me good food every day. It is accepted that food sometimes gets burnt but if the burning happens every day then something drastic must be done. Her parents and aunts must teach her how to cook and only then will I consider taking her back."
Mr Maphosa also claimed that his wife was lazy.

"She wakes up to clean the house and sweep the yard around 10am. When I am going to work I leave her in bed sleeping. I make my own breakfast and when I knock off around 7pm I find her still cooking. I am fed up," Mr Maphosa said.

Mr John Ndlovu, Miss Ndlovu's uncle denied claims that Mr Maphosa had sent back his wife to them because she was always burning food and revealed that there were a number of problems at play.
"Delight is a good cook; it's not true that he sent her away because she is always burning food. They have been having squabbles since they got married and he used the burnt food as an excuse. I am surprised that he is now claiming that his marriage has broken down because of that. There are a number of factors involved but I will not reveal them to you because unlike Maphosa, we do not believe in washing our dirty linen in public. As it is I believe I have said enough," said Mr Ndlovu.

Sunday News failed to get a glimpse of Miss Ndlovu as she had gone into hiding but sources who broke the story disclosed that she was visibly stressed by her husband's action.

"She is in a very bad state; anyone can see that she is troubled. She loves her husband and she did not expect this from him. It's a pity that her husband cannot understand that everyone has faults and in this case Delight's weakness is that she cannot cook properly. Some people are laughing their heads off but I do not think that this is a laughing matter," a neighbour said on condition of anonymity.

Source: Sunday News

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hararare man assaulted another man & knocked out his teeth for greeting his girlfriend, he told the Judge "Ndakasanganisa chapomba nemasese, saka ndakanga ndakadhakwa"

A 26-year-old Harare man landed himself in trouble last week after he was arrested for assaulting another man for greeting his girlfriend.
The victim, identified as Douglas Musundire, lost two front teeth due to the assault.
Lazarus Machiwenyika claims to have downed eight litres of alcohol.

“Ndakasanganisa chapomba nemasese, saka ndakanga ndakadhakwa (I mixed brandy with opaque beer, so I was drunk),” Machiwenyika said, drawing wild laughter from the court gallery after blaming his behaviour on intoxication.

Machiwenyika was convicted of assault and voluntary intoxication and ordered to perform 350 hours of community service when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Tsatsawani Ndaba.

Ms Ndaba sentenced him to 16 months in prison.  Six months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years. The remaining months were also suspended provided he performs 350 hours of community service.

Prosecutor Mr Desire Chidanire told the court that Machiwenyika and his girlfriend met Musundire while strolling in Rugare on the evening of December 21.

Musundire is said to have greeted the woman and Machiwenyika in a fit of rage accused him of having an affair with the woman before punching him.
A police report was made leading to Machiwenyika’s arrest.

According to a medical affidavit, Musundire also sustained serious injuries in the mouth. In mitigation, Machiwenyika said he was willing to foot Musundire’s medical bill.

Source: The Sunday Mail

President Robert Mugabe on leave

President Mugabe
President Mugabe left Harare for the Far East yesterday where he will spend part of his annual break. The President left together with the First Family marking the start of his annual holiday. In a statement yesterday, presidential spokesperson Cde George Charamba said the President is expected back in the country mid January.
Vice President Joice Mujuru is the Acting President.

Source:  The Sunday Mail

Friday, December 27, 2013

Chipinge man had S*X with his sister in-law over US$56

POLICE in Chipinge are looking for a 43-year-old man who assaulted and raped his 17-year-old sister in-law last week. Manicaland Police Spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri confirmed the incident and said the alleged rapist, Passmore Sithole (43), of Manziyo Village, Chief Mutema
in Chipinge, is still at large.

He said Sithole’s wife left for Birchenough Bridge, leaving behind Sithole with her 17-year old sister at home.

“Sithole started accusing the girl of stealing his US$56 and told her that he would report the case to the police if she refused to meet his demands.

“He asked the girl to give him s*x so that he would save her from getting arrested.

“Sithole tried to force her but he was overpowered and the girl locked herself in the bedroom.

“She came out the following morning but Sithole went on to assault her using an electric cable until she gave in and had s*x with him” said Insp Chishiri.

He raped her once.

The girl told their neighbour about the incident and she was encouraged to make a police report.

Meanwhile, Piason Shonhai (21), of Dzaramba Village, Chief Nyashanu, in Buhera is assisting police with investigations for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl on their way from church last week.

Inspector Chishiri said the girl was on her way from church last Sunday in the company of Starn Mun’on’o of the same village when Shonhai joined them on their way home.

“Mun’on’o got to his place and left Shonhai and the girl to proceed on their journey.

“On their way, Shonhai started proposing but she refused.

“Since there was no one close to them, Shonhai grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her to a nearby bush and raped her,” he said.

Source: Manica Post

Bulawayo woman killed her husband after he revealed that he had a child out of wedlock

Elizabeth Mbulayi
Elizabeth Mbulayi
A Nketa 8 woman yesterday allegedly stabbed her husband to death using a kitchen knife after accusing him of cheating on her.
The woman, Elizabeth Mbulayi whose age could not be ascertained allegedly killed her husband Simbarashe Denhere, 28, in cold blood in the early hours of yesterday after he revealed to his family that he had a child out of wedlock.
A postmortem report revealed that Denhere, a kombi driver plying the Bulawayo-Harare route, lost about two litres of blood, as he bled to death.
Denhere’s brothers Mandela Denhere and Josiah Chiwawa said their brother was having a problem with his wife as she could not  conceive.
“They had been married since 2008 and his wife could not have a baby and this created friction between them. Simba ended up having a relationship with another woman who recently bore him a child,” said Denhere.
He said on the night leading to his death, his brother and Mbulayi came to their home in Nkulumane with groceries for his mother but there was no one at home.
“He called me and told me that he had put groceries through a window as there was no one in the house. Later they came home and had a discussion with my mother behind closed doors. They told me that what they were discussing had nothing to do with me,” he said.
Denhere said he later walked them out as they left for their house in Nketa.
“I do not know what transpired later. However, I think my brother’s wife was having an affair with someone who is also a tenant at the house they are renting.
“What surprises me is what he was doing in my brother’s room in the early hours of the morning. He was inside when my brother was killed. He did not even call other tenants to assist him quell the violence and even worse he was also locked in the same room they were in,” said Denhere.
A tenant who stays in the same house said she woke up when she heard a loud scream at about 3am in the morning.
“I woke up to check what was happening when I heard a loud scream. I rushed to call other tenants who use the front door,” said Farai Moyo.
When the door was finally opened, the man suspected to be Mbulayi’s boyfriend allegedly carried a bloody Simbarashe Denhere on his shoulder hoping to get him to a medical service provider at Nketa. He could not be interviewed as neighbours said he was at work.
“Unfortunately, my brother had lost too much blood already. He did not make it. The postmortem report we got from the doctor said he died because of loss of blood. The doctor said he lost about two litres of blood,” said Chiwawa.
Mbulayi was arrested and taken to Tshabalala Police Station.
Police spokesperson for Bulawayo Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo confirmed the murder.
“I can confirm that we are holding a woman by the name Elizabeth Mbulayi, on allegations of murder. She is assisting police with investigations,” said Insp Moyo.
He said Denhere’s death could have been prevented.
“We discourage people from using violence in solving disputes and this death could have been avoided,” he said.
Source: Chronicle

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Mutoko father dived into a river and fought a crocodile with his bare hands to save the life of his 11-year-old son

Tapiwa Kachere and his father Tafadzwa receive treatment at Chitungwiza Central Hospital yesterday, after wrestling with a crocodile in Mutoko last week
A Mutoko father dived into a river and fought a crocodile with his bare hands to save the life of his 11-year-old son who had been seized while crossing Nyaitengwa River.Mr Tafadzwa Kachere and his son, Tapiwa (11) were both seriously injured in the battle and were yesterday admitted at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.
Tapiwa’s left leg had to be amputated, while his father’s left hand is badly hurt. Mr Kachere, who stays in Katiyo 1 Village under Chief Nyajina, said the crocodile attacked while they were on their way home from his garden.
“When we were coming from the garden, I was walking in front and the boy was following me. After crossing the river, I heard the boy screaming for help and I rushed to rescue him. I could see him struggling to free himself as the crocodile kept on holding on to his leg.
“I took the risk and dived into the water and joined the fight trying to force open the jaws with my hands. I failed to open the crocodile’s mouth and resorted to poking its mouth with reeds while seated on its back. I instructed my son to hold on to the reeds as I continued poking into the crocodile’s mouth until it released the boy,” said Mr Kachere.
But when the reptile freed Tapiwa, it turned on the father.
“I struggled with it until we both got out of the water and I was still on top of it. I poked its eyes several times until it released my injured hand,” he said.
After the attack, the two were taken to Nyadire Hospital for emergency first aid before being moved to Chitungwiza Central Hospital.
Said the hospital’s chief executive Dr Obadiah Moyo: “That is really a sad story and we are doing our best to help the two.
“We are monitoring the situation and we hope they will soon be okay.”
Mr Kachere appealed for assistance to buy an artificial limb for his son.
“I appeal to well-wishers for assistance in the purchase of an artificial leg for my son. He still wants to go to school and up to now he still thinks he will get his leg back.
“We lied to him that the leg was temporarily being removed for treatment purposes and I do not know how to break the news to him.”
Source: Herald

Friday, December 20, 2013

Teachers finally paid their promised bonuses but unfortunately they could not withdraw their cash because banks ran out of cash

TEACHERS smiled all the way to the banks yesterday to withdraw their bonus, which Government paid them as promised. The educators, who got their December salary on Monday, flooded the banks, joining scores of depositors who wanted to withdraw their cash as the festive season enters the home stretch.
In Bulawayo scores of depositors were in the queues as early as 5.30am while in Gweru some banks ran out of cash.
“We have just received our bonus and we are happy. I can now go on holiday with a smile,” said a teacher after withdrawing his cash at a bank in Bulawayo.
However, some had to spend the whole day in the queues as some banks had cash problems.
There has been a lot of anxiety among the entire civil service following speculation by prophets of doom that remaining civil servants were not going to get their 13th cheque.
There was commotion at some of the banks in Gweru as the financial institutions could not cope with the huge numbers and ran out of cash.
When Chronicle visited one bank along Sixth Street, hordes of civil servants were seated while others maintained the queue with the bank officials saying they had run out of cash.
Some frustrated depositors could be seen pushing and shoving with the bank security guards as they tried to force their way into the banking hall.
Chronicle was also denied entry with the security insisting that there was no cash and no one was allowed inside where management and staff was said to be busy making efforts to have the cash deposited into the bank from Harare.
“There is no reason for you to get into the banking hall. Management won’t attend to you, they are busy working out a plan to have the money deposited into the bank,” said the security officer who was manning the entrance into the banking hall.
At another bank along Robert Mugabe Way, police were called in to restore order as civil servants jostled to access their money. Civil servants interviewed expressed joy at getting their bonuses.
They said the only disappointment was the poor service they were subjected to at their respective banks.
“We are happy that government has given us bonuses, some of us were no longer certain whether we were going to receive our bonuses or not because of the contradicting stories you (media) have been writing,” said Tatenda Gaka, a teacher from Lower Gweru.
Another civil servant, Ms Rejoice Kwande said:
“Government has played its part but we are disappointed by what is happening at our bank. Few people got their money in the morning and around 11am, we were told that there was no money.”

Bulawayo man had a habit of removing condoms during S*X is now refusing to pay maintenance saying his children "were born by mistake"

A polygamous taxi driver yesterday refused to pay maintenance for his two children saying “they were born by mistake”. Appearing before Bulawayo Magistrate Victor Mpofu, Chrishard Sayi, who impregnated his policewoman girlfriend, Rangarirai Chipunza, twice, declared that his two children were a mistake and accused her of failing to use contraception properly.
“This woman tricked me Your Worship and gave birth to two children by mistake. She failed to use contraception properly and surely I do not have the money to pay for their upkeep,” Sayi said.
“I only drive a taxi for a living and have a family of my own thus I will not afford to pay the money.” Chipunza left the courts in stitches when she hit back saying Sayi had a habit of removing condoms during intercourse leading to her falling pregnant.
“This man is irresponsible, possessive and heartless. He owes me about $300 maintenance for the first child. He was the one who removed condoms during intercourse and surely I cannot be blamed. What hurts most is when I told him I was pregnant the first time, he told me he was a married man who wanted nothing to do with the baby,” she charged.
“I then decided to take care of the child and later discovered that he was involved with more women. I applied for maintenance since I have challenges at work which were fuelled by him.”
“This woman tricked me Your Worship and gave birth to two children by mistake. She failed to use contraception properly and surely I do not have the money to pay for their upkeep”
Sayi interjected claiming that he was owed money by a lot of people and that his taxi had broken down.
“Your worship I am failing to make ends meet as we speak and my taxi is broken down. I clearly understand that our first child was a mistake, but this woman should be blamed for making me father this second child,” he said.
Chipunza shot back: “I have sacrificed a lot for this man as he did not initially tell me that he was married. At one time I even went out of my way and helped him get a job so he could take care of all his children he has sired with many women,” she said.
“I do not need anything but that he helps in taking care of the children as I have financial constraints at the moment. He recently tried to get me fired and his wife is here as a witness to some of these issues.”
The court also heard that Sayi went on to marry a teacher as a way of fixing her for falling pregnant against his will. The teacher, Sikhulile Sayi, was present and testified against her husband saying she was also being forced to divorce him.
“My husband sent me a text message while I was at work in the rural areas informing me that I had to divorce him if I wanted to keep my job. The message also indicated that my husband had a hand in Chipunza’s work problems. I am not sure why he is pushing me to divorce him,” said Mrs Sayi.
Magistrate Mpofu rebuked Sayi for being an irresponsible father and ordered him to pay $80 with effect from month end.
“Mr Sayi it is clear that you have character problems and my advice to you is man up and take care of your children. You are therefore ordered to pay $80 monthly with effect from this month end,” he said.
Source: chronicle

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Norton woman demanding US$10 000 from her boyfriend after he broke her virginity when they had S*X in the bush

Kudakwashe Ticharwa
A Norton woman yesterday brought her former boyfriend to court demanding US$10 000 as compensation after the man allegedly deflowered her and later reneged on a promise to marry her. Mercy Mukoyi took Kudakwashe Ticharwa to the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Courts to claim US$6 000 for the seduction and US$4 000 for failure to marry her as allegedly promised.
“I want a total of US$10 000 from this man because he promised to marry me if we had s*x.
“We managed to have s*x in the bush after he forced me. I obliged to his advances and the promises he made to me.
“I trusted what he told me before we had s*x several times and at one time I lay on top of the brown T-shirt he is wearing in this court.
“He ruined my life with his false promises and I deserve the money I am asking,” said Mukoyi.
She said when she realised she was pregnant, she eloped to Ticharwa’s home but had a miscarriage after he assaulted her.
Ticharwa dismissed allegations that he deflowered Mukayi.
“How can she say she was a virgin on the day we had s*x when she quickly (agreed to have s*x with me)? I did not promise her anything and we dated like normal people do.
“We separated not knowing she would fabricate a case against me and come to this court to claim this kind of money.”
Ticharwa said he was unable to pay the money demanded by Mukayi.
Magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti dismissed Mukoyi’s application saying she failed to prove that she was raped
Source: herald

Police Officers broke a glass door at a bank over their salaries

POLICE officers have broken a glass door at Bulawayo's Metbank in protest after failing to access their salaries.

The anti-riot police officers have been called to maintain order.

Some of the impatient  officers said they had been queuing at thebank from as early as 5 am, but no one has been able to access cash.

When an official from the bank tried to address the officers a few minutes ago, he was pelted with pieces of paper and small pebbles, forcing him to retreat hastily into the bank.

So far no one has attempted to go into the bank through the broken glass door.

This incident comes a few days after angry depositors ran amok at abank in central Harare on Monday, breaking down a door and smashing windows after money ran out to pay withdrawals as cash shortages worsen.

Witnesses said Monday scores of depositors turned violent after officials at Allied Bank, owned by former mines minister Obert Mpofu, failed to explain why the bank faced cash shortages.

They said riot police fired teargas to disperse the crowd demanding their money.

In the first similar incident this month, a bank manager in the eastern city of Mutare had to take refuge at the local police station.


Bulawayo woman persistently beats up her husband beacuse he doesn't want to have S*X with her

Khumbulani Mlauzi and Nokuthaba Sibanda leave court
HELL hath no fury like a s*xually starved woman! A Bulawayo woman shocked the courts yesterday when she alleged that s*xual starvation was the reason she persistently beats up her husband. Nokuthaba Sibanda told magistrate Victor Mpofu that her husband was not only denying her conjugal rights but also economically abusing her hence the need to claim maintenance.
Her husband Khumbulani Mlauzi however could not accept the claim as he accused her of being an abusive stepmother who had forced his 13-year-old son out of their Nkulumane home.
“Your worship I am now failing to share intimacy with this man because every time I touch him, he accuses me of trying to rape him. As you can see my arm is bandaged due to injuries I sustained in November when we were fighting,” said Sibanda.
She added: “I am living with my friend because this man is starving me. There is no food in the house and I cannot remember the last time he was home as      he normally disappears only to reappear after a few days.”
In an emotional response Mlauzi rubbished the allegations arguing that Sibanda had on many occasions ill-treated his son.
“Your worship, I am failing to live with this woman because she is abusive. At one time my child was picked up by police officers as he fled home following physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by her,” he charged.
Mlauzi added: “I have also tasted her bitter cup because she assaults me over minor mistakes. The broken hand is her doing sir and I cannot be blamed because I was the one being assaulted that day. I have filed reports at Tshabalala Police Station to this effect.”
He added that Sibanda once poured hot water over him as protest after the couple had had a misunderstanding.
“I used to love this woman but I cannot live with her anymore. She is abusive to my son and I wonder why she is seeking for an order to have me pay for her personal upkeep as my son is now staying with my mother.”
Magistrate Mpofu, however, ordered Mlauzi to pay $70 for the welfare of his wife with effect from this month-end.
Source: chronicle

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More "obscene salaries" earned by top executives exposed, some executives are earning over $40 000 USD per month

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has exposed some of the “obscene salaries” earned by top executives in different sectors of the economy and called on government to regulate the perks and reduce the salary gap between executives and ordinary employees.
This comes hardly a month after Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere was sent on forced leave pending investigations following reports that he was earning about $40 000 a month while his subordinates have gone without pay for six months.
In a statement yesterday, the ZCTU said it had conducted an independent survey and established that some companies’ top executives earned between $9 000 and
$12 000 excluding benefits such as transport, housing and entertainment, while some of their subordinates took home as little as $154 per month.
“The ZCTU has been vigorously campaigning that salaries of the executives be made public as most are earning obscene salaries as compared to what the ordinary workers are taking home,” the ZCTU statement read.
“We say no to this kind of exploitation and let us share the burden of economic recovery equally.”
According to the ZCTU survey, top executives in the manufacturing sector earned an average of $9 914, banking ($11 837), insurance ($6 429), hospitality ($11 540), parastatal ($11 540), telecommunications ($8 283) and non-governmental organisations ($10 306).
These figures exclude other benefits such as fuel, cellphone allowance, medical aid, pension, vehicle, school fees, housing, entertainment, bonus and loans.
“We demand poverty datum linked wages for the least paid worker,” the ZCTU said.
Government recently demanded to be furnished with salary schedules of top executives in parastatals with a view to regulate them.
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Mandara woman dragged her ex-boyfriend to court for deliberately infecting her with gonorrhea

A 21-year-old Mandara woman has dragged her ex-boyfriend to court for deliberately infecting her with gonorrhea.

Francis Chipato, 26, was charged with deliberate infection of another with sexually transmitted diseases when he appeared before Harare magistrate Fadzai Mtombeni.

The matter was remanded to January 20 for trial.

Prosecutor Tungamirai Muganhiri alleged that on June 3 this year, the complainant suffered an unusual diarrhoea but ignored it only to visit Highlands Clinic on June 7, where medication was administered.

Nurses at the clinic told her they suspected she could have contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) because her privates emitted a putrid odour, the court heard.

It is the State's case that on June 10, the woman had a medical examination and was told she had contracted an STI.

She reportedly informed Chipato but he brushed aside the issue.

The couple engaged in protected sex the following day, the court heard.

Complainant later visited her gynecologist and was diagnosed with gonorrhea.

She later had a miscarriage because of the STI.

The complainant alleged Chipato knew about his condition because he had been treated of gonorrhea at Edith Opperman Clinic together with his other girlfriend, Rudo.

She said Chipato admitted seeking treatment at the clinic after she confronted him over the issue, with the boyfriend alleging it was Rudo who had caused the infection.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Chipato's arrest. 

Source: dailynews

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